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True Sacrifice: When It Hurts March 14, 2012

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Saying good-bye to 20 of my books!

Yesterday I mentioned how I was going to attempt to give away some of my books. I went down the hallway to my bookshelf with a knot in my stomach. Could I really do this? Part of me screamed no. I decided that just like items of clothing, I needed to count my books. I needed to know the truth. To say I had “some” books lying around my house wasn’t going to cut it. My total of books was 260. Now combined with books that I would call “Jeremy’s” we have 309 books total in our house. Most of Jeremy’s books are in his office at work, so that 309 isn’t really the extent of books owned by Jeremy & Amy Scott. However, I would say I am personally responsible for 260 and I have made them my friends. I love them. They are the treasures I am storing here on earth. I’ve always thought that one day it would be cool to have my own library – a room completely dedicated to my books. After reading 7 and doing these fasts, suddenly that idea seems like a whole lot of excess (an alter to my book idol).

There I sat before my bookshelf. I prayed. I prayed that God would help me give. I don’t want something to be off-limits in my home. If Jesus asked for it, I want to give it in a heartbeat. I know this might seem dramatic, but I am very connected to my books. I’m not saying this is right.  I was able to part with 20 books (ironically this is a 7.7% decrease – I’m sticking with the theme here). It was an odd assortment, but I was ready to let go. I knew I needed to do it. I will be honest, I cleared space on my bookshelf, but I will fill again. It might take a year or two, but I will be doing this again.  This process is not a one-time thing. Interesting fact, I have more books than I have clothes. I am very okay with this.

After books, I moved on to movies. The numbers came back 54 seasons of shows and 115 movies. I was able with Jeremy’s permission to let go of 1 show and 15 movies. Another causality of the movie closet was Fred. He is an athletic ball that my parents purchased a long time ago (like 10+ years). He was given to me because I loved him and then he sat in my closet. For a ball that I loved enough to give a name, I sure wasn’t showing him much time. It was a hard choice, but Fred is now in the pile.

I am humbly sharing these numbers with you. Not because I want you to think “Wow, Amy has a lot of stuff” or “Look at how much Amy is giving.” I’m finding I don’t accurately know my stuff (my excess). It’s easy to say I have a “few” of those or “some” of these, but when I number something I really get to know it. There is no hiding behind ambiguous statements. I’m not a fan of numbers. They bother me most of the time. From what I can tell this week they still do. So in the ever growing total – 242 items departing from the Scotts.


One Response to “True Sacrifice: When It Hurts”

  1. Andrea Vitthum Says:

    Good-bye, Fred. Haven’t seen you lately but you were great exercise .. until bouncing on you made my left knee swell up. :P

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