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An Autumn Tradition October 22, 2011

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Visiting in 2005

Jeremy and I spent most of our dating and engagement period of time in the Portland, OR area. I was going to school there and Jeremy would drive down one day a week and we would spend it together. One of our favorite places to go was the Columbia Gorge and the Scenic Waterfall Highway. It’s especially pretty there during the autumns months as the trees in the area are changing into bright colors of red, gold and orange.

Autumn is both Jeremy and I’s favorite season and this scenic drive offers many awesome fall views. Every year we make a traditional trip to the waterfalls to take in the beauty of Columbia Gorge. Yesterday was the day we had saved for our annual pilgrimage. Each year the weather is different and that means the trees are not always the same. We’ve gone early in October and things have just begun to change. We’ve gone toward the end of October and it’s vibrant with color. Yesterday was in the middle. Things are in the process of changing, but you tell the greater colors are still to come.

I love having traditions. It’s so sentimental to have something we do every year. I look forward to it immensely! Yesterday was no exception. I got this date on the calendar early and protected it. I’ve learned that somethings in life need to planned in advance and then kept from being over-crowed by life. This trip was one of them!

Visiting in 2011

Jeremy and I had an amazing time just being together and spending the morning looking at such beauty. It’s just right outside of the city, but you feel like you are in the country. Days like this are treasured and cherished. They are not to be rushed through. However, we did keep a bit of a pace because we were trying to stay in front of the rain that was coming. The weather held long enough for us to make all our planned stops and to get some great pictures!

There is no replacement for this trip and I was so blessed to spend the day with my hubby! It is fun to visit places that mean a lot to us and we return to often! On a side note, another great time of the year to visit the waterfalls is when there was been freezing weather. They look so awesome when they are partially frozen! The drive can be a bit tricky, but it is worth the wonderful, wintery sight! The Columbia Gorge is beautiful year around and a visit is always special!


2 Responses to “An Autumn Tradition”

  1. Maggie May Says:

    I’ve never actually been to those places, even though I hear you talk about how beautiful they are. Someday maybe Chris and I will play around the Portland area! :)

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