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Forever Friends! November 11, 2011

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At Cheesecake Factory - November 2011

I’m not a big fan of the term “best friend” because it’s so limiting. I have a small group of people in my life would I consider my best friends, but I like the term forever friend more! The truth is these people will be in my life until I die or they die. I’m pretty wimpy, so chances are I’ll go first. These are the people I expect to be in contact with… well, forever. My forever friends mean the world to me and I will never let them get away.

Last night I had dinner in Seattle with one of my forever friends! Maggie and I have been friends since our junior year in high school. I remember going off to college and being told that your high school friends don’t stick around so just stop investing in them. I was really hurt by the person who said that because I didn’t want that to be true. With a lot of intentionally, on both our parts, Maggie and I are still really close friends to this day.

We’ve been on missions trips together, talked through what colleges to go to, talked a lot

High School Graduation - June 2004

about our crushes and then eventually about our future husbands! Maggie was actually the one that greatly encouraged me to date Jeremy. I vividly remember sitting in Starbucks telling her I was really worried about the whole dating situation. I didn’t want to have a list – more than one boyfriend. I only wanted one and I was nervous about making a commitment because what if it didn’t work out. Maggie encouraged meto take that step and get over my fears. Obviously things worked out pretty well for Jeremy and I.

There are lots of experiences we’ve shared together. Too many to list or count. She is a friend that I truly trust. I can be honest with her and I know I can expect honesty in return. The shared laughter and the shared tears over the years has proven that our friendship runs deep. Maggie is a forever friend that I plan on calling when I’m in the nursing home! She can’t shake me! We’ve made it this far and I look forward to all the joy that our friendship will bring in the coming the years!

I love you, Maggie! Thank you for the many awesome years of friendship! I still believe that many more amazing years are to come!


2 Responses to “Forever Friends!”

  1. Maggie May Says:

    We won’t be calling each other in the nursing home … we’ll have rooms right next to each other! :) Love you Amy! And I LOVE the term “Forever Friend” … I’m going to start using it too!

    • Amy Scott Says:

      I love this this! It will be like the college dorm experience we never got to have with going to different schools! Now I really have something too look forward to when I get older! :)

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