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Home Sweet Home October 28, 2011

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Something has changed over the last few years. I used to hate being home for a whole day. I had to go and do something. I have no idea if it was because I was young and restless or because of the small apartment I used to live in. Ever since my husband and I purchased our home a few years ago, I have discovered that I love days where I get to stay home ALL day.

Today was one of those days were I got the joy being home for the entire day. It’s been a busy week with prepping for one of our major annual events, Fall Fest. I knew that the rest of my month would be busy and full (the few days that are left of October). Today was that one day where I could stay in my comfy clothes all day and not worry about going out. It was truly a perfect day.

I started the day by sleeping in – a Friday morning favorite of mine. After I got up, I tidied up the house as my hubby started a fire in our wood stove. Once the fire was made, Jeremy took off to go fishing. This allowed me a few hours of quiet to read and spend time with Jesus. My home becomes a sanctuary when I enter into my daily reading of the Bible. I’m swept away for a few hours into someone else’s shoes when I read a good book. It’s even more sweet when my Toby dog curls up on my lap and snuggles in.

When Jeremy got home, he created an amazing acorn squash soup for dinner and I made homemade bread. My sister inspired me yesterday by sending me a picture of loaves she created and I knew I wanted to try the same thing. She emailed me the recipe and I made bread for the first time. There was something so homey about being inside while it rained outside. The house smelled of soup and bread. Both seemed very fitting on this wet and dark fall day.

Days like this are few and far between, but when they appear I love to savor them for all they are worth. A good book, a fun baking project, a warm fire… just a few of my favorite things!


2 Responses to “Home Sweet Home”

  1. Maggie May Says:

    Oh, this post just makes me jealous! I want a day at home all day to bake bread and make soup and snuggle up with my hubby! Hmm … maybe I should work on clearing me schedule! And maybe you should email me that recipe ;)

  2. Amy Scott Says:

    April should be so proud that she’s started a bread baking revolution! :) It’s good stuff! I’ll send it your way!

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