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One Week Done (four more to go!) March 11, 2012

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Today is the last day of the clothing fast. Can I get an AMEN? What about a hallelujah? Praise the Lord? Anyone excited about this other than me? Hmm… too enthusiastic, huh? I’ll try and tone it down a bit. I did just experience the exciting moment where I changed into my t-shirt and didn’t have to put my nice (work/church) shirt back into the wash so I can wear it again tomorrow. Because, wait, I’m not wearing it tomorrow! So much for toning down the joy. I wonder if that shirt and I will need to take a break from each other for a while. We might need some space while I re-welcome other members of my wardrobe back to the real world.

I thought I share the last few moments of awesomeness that came from the final days of the clothing fast. Socks continue to be the bane of my existence. I woke up this morning to discover that my socks didn’t make into the dryer. They were just sitting as damp as can be in the washing machine. That’s what comes from moving your laundry late at night (wouldn’t been so late if Jeremy had shut the lid on the washing machine when we started the load, just saying). Lucky for me, I had enough time to dry them before I needed to leave for church. I can’t image the choice I would have had to make if I discovered them too late. What would you prefer – wet socks in shoes or no socks in shoes? I’m glad I didn’t have to find out.

This weekend brought me right back to my classic clothes are not my identity struggle. Pastor Kyle asked me to share a few minutes in each service about how this clothing fast has been. I was glad to do it, but I continued to struggle with how sneakers are not stage appropriate footwear. If I had my way I would have been wearing my heels which make me taller and feel more professional. That just wasn’t an option with 7. Oh well, I think everyone understood. Truthfully, I chose the right shoes for the week even if I felt uncomfortable with how they dressed down my outfit.

Jeremy just happens to be my hero in this moment (he usually is most of the time, apart from Jesus who is like 100% of the time, but it’s hard to compete with Jesus). Jeremy remembered that we had water baptisms this weekend and he was planning on being in the tank. Now this could have been a free pass to wear different clothes. They were going to get soaked in the baptismal. However, Jeremy decided that what he set aside as pajamas was appropriate for the tank (a t-shirt and a pair of athletic shorts). So Jeremy baptized today in his pajamas! How awesome is that? Seriously, amazing! I took his wet clothes home with me after church and they are now in the wash. He’ll have clean, dry jammies tonight. I’m so proud that he made the decision not break the fast even though it would have been totally reasonable. It’s moments like this where I see people really pushing themselves that I’m so proud of the growth in their lives. My hubby rocks!

My final thoughts of the fast are centered on how excited I am for next week! The fast experience for next week is giving away 7 possessions a day for 7 days. That is a total of 49 items a person. Both Jeremy and I used this week to purge our clothing down quite a bit. I think I have 49 items just in clothing waiting to go now. However, I’m not stopping there. Tomorrow afternoon I plan to go through my closets and drawers. I’m already daydreaming of paring down dishes, towels, bedding… who knows, maybe even books? (That does seem highly unlikely though). I look forward to sharing more with you next week about the great giveaway that is going to take place in the Scott Household! I’m am excited beyond words! Stay tuned!!!!


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