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April Showers… April 23, 2019

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They say April showers bring May flowers. I wonder if that is a metaphor beyond the weather. I shouldn’t give the month of April such a hard time. It’s been a weird month for me. I’m not a huge fan of busy weekends. I’ve compensated with quieter weeks. But even the quiet weeks and busy weekends can be interrupted. This last week hasn’t been my favorite and I am glad to put it behind me.

Last Wednesday we had flooring installers come out to “fix” our floors. It was stressful to me handle this process while Jeremy was at work, but he needed to be there for a meeting. I prayed over and over again I wouldn’t miss an obvious sign and give the okay for the installers to do something totally insane that would upset my hubby and damage our house. I felt the pressure. Long story short is the installers can’t do much. They tired to fix a few areas of our floors, but left the less noticeable spots alone. There is something very stressful about having people tear up your floors. I had no clue if the whole floor was going to be torn up or part of the floor or what condition it would all be put back together. The floors aren’t greatly improved, but they didn’t make things worse. More conversations are going to need to be had about this situation. Construction stuff is not my cup of tea.

On Thursday, my husband came home from work an hour earlier than usual. I was delighted and surprised. Turns out his stomach had been bothering him and thus began The Great Tummy Bug of April 2019. Thursday and Friday were rough days for Jeremy. He thought he had food poisoning from leftover potato salad until Owen started throwing up as well. On Saturday no one was throwing up. I thought we would be in the clear for our Easter plans on Sunday. And then Owen woke up with pink eye on Sunday morning.

We’re not really sure how Owen got pink eye. But alas, I stayed home from church and sent Graham off with my parents to celebrate Easter up north with my family. It was such a weirdly quiet day. Owen was a trooper. He handled missing the egg hunt at GG’s like a brave solider. We spent our Easter evening at the walk-in clinic and getting antibiotic drops at the pharmacy.

Just when I thought we were all in the clear, I started to feel sick yesterday. I never threw up like my boys, but I was so nauseous. I was told to stay home from MOPS & MOMSnext by my co-coordinator. It was hard for me to stay home because I am the type of person who likes to push through the pain. Okay. Maybe I don’t “like” it, but it’s my MO. I barely slept last night and I’ve been a bit of a zombie today. I want to eat, but whenever I do my stomach tells me that was a bad choice. Overall though, I got a much milder bug than Jeremy and Owen did.

Graham is great, by the way. He is living his best life. His weekend was full of Easter activities and he loved every minute of it. On Saturday when Owen was starting perk up from the tummy bug, we did an egg hunt around the house for the boys. They had a blast. It was so much fun to listen to their joy as the hunted for the eggs. We also gave them their Easter baskets on Saturday since Sunday was supposed to be a full day. Graham exclaimed and made the best happy-surprised face as he opened his basket. Graham might have hated the rain and cold of Easter Eggstravaganza the weekend before, but this last weekend was his jam. Easter was good to him.

Each month takes a different turn than I would expect. And that’s okay. You can’t plan for illness and it seems to find it’s way to our family regularly. I would love to have a two month break from someone in our household throwing up… one can dream.

There are plenty of things to be thankful for though. I used the Walmart pick up at our local store this week. It was amazing! No more long drives for grocery pick up. I am thankful that for the first time our doctor’s office was open on Easter and that we have one pharmacy in the area that is open on Sundays. We were able to get Owen’s pink eye under control quickly. I drove through Starbucks yesterday morning on my way to set-up for MOPS & MOMSnext. One of the employees there works at our church as well. She wrote Jeremy & I’s names on top of our drinks to personalize them. It’s the little things in life. That hot chocolate actually felt good on my stomach and my name on top reminded that I am known. And we finally got the windshield on our van fixed so at the moment it’s crystal clear. Lots of things be to be thankful for.

This month might be a little off, but that’s okay. It will pass and we’ll move back in our usual flow again. Owen has one more month of preschool before summer break. How did that happen? Jeremy was talking to me about details for preschool graduation. I know that is a “thing” now. And it will be here in a blink of an eye.

I’m preparing to head out for the weekend to our church’s annual ladies retreat. My usual peeps aren’t going this year, so I’m forging a new course. Instead of tagging along, I’ve had to reach out make plans with other ladies. I know that it will be a good weekend. I have an opportunity to go deeper with friends that I don’t get to spend a lot of time. I’m hopeful and optimistic that a different year might just mean a better year.

Well, that’s about all the energy I have for this post! I’m going to head back to reading in bed. Jeremy felt spunky enough to run errands with the boys so I’ve been resting in silence. I tried to not blog tonight, but writing is my thing. I felt drawn to my computer, so I thought a quick update couldn’t hurt! Until next time…


Some say Peeps are the best Easter candy. For me, it’s all about the chocolate bunny! 


Getting ready to dye eggs



Our around the house egg hunt! 


Letting the chickens have some free range moments. They are getting so big. They are close to moving out of the garage and into their own home.



Easter baskets this year included: a Lego set, book, pajamas, Hot Wheels and a chocolate bunny in a Frozen Fever basket. These boys were thrilled! 


Look at that face! It’s the best! 


Grateful I took our Easter pictures at the beginning of the month since Owen woke up with pink eye on Easter Sunday.


Spending Easter at the walk-in clinic


Two Down, Two to Go April 16, 2019

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Two big April weekends are in the books with two more big weekends still to come. This last weekend was Easter Eggstravaganza which is our biggest event of the year. Friday we spent a good part of day at the church working. I collected baked goods for our MOPS & MOMSnext bake sale. I also helped Jeremy and the boys set-up for the event. Graham and Owen rode their bikes around the church and would hop off to help when needed. It was such a sight seeing Graham on his little balance bike around the hallways. Owen kept his bigger bike to the gym. I had to explain this was a special treat. We don’t get to ride around like this on a regular basis. The boys were so great helping on Friday. Easter Eggstravaganza is turning into a family ministry event for us. All members of the Scott family pitch in.

Saturday was a cold and wet day. Owen had hoped to stay for both hunts but the weather was too yucky. Graham did not enjoy the weather. As a result, he didn’t touch a single egg on the field. A few relatives threw a grand total of 6 eggs into his basket. Owen did a great job hunting. This was the first year that parents weren’t supposed to be on the field with the hunters for his age range. I was nervous that he would get lost in a sea of kids, but the rain meant the crowds were slightly smaller. Luckily for me, Jeremy is in the middle of every field to blow the horn, so I knew Jeremy was close by. I gave Owen a pep talk about finding me after the hunt. I would stay put and be the home base to return to. Despite the weather, the day overall was a big success. Our MOPS & MOMSnext Bake Sale did well. It was nice to wrap up our last fundraiser of the year.

Usually the Sunday after EE, we don’t do anything after church. It’s a recovery day. This year we got invited to a birthday for a family friend. I didn’t promise Jeremy’s attendance, but he decided to join us despite the big weekend. After that we ran into Safeway to get food for having company over on Monday for lunch. It was a big day, but running the errand on Sunday meant we didn’t have to go anywhere on Monday. Jeremy took Monday off for working on Friday. He finished his chicken coop while the weather was nice enough to paint. All he wants now is a weather vane to stick on top. I’m impressed that made the coop from all leftover materials from our building process. The coop matches the house perfectly.

This last week was monumental for Owen. First, he learned how to ride his bike without training wheels. Jeremy set him up on a bike without training wheels and to our surprise he just took off. I was expecting this to be a skill that he would learn over the summer, but he beat my expectations. I’m super impressed and proud of him. We also registered him for kindergarten on Thursday evening. We have kindergarten screening scheduled for the beginning of June. It’s crazy to think that kindergarten  is right around the corner. I’m excited for Owen to go to a beautiful new school. I have so much hope and anticipation for him. I know that life is not without it’s challenges, but he is ready for this next season. He is helpful. He is a great pal. When he walks into the room at preschool, multiple kids run up to say hi and ask him to play. I have a feeling he is going to love learning in kindergarten.

I have a feeling that Graham will have a harder adjustment to preschool than Owen did. Graham is less social than Owen so I don’t think school will have the same draw for Graham that it did for Owen. I do think preschool will be a good stretch for Graham. Not only will he learn, but he will have friends outside of Owen. He has a couple friends at church, but for the most part Graham’s friends are Owen’s friends. It will be interesting to see his social circle grow. Graham is still my quirky kid who could mac and cheese for every meal and plays happily on his own. He has been such a buddy to me this last year. I will miss him being home with me most mornings. It’s good thing I’ll still have Mondays and Fridays for solo Graham time.

With Easter Eggstravaganza behind us, we are looking forward to Easter weekend. We will do all the traditional Easter things. We have eggs to dye and plastic eggs to hunt around the house. We will have family gatherings and church. The weekend also includes a bridal shower and a birthday party. This will be three weekends in a row of attending birthday parties. We sure do know how to party. After Easter is a weekend away for ladies retreat and then our Network Conference with the Assemblies of God. With the weekends being full, I’ve been trying to keep my week day commitments low key. I’ve scheduled less play dates in the last month, but I’ve done what I’ve needed to do to make it through all my commitments.

Finally to wrap things up, here is a chicken update. The chicks look more like chickens everyday. They aren’t full grown, but they are a few weeks away from moving into their new home. When we come into the garage, they jump up on their feeder to say hi. I often see a chicken head popping out from the container. In a new development, they now jump up on the edge of the container in hopes that you will pick them up. They haven’t jumped out yet. I feel like we’re close to hearing pecks on the garage door asking us to come out and be with them. Jeremy told me he got friendly chickens. I just didn’t realize that they would be this friendly. And no, I haven’t touched one yet. It’s okay. Jeremy makes up for it. He snuggles them. They are well taken care of. The boys race to feed them and get them water. These chickens have the potential to live quite the good life with us. Oh and we have tadpoles that hatched in an aquarium in front of our house. Some people have cats and dogs. We have chickens and tadpoles.


Lunch after the work party at church. The boys wanted to look like Dad.


Saying hello to chickens after school.


Waiting in line at kindergarten registration.


The perks of being a PK. Testing out the cotton candy machine the day before Easter Eggstravaganza.


MOPS & MOMSnext Bake Sale


MOPS & MOMSnext Bake Sale


Waiting for Graham’s field to go at EE.


As you can see, we had two very different egg hunt experiences.


The view out of my window when I pulled into the garage.


Helping to paint the coop.


The completed coop. Minus the sought after weather vane.


Spring Break, Chickens & Easter Prep April 5, 2019

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We’re on spring break this week. I didn’t know that spring break was coming. We had less than a week notice. This is one of the downside of having preschool at a learning center where childcare is the top priority. The preschool program is great, but because the preschool only kids are a small amount of the kids, we don’t always get preschool only news in a timely manner. Partially due to a bummer weather forecast and a mom with limited time to be creative, our spring break hasn’t been too  busy. The good news is my boys are in a season right now where they enjoy playing together. The best part of this week has been having Owen home to play with Graham. They wake up in the morning and they are excited that they don’t have to be parted for the day. I have no clue how long this window of happiness will last, so I’m enjoying it.

Last weekend, we had a MOPS & MOMSnext outing at our church. We inflated all the bounce houses and set up tables with board games. They gym had balls and hula hoops to play with. The kids ran around at top speed all morning with their friends. They even tried some new games – Hi-Ho-Cherry-O, Twister, and Slap Jack.

We’ve also had a couple families over in the last week. One family is thinking of building a house with Adair. They wanted to pick our brains over the building process. It was nice to pass along the knowledge had gained and give the inside scoop. The other family we had over is one that we’ve been having dinner with once a month. We switch back and forth which house we meet at. One family cooks dinner and the other brings dessert. We’ve never had a pattern of meeting monthly with a family. We’re enjoying it a lot. I love the relationships that we’re building. Friendship is a gift.

Spring break week has looked like this – Monday: train park, Tuesday: children’s museum, Wednesday: baking, cleaning, crafting around the house, Thursday: dinner out to Chinese and a run up to Costco. Now it’s Friday and we’re enjoying a day around the house to tackle some projects at a relaxed pace. The boys are on a Home Depot run to return some items we won’t be needing for the chickens. Tonight have I have hang out with my MOPS & MOMSnext steering team. I’m loving the laid back vibes of day. The weekend is packed full so it’s the calm before the storm. Well, not really the storm. Tomorrow will be a work party at the church in the morning to get ready for Easter. The afternoon will be a birthday party for a friend. Sunday will be church in the morning and a meeting in the afternoon to discuss a book with leaders and then home in time to host growth group at our house. I have a feeling I’ll be tired by the time my head hits the pillow on Sunday.

Our chickens are still alive!!! All eight of them. Jeremy and the boys have been taking great care of them. We’re starting to see their personalities come out. One likes to peck at Jeremy’s ring. One likes to perch on top of the water bottle. If we’re not careful, the one that likes to perch will soon be figuring out to escape containment. Jeremy has been working on the chicken coop in his free time. It’s really coming together. We plan to paint it to match the house. The little ladies as I call them aren’t so little any more. They are growing and their feathers are coming in. They are starting to hit the awkward stage between chick and chicken.

We are in Easter prep mode hard core. My next few weeks are majorly Easter focused with the big community egg hunt, a MOPS & MOMSnext bake sale and then the holiday weekend which will feature three church gatherings and two family gatherings (not too mention two non-Easter parities on that Saturday). The good news is I’m as prepped for Easter personally as I possibly can be. I have eggs stuffed already for the boys hunt at home. I filled them with left over birthday candy and spare change from the van. I’m awesome like that. I have the Easter basket items all purchased and ready to go. I even took the boys out earlier this week and we did our Easter pictures. Game on, Easter. Here we go! I’ll try to find time to share updates over the next few weeks, but I also might just see you after Easter.


Listening for thunder and watching for lightening. 


MOPS & MOMSnext Outing


Celebrated one year in our house on March 31st! What a blessing! 


The chicken coop in progress


Not a bad way to wrap up church on a Sunday 


Train park


Train park


Train park


Hands On Children’s Museum


Helping me clean


Excavating dinosaurs 


Excavating dinosaurs 


Excavating dinosaurs