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Marshmallow Overload Part 2 November 16, 2011

Filed under: Cooking Experiments — Amy Scott @ 10:52 am

In a previous blog, I explained that Jeremy and I have an abundance of marshmallows in our pantry. I created pumpkin spice marshmallow treats a few weeks ago using Cinnamon Burst Cheerios and Jet Puffed Pumpkin Spice Marshmallows. This creation tasted great, but I learned a few things from the experience. First – Cheerios are harder to cut than Rice Krispies. Second – Cheerios get a soggy texture after they are encased in marshmallow. They were great the first day, but they next day they no longer had the firm texture they once had (and that was while they were stored in an airtight container).

With these learning experiences in mind, I set out to make another marshmallow creation. This time I used Cocoa Krispies and Jet Puffed Chocolate Mint Marshmallows. To finish off the taste and presentation, I sprinkled Andes Mint baking chips on the top. In my opinion, the marshmallows don’t really taste all that chocolatey or minty. I melted them in them in the microwave and during the process the brown and green coloring blended to make a strange color. The Cocoa Krispies are very chocolatey and I think they are going to be the real flavor punch of the treat. Once the marshmallow was mixed with the cereal, the color didn’t seem as odd.  I figured since the marshmallows didn’t have a strong mint flavor, the mints on top would really complete the chocolate mint combination.

It’s been really fun coming up non-traditional recipes with marshmallows. So far all my creations have been in cereal treats, but I have another recipe up my sleeve for the holidays that involved dipping marshmallows in white chocolate. I am very excited!!! So this is not the last of the marshmallow blogs! More marshmallow fun is still to come!


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