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Counting Your Blessings July 11, 2011

Filed under: Simply Me — Amy Scott @ 7:40 pm

I have been inspired by a friend and her recent Facebook posts on the various gifts of her day. My personality doesn’t lend me to thinking of the positive very often. I wish it did, so I could be bubbly all the time. Sadly, this is not true. Over the last couple of months I have found myself in a hard place in life. Not necessarily major stuff, but it seems that a lot of small things really can add up.

As a result of these posts that I have seen on Facebook, I’m trying to remind myself of the good things I find in each day. There is always a blessing to be found and counted. I really should do this exercise daily, if not hourly! So I have decided to count my blessings of the day and share them with you!

  1. My breakfast – a McGriddle (something I don’t get all that often and is oh so yummy).
  2. Hugs from kids at VBA
  3. Getting the exact form I needed so I could mail a complete registration packet
  4. My hubby’s many smiles and silliness
  5. Ordering new bedding
  6. Getting into my pajamas early and watching movies
  7. Day dreaming
  8. Fresh strawberries from Jeremy’s garden
  9. Getting the check for my first published article
  10. A card and gift from loved ones

I could and should probably think of more, but this blog can not go on forever! I now have Bing Crosby singing  “Count Your Blessings Instead of Sheep” running through my head. Maybe this what I will do tonight before I go to sleep!


One Response to “Counting Your Blessings”

  1. I tend towards thankfulness, though some days I have to totally, intentionally focus my thoughs in the direction of blessings. I am reminded that what I have now (on every level) is enough to make for contentment. To be less-than-content is proof positive I need to hum along with Bing …

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