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Get Down June 21, 2011

Filed under: Children's Ministry,Women in Ministry — Amy Scott @ 5:30 am

I will admit that my legs are sore today. However, they are feeling a lot better when I compare them to Sunday and Monday. You might wonder why I am so sore. At children’s church on Sunday we sang “Get Down”. The song is originally performed by Audio Adrenaline. Google it if you are unaware of the song. The song sings the line “get down” numerous times. Every time it is sang, you squat to the ground and then get up. Thus, “I get down and he gets me up.” Over and over and over again!!! Well, after my many “get downs”, I was feeling it and continued to feel it.

As a leader in children’s ministry, I often have to make the choice to go all in. I could have not done the motions to this song because it would make me look silly and it would make me hurt for the days to follow. However, I choose to be a good example for the kids in that room and I got into it so that way they felt free to get into worship as well.

Sometimes we don’t want to go all in. We would much rather do certain things and not all things that pertain to our ministry. I’m wondering what spiritual muscles we are allowing to un-strengthened when we choose not to use them. It takes a lot of energy when you decided to give it everything you got. It may not be seem like a big deal whether I do the motions with the kids at worship, but I’m choosing to totally enter into my ministry role. Giving it 100% might hurt at first. Just like all muscles, its takes time to build up strength. I’m sure if I “got down” enough it would no longer cause my legs to be sore. It just takes practice and consistency.

It might seem like a silly example, but it’s a simple truth stuck out to me today. Going all in can take a lot of effort and energy. There might be a season where it makes us sore because our muscles just aren’t used to the work yet. Going all in and getting involved will eventually grow those muscles and tone them so you don’t even break a sweat. Maybe someday I’ll actually experience that after we sing “Get Down”…


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