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What you can do wtih 7… March 5, 2012

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The Work Outfit


This will sort of be like a blog fashion show! Except NOT super glamorous or glitzy. I thought I would show you how I am choosing to use my 7 items of clothing this week. I will admit that I felt weird wearing my polka dot top with my sneakers. This is a combination that I’m sure I’ve never worn before. It was raining quite hard at the beginning of today and I felt weird using just my North Face sweatshirt. It’s not waterproof, so it did get wet and need to dry a bit after I’d been outside. Today I got to be a guest reader at one of our local elementary schools and I felt a bit strange holding my sweatshirt in my hands (I took it off before entering the classroom so I would look more professional). Normally I would have worn a nicer jacket when meeting new people and representing my church.

The After Work Outfit


Other things have popped into my head as the day has gone along… I tidy my house on Monday afternoons and I usually do this while wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt. I usually change after I get home from work into my cleaning clothes. Once I’m done cleaning, I’ll change again into what I would wear for the evening – like tonight I have a dinner date with a student so I would wear a more relaxed outfit. I want to keep my t-shirt nice and clean for dinner tonight so that leaves me the option of cleaning the house in my work shirt. That’s something I’ve never done before.

I’ve also contemplated what to do about my socks. If I wash them with my work clothes than I can’t wear them with my pajamas in the evening. I guess I could wash them, wear them for the remainder of my evening and then put them back on again in the morning. However, I think I would like fresh socks in the morning, not just recently washed socks. If I wash my sock separately before bed (which seems like a waste of a load of laundry) will I remember to move them into the dryer… should I wait to wash all my clothes right before bed so socks can be included and the load is fuller… I guess I’ll find out tonight and let you know what I decided.


The Night Time Outfit

One more thing I’ve noticed, I normally have slip on shoes by the door so I can take my little dog out during the afternoon and evening. My one pair of shoes for the week has laces… no easy slip on and off. Toby had to go the bathroom just about 15 minutes ago. I got up and untied my shoes and left them untied as I got them on my feet. The entire time that I’m doing this Toby is dancing around me and the door as if he was saying “Hurry up!!! I gotta go!!!” I was moving as quickly as possible, but with laces these shoes just aren’t as easy to get on quickly.

Here are the first of my thoughts on the 5/7 clothing fast! I am sure that I will have many more insights to share! Seriously, I haven’t even been doing this an entire day yet! Since I work at the church, I assume that most of the staff will be taking part in the fast. We have a morning meeting where we pray together daily. I looked around the room today and thought about how this is what we are going to look like all week. It will be odd to see us all coming to work in the same outfit each day. It’s going to be interesting week!

The main thought I want to take away from today is – my identity is not in my clothing! I might be told I need to look a certain way, but truthfully, I am more than the style of clothes I choose to wear.


Your thoughts?

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