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Do it for the kids February 17, 2012

Filed under: Children's Ministry — Amy Scott @ 2:41 pm

There are lot of times in children’s ministry where I will step out of my comfort zone – usually it’s in wearing something ridiculous and knowing that other adults will see me in my crazy get-up. Sometimes I don’t want to participate. I want to plan these fun dress up days and these fun events and then… well, look normal and not push myself beyond my comfort zone. Tonight is our 1st-5th grade class sleepover and it’s a Hawaiian theme. I’ve been telling kids and leaders alike to dress up and really get into the theme. I’m really good at talking the talk, but will I walk the walk? Now this might be a surprise to you, but I don’t own a single Hawaiian item in my wardrobe! I totally had the excuse to not dress up for the sleepover, but I knew I’ve been telling others to do so and what kind of leader would I be if I didn’t? Yesterday while shopping for the sleepover food and supplies, I stopped by a party supply store and for a whopping $10 got a pink lei, pink bracelet, and a pink grass skirt. I combined that with a flower I wore in my hair for a friends wedding and my Hawaiian ensemble was complete. Now I might look like a dork – my husband already told me he wouldn’t take me to Hawaii looking like this… I guess it’s not authentic. For the kids though, I will wear it! For the kids, I will put on my most excited face and be jumping with joy tonight! I might be tired and sore from a long week, but I will push that aside so that the kids have the best time possible. Sometimes I just having to remind myself… I’m doing it for the kids!


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