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Perfect time for making pie! October 3, 2011

Filed under: Cooking Experiments — Amy Scott @ 4:31 pm

This weekend it seemed like pies were being made all over the place! I talked with so many people who decided to make a pie over the weekend. Jeremy and I were included this group of people who flocked to the kitchen with pie in mind!

At the beginning of September, Jeremy and I took our little dog for a drive and went blackberry picking. We know a couple of spots around the area that are pretty good for picking a pie’s worth of berries. The best part of berry picking is doing it together. With Toby along for the trip, it truly felt like a family outing. Despite the scratches from the thorny bushes, it was the highlight of my weekend to spend time in the wonderful weather with my hubby and puppy. Due to the crazy schedule that our month of September held, the blackberries were poured into a zip-lock bag and placed in the freezer until we had time to turn them into pie.

This weekend was the weekend that the blackberries had been waiting for! We were ready to transform them into yummy pie goodness. In years past, I would have sent Jeremy into the kitchen to make the pie on his own, but not this year. In my cooking quest, I am heading into the kitchen every chance I get to try something new and learn more about cooking/baking.  Jeremy and I split the tasks at hand. He made the filling and I made the crust – when our powers combined we had a pie!

I’m pretty sure I got the easier of the two jobs because we decided to make the crust from a Krusteaz mix.  So not entirely from scratch… maybe next time. According to Jeremy, no one can make pie crust as good as his mom and grandma, so why try. I figure we’ll never reach that standard until we try and practice. Next time I’ll attempt to make the crust entirely from scratch.

The pie filling we used was right out of the handy dandy Betty Crocker big, red cookbook. Jeremy added extra flour to the filling because we both agreed that we like a firmer berry pie. We’re not fans of runny pie. He also added some cinnamon to the mix. Just enough so you can taste it, but not enough that it over powers the berries.

Once the pie was assembled, Jeremy brushed the top of the pie with milk and sprinkled some cinnamon sugar over the top. Into the oven it went and the results were fabulous! Making the pie together was a lot of fun. Just like picking the berries, it was fun to do an activity together. We do “work” together a lot because of our job situation, but I’m learning the importance of prioritizing fun things that take place outside of the office.

The pie was a success and it was made even sweeter by the fact that we made it together!


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