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Some weeks… February 15, 2012

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Okay, some weeks are pretty free and life is fairly easy going… then I have weeks like this week where I am filled to be brim with good stuff. I’m talking about things I like to do, things I enjoy, things that matter to me. However, add them all together and it starts to feel like a bit much. So here is a glimpse into the first half of my week and my projection for the second half of my week. (Note some of you will read this and think that I’m a wimp and have accomplished really nothing of worth… that is fine if you are super human and super cooler than me. I am not super human and I like naps).

Sunday started off like any other Sunday. I get up and get ready while my dog sleeps snuggled into my bed. I’ll be blow drying my hair and look over at him so peaceful like and I am reminded that life is not fair. I am certainly not a morning person, but a lot things happen in the morning hours – like church. So I must get up and take part in these activities with people who enjoy the morning. I try to smile and pretend that I wouldn’t rather be in bed. By the time children’s church rolls around I’m usually pretty alert, but starting to get hungry for lunch. I know it’s so silly, but I often think a lot about lunch while I’m helping with the kiddos. Maybe I should pack a snack??? But then they all look at me with those eyes that say “did you bring enough to share with the group?” and of course, I didn’t… so I scrap the snack idea and just wait for my first meal of the day to happen around 1:00pm. Sunday was a life group Sunday and the group was meeting at our house that night. I got home and started to eat almost immediately. After my late lunch I started to clean my house in anticipation of the company I would have over that evening. Once the house is clean enough to make my conscience happy I then decide to spend my last few free hours sleeping – oh yeah! Gotta love a Sunday afternoon nap! I wake up to discover my hubby has fallen asleep on the couch. That never happens! We are both dopey but welcome our company shortly after 6:00pm… After 2 hours of meeting and listening to Jeremy talk on the phone with his brother about blinds and my favorite TV show, it’s off to bed.

Monday morning has a way of being different than all other mornings… It’s a beginning of a new week. This week happens to hold the Missionettes sleepover where I can expect to be responsible for 80-100 girls and volunteer leaders. Needless to say, Monday morning is spent focusing on nothing but the sleepover. Monday at noon I head off to lunch with my mother-in-law. We have a monthly lunch date to spend some time together out of the office and develop our friendship. After lunch, I head to the store to by eggs, flour and an onion. The eggs and flour are for baking project later that evening. The onion is for my husband. I have a few quiet hours at home and then I have a youth student over to bake cookies with me.

Tuesday while getting ready I hear my cell phone go off saying I have a text message. I find that my mom has decided to give Jeremy and I a couch and an over-sized chair. I tell Jeremy and he gets excited because these are nice pieces of furniture. We accept and make plans to pick up the furniture next Thursday… then on Monday… and then we decide to pick it up after work! Yep, we’re decisive. Since Tuesday was Valentine’s day Jeremy was sweet and got us take-out for our staff meeting meal. After work we headed up to my parents to pick up the furniture. We realize the furniture doesn’t fit through the doors well, so have to load it by going round through the backyard where there are double doors that make things a bit easier. We load up a church van almost completely full with furniture. Jeremy and I decide we’re starving and stop to get fast food on the way home. We know that with furniture in the van we’ll want to set up ASAP when we get home. The rest of the night is spent moving what seems like all the furniture in our home around to various places and then moving them back again. Good times.

Now we come to today. I woke up and cleaned my entire house, steam vacuumed all by one room of my house (I didn’t do our guest room because pieces of a disassemble futon are scattered around it n0w – yes, you better believe that drives me crazy). I have finished a book and started a new book. I have responded to many emails and phone calls regarding the sleepover because the deadline to register is today. I will dress up in clashing mismatched clothes for a class dress up day tonight and I will come home and pass out. Tomorrow I will set up and decorate for the sleepover. Than I will go shopping for all the food and door prizes for the sleepover. Soon enough Friday will be here and I won’t stop moving until midnight when I make my class go to sleep. However, I won’t sleep because every sound I hear I will assume that some student is trying to sneak out.

Okay… this got quite long! Sorry! I just thought I would share the fast paced, high action life I live! It’s a fun life, but let me tell you – I see another nap in my future… most likely a 6 hour one when I get home on Saturday!


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