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Tribute to my Sister May 16, 2011

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photo-2I almost told April today at lunch that I was going to write a blog about her, but I didn’t, because I thought she would try to talk me out of it. I know this will probably be super cheesy. The blog is titled Amy Scotts Thoughts, so I figured sharing this is true to the purpose of the blog. Anyway, here I go, with an entry unlike any that I have written thus far… don’t gag, or if you do – just don’t tell me you did!

Let’s start off with where this is all coming from, my sister – April Lynn Gallaway, will be moving to Kansas in less than two weeks (10 full days away). Now April and I have lived apart before but the farthest distance was only 2 ½ hours away. With this context mind, I have been thinking a lot about my little sister and what she means to me.

April was born two weeks before my second birthday. I was told that at first I found her quite boring. I was expecting an instant playmate. Wasn’t that was sisters were meant to do? As April grew, I found that she became a captive audience (only because she was immobile and had no choice). My mom would set April in front of me and I would “entertain” her.  I guess that is when being a sister became fun for me.

April and I have always had a unique relationship. When she was very young, I could translate what she was saying or wanted to tell my mother. She was ornery even at a young age and would lick my well organized stuffed animals just to get a rise out of me.  She knew all the right buttons to push. As we grew into elementary school aged kids, it seemed that we were always getting into some kind of trouble. I would come up with a scheme that would seem fool proof and April would follow along. Somewhere along the line, we realized that the plan wasn’t working out so well and it usually ended with us being grounded. That was a season of life where we were grounded a lot!

During our high school years, we certainly had our “teenage girl” moments when we had dramatic fights, but most of the time, we were best friends. We didn’t look a lot alike so people would just think we were friends instead of sisters. Some of my favorite memories from that time period were the “sleepovers” we had at our house. April would often sleep in my room or we would inhabit the guestroom for the whole weekend.

Especially now that we are grown, I still find my friendship with April to be one of the closest in my life. We share so much history together. She can make me laugh and I can be my weird, silly self with her. She loves my oddities and I love hers. We are so different and always have been. Somehow that doesn’t matter all that much when we are together. True friends are a gift and they are even more treasured when they are a family member.

I know that God has big things in store for April and Andrew. I’m praying that their new life in Kansas will be an awesome one and that April may one day get the corgi of her dreams (Frankie the Fluffy).  I guess I just wanted to the world to know I love my sister dearly and that I am going miss her.

So, April, if you’re reading this – you’re the most awesome sister anyone could ask for! You make me smile and you are the best friend I could ever have! I love you and I know that God has good things for you in Kansas. I have thought of about a million inside jokes to place in this blog, but I was worried about the length and losing people. Here a few though, just for fun – April Ducky, Life and Love and Why, The Switchfoot Quote Board, breaking your leg, documenting your room before cleaning it, meeting in Longview, our Las Vegas adventure – were all we did was walk – a lot, slamming my finger in the locker, teasing Josh about Alabama, annoying mom by always singing and love comes softly!


One Response to “Tribute to my Sister”

  1. What a precious post! It’s heartwarming to know how deep are your bonds; and I’m certain they’ll grow deeper still. You two have so-o-o-o many amazing days ahead to share. And, were it even possible, the best is yet to come.

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