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Crazy Coincidence February 27, 2012

Filed under: Recollections,Simply Me — Amy Scott @ 9:47 pm

In the last blog, I mentioned my post-it notes that were discovered at my old high school and my love for my Spanish class and the good times that I had. I was talking with my husband today and telling him that I could think of so many more stories that were blog worthy about Mr. Chappell or Profe as we called him, but there is only so much space. I contacted my teacher earlier today to let him know about the notes and how funny it was that they were still there after all these years. He added me as a Facebook friend and I discovered that today is birthday. So weird that this would all happen on his birthday. So Profe, if you’re reading this, consider my last blog a birthday present! I hope it brings some honor to the legacy you have left as a teacher!



One Response to “Crazy Coincidence”

  1. Andrea Vitthum Says:

    Happy Birthday, Mr. Chappell!

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