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One Day August 28, 2011

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Today I participated in a community wide event called One Day. It was a Lewis County based community service project with the tagline, “One Church, One Mission, One Voice.” Bethel Church dismissed our services early today to send our people out in the community to do various projects. The cool thing is we gave everyone t-shirts, so you could literally see them all over Lewis County. Driving to the project I was helping with, I saw many groups along the sides of the road. They were cleaning up parks and cleaning up the street. Some of the faces I recognized from my own church, some of them were from different churches in Lewis County. Today instead of being a bunch of denominations and organizations, we were one – one church!

I got the pleasure of painting a hallway at our local dance center. The dance center is an experiencing great growth and they just recently acquired the next floor in the building they are currently renting. The 3rd floor had been used by a tae-kwon-do gym and the last tenants had just left… leaving behind a bunch of their stuff and the floor in sad condition. I arrived at the dance center and really didn’t know what to expect. I was given a roller and I started to transform a hallway from a dull creamish/gray to a bright white.

Now I’m not really handy… I don’t often desire to work with my hands, unless you include typing! I love my job teaching students about the Bible, but it was so nice to do something different. It was nice to do something! It’s been awhile since I’ve really done a service project. Yes, I keep things tidy around the church and around my own home, but this was doing something for someone else. No real benefit to me other than the joy of serving and knowing that I was blessing someone else. It was a great feeling and I surprisingly had a great time, even though I got very warm and my hand started to blister from holding my paint cup and brush. It’s a good ache that my arms now feel.

I’m currently reading a book about what it looks like to be missional church and I feel like this day was right on with the true heart of being a church on a mission – God’s mission. It’s not about denominations and it’s not about meeting in a building once a week, it’s about blessing the world. It’s about living out the promise God gave to Abraham. He said he would bless all nations through him (Genesis 12). We’re a part of that promise because we’ve been brought into God’s family. Now that we are apart of this great promise, we need to keep extending it to the world. It’s not about doing church, its about being the church. It was exciting to be a part of special day like that today.


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