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Off to the Windy City! September 9, 2011

Filed under: Family Time,Travels — Amy Scott @ 12:39 pm

Tomorrow (very early in the morning) my travel adventures to the Windy City of Chicago will begin! I’m so excited for this chance to see a city where I have only ever been in the airport before. I love exploring new places and seeing sights that I have never seen before. What I love even more than going to new places, is going to new places with people I love!

This trip will be the first time the Vitzthum, Scott, and Gallaway clans will all be together since the end of May when we left April and Andrew to start their lives in Kansas. It’s been strange to have a 1/3 of our family so far way. This trip in a sense will be like a family reunion. I am beyond excited! My sister and I were talking just this week about how blessed we are to be a in family of friends. Yes, we are related, but we all really do have solid friendships. We enjoy time together and are deeply connected with each other. I am blessed not just to be a daughter or a sister, but I am friend and that means a lot!

I look forward to updating you upon my return with all the joyful stories of our time in Chicago. It looks like the weather is going to be good and the itinerary is all set for an awesome time! I’m all packed and ready to go!


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