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Saying No To Blue Popcorn March 18, 2012

Filed under: 5/7 Fast — Amy Scott @ 7:04 pm

Yesterday, I changed all the Scentsy scents in my home so that none of them smelled like food. We’ve been going through a fruity, spicy phase and I needed to get rid of anything that might make me think of cinnamon rolls or apple pie. This is just one of the precautions set in place to avoid temptation. I’m glad that I don’t need anything out of the freezer this week. Hopefully, I’ll be able to forget that there is my favorite Ben & Jerry’s inside. The Girl Scout cookies will be moved to a top shelf so I can’t see them. I’m praying for out of sight, out of mind this week when it comes to food. As a final farewell to sugar, I had a couple marshmallows and a Thin Mint before bed last night.

The cutest way to "brown bag" a meal

This morning started out with me packing my lunch and dinner. I had a family baby shower up in Puyallup this afternoon, so I had to leave straight from church. Since I wouldn’t have time to head home for lunch and I wasn’t sure when I would get home, I packed my Thermos lunch bag with 2 PB&J sandwiches, 2 string cheeses, a cup of Honey Nut Cheerios and some soda. I’m not really accustomed to making a meal and taking it with me. I would normally drive through somewhere, but that wasn’t an option. The thing about the items I have chosen is there is very little wiggle room for me to eat out. I wonder how many restaurants carry Honey Nut Cheerios or marionberry jam?

I think this might be the hardest fast yet and I’m only 2 sandwiches, 2 string cheeses and 1 cup of Cheerios into it! Heading up for a family baby shower meant placing myself in the land of easily available food (the difference between Pierce County and Lewis County). It’s human nature to want what you can have. I experienced that hardcore today! Suddenly I’m craving Chinese food. Not gonna happen… My mom wanted to buy me frozen yogurt because she momentarily forgot about the fast. I passed a Starbucks and looked on it longingly. Stopped by Costco. No samples for me. I had to avoid the food spread at the baby shower and let me tell you, the blue popcorn and blue punch looked pretty good to me. This food fast is going to mean dying to myself a lot! Not just daily, but pretty much hourly! Food sustains life and as a result I have built my life around my meals and my snacks. Food is at the center of so much. Food can be social, food can be comforting, food really is a core part of the human experience. I’m going to have to say no to what I want a lot this week. I can already tell. Oh my, what have I gotten myself into.

Packing lunch/dinner for the day

Jeremy is eating his turkey dinner in the other room. My whole house smells like turkey. I’m seriously putting space between him and myself so I don’t watch him eat. Hopefully this isn’t the theme of the entire week. We discussed earlier this week that we were probably going to be jealous of each other’s food choices since we picked different items. As I bought my cereal, he remarked that he is going to lack a crunchy element to his diet. I’m not sure if that still a problem since I left kitchen with him crisping cheese in a pan. Apparently it crisped up well and he was super excited about it. Like a chip made of cheese… Not sure how I feel about that.

Before I started the food fast, I was praising myself for my choices. The labels on my food made me feel so good! Things like no trans fat, no high fructose corn syrup, more whole grain than any other ingredient made me feel so special. My jam is made in Oregon so I’m helping the local economy by eating a local product. Yep, I felt pretty good about myself. All the marketing ploys were working their magic on me. Now…. I want Chinese food and a Twinkie. This might be the longest week yet!


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