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The Happiest of Happy Days November 1, 2011

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What a whirlwind 24 hours! It seems like the autumn season and the Christmas season are merging and transitioning. Yesterday was Halloween. Every year we put on an event called Fall Fest at our church as a safe alternative to trick or treating. It was a fun night full of costumes, games, candy and conversation. We had about 400 kids walk through our doors, not too mention the parents and grandparents that followed. Our building was alive with activity and creativity! It’s always big event, but worth all the effort that goes into it.

Usually the morning after Fall Fest is a slow one. Sometimes Jeremy and I will stay home and sleep in so we can recover from the crazy night before. However, this year, I did the exact opposite. With the way things fell, Red Cup Day landed right after Halloween. For those who aren’t obsessed with Red Cup Day and have no idea what I’m talking about – let me explain. In early November, Starbucks debuts their seasonal red cups. It’s a holiday in my book and is the main kick off to the holiday season for me.

There was no way that my tiredness from Fall Fest would keep me from Starbucks this morning. I was up before the dawn and at Starbucks while it was still dark. I met my friend and mentor, Jeannie, there and we share in a fun holiday tradition – an early morning red cup. Sharing this holiday with her is always a treasured time. However, what is better than one red cup? TWO! I went back just before noon for my second red cup with a group of ladies from church. Oh the joy of Red Cup Day!

Red Cup Day means a lot to me. Like I mentioned, to me, it’s the beginning of the holiday season. It means that Fall Fest is over and our major autumn event is in the past. Commercials on TV will now change from Halloween to Christmas. Stores will begin stocking and decorating for Christmas. Now I meant what I said about loving this fall season and taking it all in. I’m guessing that reverse psychology set in, because right after saying I hadn’t listened to Christmas music, I started to crave it! So this week I popped in an old school Christmas CD from past. It felt right to be listening to Christmas music as I drove to my much awaited red cup.

Each day is a blessing and today’s gift is red cups! Happy Red Cup Day to one and all!


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