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Good Bye Pumpkins, Hello Christmas! November 25, 2011

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Yesterday was a great day!  Jeremy and I are blessed to have both our families living near by. This means that we get not one but two Thanksgivings meals! What a treat!  The day was spent with family and eating good food. A wonderful way to spend a day in my book. However, once I got home from all the festivities, I had my hubby pull out of Christmas boxes so I could dive into them first thing this morning. Jeremy is an archer, so Thanksgiving weekend to him means wondering through the woods trying to kill an elk or a deer. He left early this morning and left me to decorate the house.

It’s always sad to see my mini-pumpkins get thrown away and all the things with leaves on them get tucked back into boxes for another year. Autumn is my favorite season so it’s always bittersweet when I pack up all things orange and yellow. I truly love Christmas so it’s always exciting to pull out the Christmas items. Like I said, bittersweet. Today I got up earlier than usual for a sleep in day (mostly because my dog wouldn’t let me sleep). I turned on the Christmas music station on my television and started opening boxes.

I don’t know if it’s the same for you, but opening those boxes is like reconnecting with old friends and memories. I’m amazed that I forget so much of what is stored in those crates and when I open them it’s like a surprise. Every item has either been given to us by loved ones or purchased by Jeremy and I for our Christmas collection. It’s a sweet time. It would be better if my hunter could have joined me, but then I would have been waiting for a while… I’m too impatient!

The centerpiece of our home during the holidays is our Christmas tree which we have yet to purchase. Every year, we get a “real” tree. I’m not a fan of the plastic ones that don’t smell like pine. I will take the pine needles all over my floor as a trade off for the wonderful look and smell of a real tree. We’ll get ours in a about a week or so. Picking the tree and decorating the tree is something we do together and it’s the highlight of our Christmas decorating! I can remember when Jeremy and I lived in our tiny apartment where we could only have a tree that was 5 feet or under! Now that we have a home with a vaulted ceiling, I love buying a big, tall tree! It’s a blessing to me since I know what it’s like not to be able to have one.

I’m not sure if you’re the type of person that had their house decorated for Christmas two weeks ago, if you decorate after Thanksgiving like me, or if you wait until December 1st or December 21st… I hope that you had a marvelous Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas!



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