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Done Purging, Gone Shopping! March 16, 2012

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I can totally see great concern on the faces of many as you read the title of my blog. I’m picturing you in my mind as you sit me down and with a loving, yet firm voice telling me things like “Just because you got rid of a bunch of stuff, that is no excuse to replace it all with new stuff.” I appreciate the intervention you are planning for me, but don’t worry! I’m not talking about a shopping spree. I’ll explain more a little later!

Jeremy and I started our day by dropping off half of items with one of the causes we’re donating to this week. It felt AMAZING to let go and give. I’m so happy to have stuff out of our house. Since you all know that I’m not a fan of clutter, the other half of the items are stored in my guest room closet. Our MOPS group doesn’t need the items until the end of the month, so I’m storing them for now. At this point, I haven’t missed a single thing that I’ve placed in a bag. There was been no raiding of the stash to take stuff back. Honestly, in the guest room closet, my remaining items will be out of sight, out of mind. I hope… As long as I don’t have a giant pile in the middle of a room, I should be good to go. I’m so happy to see the completion of this possessions fast. It really was a two fold process. The first phase was sort and purge and the second phase is give. One without the other wouldn’t mean anything. I’m so beyond blessed by what God has done in my heart this week. I would have never guessed that this week would have turned out this way. These fasts are having a deeper impact on my life than I imagined they would.

Okay, back to my shopping, after we dropped of our donations, Jeremy and I took off for the grocery store. Next week’s fast is 7 food items for the entire week. Normally, we’ve started the fast on Monday and went through Sunday, but Jeremy and I are doing this week a little differently. We’re actually starting on Sunday and going through Saturday. Jeremy’s birthday is the last day of the proposed food fast. I told Jeremy when we first heard about the fasts that no matter what fell on his birthday we shouldn’t let it change his plans. Birthdays should be off-limits. However, in order to really complete the fast and we’re going to do the entire 7 days and start a day early.

While I was roaming the aisles at Safeway, I found myself drawn to the ice cream section. I’m a huge fan of Ben and Jerry’s and recently they have stopped making my favorite ice cream in a pint. I’ve mourned the loss of my ice cream and I’ve tired to find a “replacement” favorite. Sadly, nothing could replace my beloved Oatmeal Cookie Chunk ice cream. It’s been a dark ice cream season for me as of late. As I was looking at the ice cream case, I almost screamed in the store! There is was! My favorite flavor! Back in stock! *Insert happy dance here* I bought two pints. This is the conversation that followed: Amy – The Devil must have put that ice cream back in stock right before the food fast. Jeremy – Eat it all before the fast starts. It’s God’s way of blessing you. Amy – Maybe I can eat one pint before the fast and one after. Now I have no clue if the Devil was trying to throw me off or if God is trying to bless me. I will just accept happily that my fridge has two pints of the best B&J in it. Here’s hoping I can ignore it during the fast.

Since this blog is getting long, I will save my 7 foods to share with you tomorrow! Check back to see what I will be eating for an entire week and why I decided on these 7 items. Jeremy was surprised by some of my choices and honestly, I am too! I look forward to sharing with you my choices tomorrow. I would also love to hear what 7 foods you landed on! Let’s keep talking about this!


4 Responses to “Done Purging, Gone Shopping!”

  1. Regina D. Says:

    Did you find out if you could choose “pizza” as one of your food items? Even “salad” would have many options for you. :) See what God has to say about that. :)

    • Amy Scott Says:

      Pizza is a no – too many ingredients to count as one item. Salad is acceptable but dressing would be a separate item. This might be a shocker, but there is nothing green in my 7 items. I ate salad yesterday, so that will totally hold me over for like another two weeks, right???

      • Regina D. Says:

        Do you think this will be one of your bigger challenges? What are the foods you chose to sustain yourself on and do yours and Jeremy’s match? So many questions! :lol

      • Amy Scott Says:

        Jeremy and I’s foods do not match. I will reveal mine tomorrow in another blog. Jeremy’s are turkey, cheese, bread, Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper, coffee, eggs and taco seasoning.

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