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Pre-Road Trip Blog May 26, 2011

Filed under: Family Time,Travels — Amy Scott @ 3:12 pm

Just wanted to type up a quick entry before I leave for Kansas in the morning. I will not be bringing my laptop on this trip, so I will write an update when I return from my road trip to Kansas. I appreciate all the prayer you can send our way as we travel. I don’t think I’ve ever been to 10 states in a month’s span of time. I will see some new places – Nebraska and Kansas. The more I travel the more I have an itch to see all 50 states. My next hope is to work New Mexico in some how… however, I would also love to see the New England states as well (preferably in the the fall).

Seems like life is in a continual season of change and this period of my life is no exception. It will be difficult to have my sister and closest friend move so far away, but I believe that God works all things for good. I anxiously await His new blessings and new mercies in this next season. He is so faithful to me in all seasons of life. Through all of the ups and downs.

I will take notes and be looking for God’s insights during this trip. I hope that I have something fresh and new to report to you when I return. The one thing I would like to leave you all with today is – God has given you the family you have for a reason. I know each family has it’s own unique situations and circumstances. Some come from positive family backgrounds and some from negative ones. I believe that God is intentional with the people He has placed in our lives. If you are close to your family, don’t take that closeness for granted.If you are not close with your family, remember that the greatest thing you can do for them is pray.  Family brings out so many different roles and emotions. Just remember that you have been placed where you are a reason and you didn’t pick your family, God did. Make the most of every opportunity!


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  1. I know you’re having a blast on the road; and I’m lovin’ the snippets you share on FB. Blessings to all!

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