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I know it’s the Christmas season when… December 3, 2011

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As I was driving into town today (yes, I live in the middle of nowhere, so I have to drive into town – very Little House on the Prairie, I know), I started to think about all the things that I really love about this time of year and how they really make it seem like Christmas to me. We all have different things that give us that holiday cheer. Here are a few things that I came up with.

I know it’s the Christmas season when…

  • I go to Starbucks a couple times a week instead of a couple times a month. I’m addicted to red cups!
  • I listen to the same two Amy Grant Christmas CDs from the 90’s over and over again.
  • The holiday music channel is always on in the background when I’m home.
  • I watch more Hallmark movies in one month than I do in the entire year.
  • I look for an excuse to wrap anything in gift wrap.
  • Penguins start popping up around my house.
  • I lick over 70 Christmas card envelopes.
  • I add peppermint to most goodies.
  • I stock up on gingerbread mix.
  • I cut coupons and actually read sales advertisements.
  • Red and green suddenly match with everything.
  • We pull boxes of decorations off the garage shelf.
  • Pine needles end up all over the inside of my house.
  • Christmas lights make me happy on drives around town.
  • My house is lit up with white lights and now reindeer added this year.
  • The church foyer has lighted trees on display.
  • I have a program to print for the kid’s choir Christmas musical.
  • I have 5 gift exchanges to shop for.
  • All sinks in my home have holiday scented soap.
  • I allow magnets, cards, and pictures on my fridge.
  • I start praying for snow.

There are probably many more things I could add. I know that you have your own things that make you think “It’s Christmas”! I hope that you are enjoying the days leading up this wonderful holiday as much as I am. Christmas isn’t just about one day for me. It’s about decorating the house, making goodies, shopping for loved ones, drinking way too much Starbucks and enjoying each special moment that happens all month long. Christmas is just too good to fit into one day. I’m loving my entire month of celebrating!


One Response to “I know it’s the Christmas season when…”

  1. I’ve spent the past few minutes reading over several of your recent posts. The result? I’m starved! I love that you have such a heart for hearth & home; and it’s obvious you are stealth in preparing & relishing the season upon us. When you’re my age, you’ll have stockpiled a wealth of memories that will far exceed a bank account. I can just hear our Proverbs 31 role model clapping in the background.

    Now I’ve got to find me something to eat!

    Auntie Kathy

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