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There go the marbles November 2, 2011

Filed under: Children's Ministry — Amy Scott @ 1:57 pm

What a week this has been! Start off with a major event, add computer problems and not being able to work on important projects, add needing to prep for being out of the office at the end of this week… It just all feels like a lot for only 3 days! My office to-do list and my home to-do have both been long and with many boxes that needed to be checked off.

The stress of the week has taken it’s toll, but at least as of this afternoon I’ve made some sense of lists. The biggest thing still left on my plate is prepping for the workshop that Jeremy and I will be teaching on Friday at a children’s leaders conference. We attend this conference every year, but this will be the first time we’ve been presenters there. I think this new challenge is putting some extra nervous jitters into my frenzy of activity.

I teach kids. I like that dynamic. I know what to do. Teaching adults – totally different ballpark! To be honest, adults scare me! With a kid you have authority because you are older than them. With adults that is not the case. Jeremy and I don’t often co-teach, so that too will be an interesting element. The workshop we’re doing is called “Occupational Hazards” and it’s all about working close together in ministry. We hope to discuss the good and the bad of being so involved in the same ministry. Please pray for us as we finalize the details of this workshop. Also please pray that our presentation goes well on Friday. I’ll update you after the conference on how it all went!


One Response to “There go the marbles”

  1. Maggie May Says:

    I’m excited to hear how it goes! :)

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