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Reaching Acceptance: The Calm After the Storm! March 9, 2012

Filed under: 5/7 Fast — Amy Scott @ 7:34 pm

Okay, it’s been a roller coaster week! As many of you have witnessed from my blog and conversations with me in person, you can tell that I’ve struggled with this 5/7 Fast. I have admitted that I was at the point of breaking on Wednesday. However, I am pleased to find that after almost giving up, I’m reaching a point of acceptance. The situation is what it is. I’m not going to to give up and so I have moved on to acceptance. Part of this might be due to the fact that my week is over halfway over. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. I wonder if I would have reached acceptance so quickly if this was a month instead of a week? Oh well, I’m shouldn’t waste my thoughts on “what ifs”… Maybe someday I will embrace a month, but at this moment, a week is all I can handle.

Today has probably been easier because it is my day off. I’ve been in pajamas almost the entire day. I washed them and went to the movies (in my jeans and my t-shirt), but other than that I’ve been home and in my jammies. I am comfortable. I have socks on. I have heaters and blankets and no one assessing my outfit. Truthfully, very few people probably really care about what I wear. I know it’s all in my head. It’s all about how I view me. At home, in my pajamas, I feel free to be me. I am not justifying and judging within the walls of my home. It’s a bit of sanctuary. I wonder if that is what is keeping me from going over the edge and calling me back to what feels like sanity.

This afternoon was a big step though for my hubby. He is such a go with the flow kind of a guy that I don’t really feel like this week has bothered him the way it has me. He has shown no sign of inconvenience. He has not whined, complained, moaned or groaned at all. I am impressed and slightly worried. However, today he had what I would call his first clothing interruption. He wanted to pressure wash our driveway. Since he currently only has one pair of shoes he wanted to avoid them getting soaking wet. He still had errands to run today. There wasn’t time to let them dry. My hubby is super resourceful. He is the kind of guy that can make a make-shift anything to meet his needs. Good survival skills. So in the midst of a clothing fast, Jeremy decided to continue his planned to-do list while avoiding getting wet. The solution to his problem was garbage bags and rubber bands. He covered as much of his legs as possible with the bags and held them in place with rubber bands. I had to document this sight as you can see. As I was closing the door to the house and letting him return to his task, I heard him say something about missing his waders. I guess garbage bags weren’t his first choice for water protection. Times like this call for creativity and my hubby has it!

Now that I’m reaching a place of acceptance, I am reviewing the whole week and I am amazed at how the Lord has shown up this week. His presence has been undeniable in my life. Not all my major God moments have been related to the fast, but at the same time I wonder if that is really true. Maybe the fast has opened me up in a new way. Maybe my boldness has come from rising to the challenge of new situations. I am not sure how it’s all related, but I do know that God is active and moving. I can see his fingerprints all over this week. It’s been phenomenal. I wouldn’t change a single moment. God is good!


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