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“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers” October 29, 2018

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That title quote by LM Montgomery gets splashed around every October. It’s now considered “basic” according to social media. Truthfully, I didn’t know of its existence until a few years back when I read Anne of Green Gables for the first time. Despite it’s overuse, I can wholeheartedly agree with Anne Shirley. October is my favorite month of the year. And each year, I find that it’s stuffed to the brim with so much autumn activity. This year was no exception.

What do I mean by full? Well, for starters – 3 trips to the pumpkin patch. All different patches with all different people. 4 birthday parties and many other family birthdays on top of the parties. We did the corn maze, we went to a local apple festival, I hosted a LuLaRoe party, we kicked off our growth group, we’ve had multiple fundraisers for MOPS & MOMSnext. Just to name a few things… Needless to say, I’ve kept busy…

Now that my boys are older and I’m out of the baby haze, I truly love going to all these outing with my kiddos and making their birthday month special for them. All the October birthdays in our family and friend circle makes October feel like one giant birthday party. October was my favorite month before my boys arrived and having kids has only made this month more enjoyable. I don’t remember going to the pumpkin patch as a kid (I think we always bought our pumpkins at the store – no judgement on my mother or those who get store bought pumpkins. I love pumpkins no matter where they came from.) I also don’t remember doing things like the corn maze… so I’m there right alongside my kids enjoying these new traditions. I’m so grateful that even in the midst of a busy month, we’ve been able to have such quality time with family and friends.

The bottom line for me is that I am not busy for the sake of being busy. I don’t fill my calendar because I don’t like down time. The bottom line for me is I love my people. I love my boys, my family, my friends, my church. I love the relationships that I am building and the memories that I am making. My boys are growing up with aunts and uncles, grandparents, parents of their friends, all speaking into their lives and loving on them. On outings, my friends and I look out for each other kids and it’s so wonderful to know that we have each others backs. I am thankful and so blessed. Each season is an opportunity to grow deeper with those we care for, but I think fall shows off. We have plenty on time on days filled with autumn sunshine to gather and celebrate and enjoy life together. The same holds true for days filled with autumn fog or rain – this is the pacific northwest after all. I know I often blog about my little family mostly, but today, I want to say a huge thanks for my greater circle – the friends and the family who make this month and every month so special!

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers” – Anne Shirley, Anne of Green Gables 


The boys met up with Papa on his birthday to practice some putting. 


Jeremy was asked to be a driver for Owen’s class field trip to the pumpkin patch. Graham and I tagged along for some extra pumpkin fun.


Pumpkin Patch #2


Hands On Children’s Museum for a friend’s birthday. 


Hands On Children’s Museum for a friend’s birthday. 


Hands On Children’s Museum for a friend’s birthday. 


Testing out Christmas Musical costumes for Dad 


Family game night


Pumpkin Patch #3 with MOPS & MOMSnext friends. Graham decided to name the cow Timmy. 


Pumpkin Patch #3 with MOPS & MOMSnext friends.


Graham got to be my date to a family wedding. He loved the view of the boats. 


My wedding date! 




Graham is Three! October 24, 2018

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On Friday, Graham turned three! Because we don’t like to do birthdays small in our family, we took off for the beach on Thursday afternoon. We had dinner in Astoria at Mo’s – our favorite seafood restaurant. Graham happily munched on fries. Owen discovered a new passion for saltine crackers. Then it was off to the hotel and more importantly, the hotel swimming pool. I find humor in the fact that Graham spent his first birthday at a hotel and now his third. 2/3 of his birthdays have involved hotels. However, hotels are one of Graham’s love languages, so it’s all good.  The hotel we stayed at in Seaside was set up well for families and long stays. It had two bedrooms and two bathrooms. There was a washer/dryer, jetted tub, kitchen and fireplace. We could have hunkered down there happily all winter. But alas, we were only there for a one night stay.

Graham’s birthday began before the sun was up at 5:30am. The kids were ready for the day even if Jeremy and I would have preferred another hour or so of sleep. We quickly got ready and took off for Pig’N’Pancake for the birthday breakfast. Pancakes, bacon & eggs were on the menu and happily eaten. Then it was time for a walk on the beach and looking for sand dollars. The boys knew that there presents to be opened back at the hotel so the focus turned to getting back to our room for gifts. Owen watched me wrap Graham’s gifts and I explained to him that it was a secret until Graham opened them. To his credit, Owen didn’t tell Graham anything, but since he knew what was inside of them, I think he was just as anxious as Graham for the presents to be opened. We let the kids play with the presents in the hotel room and then we hit to the Seaside carousal. That completed phase one of our birthday adventures.

From Seaside we took off for Tillamook. The creamery there holds a special place in our hearts. We’ve wanted to go back to have a meal there and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. We enjoyed lunch and ice cream – and cheese samples and the gift shop. And that was the end of phase two. Phase three was the Oregon Zoo for the last few hours it was open. We went on a train ride (a must for the birthday boy) and we looked at a handful of top priority animals. At this point in the day, you can imagine the boys were tired and ready for the marathon birthday to wrap up. We certainly know how to pack a day full of fun and celebration. Graham had a blast doing so many of his favorite things and it was a lovely family day.

What to say about our little Graham… First off, he thinks his name is Grambo. He loves applesauce and we should buy it by the pallet at Costco. He loves to play on his own which makes him a pretty easy kid when he and I are home alone together. We often run errands together while Owen is at preschool. I’m also aware that this is his last year fully at home with me during the days, so I’m trying to be more intentional about getting him ready for preschool. We enjoy doing ABCmouse together. He has two pet bunnies he takes care and he loves the games, puzzles and songs. He is a huge fan of coloring – mostly with the colors black and yellow. He is obsessed with shapes thanks to YouTube. He also knows his ABCs and can count to 10. He remains my shy guy and often clings to me for comfort and safety. His attachment to me can be frustrating at times, but I know that someday I will miss him wanting and needing me. I try to appreciate the closeness we share even if does almost drive me batty sometimes. Graham is our family alarm clock and usually wakes up around 6:30am most days. He is a fun, silly, goofy, cuddly, sweet and lovable kiddo. I’m so grateful that God put him in our little family!


Playing with Fall Fest games 


Crashing brother’s pumpkin patch field trip. More on our other October happenings in my next post. 


Nothing can compare to a hotel swimming pool. 


The official 3 year old! 


Breakfast before the sun was fully up! 


Family Beach Walk 


Present time 


Carousal Ride 


Birthday ice cream


Birthday train ride 


It was a good day for Graham or should I say Grambo. 


Autumn Fun October 15, 2018

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This week was full of autumn family fun. The boys were anxious to open their new board games as well as to carve their pumpkins. We ended up doing both in one night! The kids love their new games. Graham especially loves Candyland. Since there is no reading required, he is fully able to understand the game. Owen decided to carve his pumpkin into a train this year. Graham picked Mickey Mouse. And no, the kids didn’t actually carve them. Jeremy did. He is the pumpkin artist in our family.

On Friday night, I left after the boys were asleep in bed to pick up my forever friend, Maggie, from the airport in Portland. I never leave the house after 8:30pm. It felt very odd. This was also my first airport pick up on my own. As much as I would have loved a buddy on the ride down, I really wanted that one-on-one time with Maggie on the car ride home. We haven’t seen each other in person since July 2017 and since she was only in Washington on a short trip for her grandma’s funeral, I was trying to catch whatever time I could with her!

Saturday morning, we met up with friends at the Lattin’s Cider Mill Apple Festival. We usually go to Lattin’s on weekdays throughout the year and that means we mostly have the place to ourselves. The Apple Festival was a bit of a zoo, but they offered extra activities so the kids really enjoyed it despite the crowd. We did the petting zoo, fed the animals and rode on the animal train. It was almost all smiles and sunshine, except Graham got his first yellow jacket sting. I didn’t even see the bee until it was flying off of Graham’s neck. Graham cried out and then was fine. I kept examining it trying to figure out what happen. In the end, we determined it was a sting, but he had no allergic reaction and seemed to not be bothered by it. Praise the Lord!!!

After Maggie’s family time on Saturday, the boys and I picked up from her hotel to get some dinner. We brought her back to our house so she could see it in person. Maggie and I have regular phone dates since she lives in California. She walked through the whole building process with me from a distance. It was really fun to show her the finished product in person. Right before she moved to California, I took her to the “property” to show her the spot where our house would be… so yeah… a lot has happened since she was last here! It was great to sit on the couch and just chat, in the same room, together in person!

We’ve been in a stretch of sunny October weather this last week. It’s perfect for outings in the autumn sunshine. After nap time yesterday, we loaded the boys up and took them to the corn maze. The place we go has two different mazes. We let each boy take turns leading us through. Amazingly, we made it out both times. Jeremy was proud of the boys’ innate sense of direction (just like their father – his words). Then we made a quick trip to Costco (which seems to be our second home lately) and then dinner out together at the beloved Chipotle. According to Owen, Chipotle has the best chips, cheese and chocolate milk ever – the perfect meal combination. To end the fantastic family outing, we got fro yo! Couldn’t ask for a better way to spend an autumn day!


Playing a new family game they got for their birthday


Pumpkin carving with our pumpkins from the patch. Owen decided to do a train and Graham picked Mickey Mouse. 


Loving Candyland since Graham can follow the rules and fully understands the game. 


That was a good cookie! 


Jeremy carved one of his giant pumpkins. Now it stares into the house from the driveway. Kinda creepy. 


Reunited with Maggie! 


Lattin’s Apple Festival


Lattin’s Apple Festival


Lattin’s Apple Festival


Lattin’s Apple Festival


Lattin’s Apple Festival


Since we haven’t hung out in person since July 2017, it was a true blessing to sit on the couch and just chat! 


Corn Maze 


Owen got to lead us through the first maze.


Graham got to lead us through the second time. 


Fro Yo after the Corn Maze 


And in a blink, he is 5… October 9, 2018

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Where has time gone? Yesterday was Owen’s 5th birthday! I remember when 5 seemed so old. I couldn’t imagine him as a preschooler. Time is a funny thing. It moves quickly and slowly all at once. Those small infant days seemed like an eternity. However, each stage seems to fly by a little faster… toddler, preschooler, soon to be in elementary school… It never ceases to amaze me that Owen is less than a year away from full-time school. The home all-day days have been over for a while, but they are going to a whole new level next year. Anyone else depressed yet? Just me? Actually, while these milestone do make me sad, they also bring me joy – isn’t that life? I am so proud of the kid Owen is growing up to be. I like him so much! His personality, his interests, all of him. He is awesome!

Owen at age 5… He goes to preschool four days a week which is an upgrade from last year where he went three days a week. Owen loves the color yellow. He loves cars, trucks, trains, anything with wheels. He collects rocks and enjoys being outside exploring. One of his preschool classmates (a sweet girl) told her mom that Owen enjoys digging for worms in the dirt by himself at recess. So he is that kid… Owen tells me he loves me all the time and still asks to snuggle on the couch.

This last weekend was a big one! We apparently don’t know how to do things slow and small in our household. Friday was a wet day, but we drove down to Vancouver to go to the pumpkin patch with family. It’s become an annual tradition and it’s a really nice pumpkin patch, so we always accept the offer to go. After the pumpkin patch, we did our party shopping at Costco & Safeway and made it home in time to have a small friends gathering for Owen & Graham. We enjoyed pizza & cupcakes. The boys got Hot Wheels tracks from their friends since the birthday theme this year was Hot Wheels. The track got set up right away and that was all the entertainment they needed for the rest of the evening.

Friday night into Saturday morning was rough for me. I didn’t sleep well and woke up with a fever on Saturday. We had a big party happening at our house with both our families coming over. It wasn’t like I could cancel my plans for the day… It was a rough couple hours, but thanks to lots of Advil and Diet Dr. Pepper, I was able to subdue my fever and consequent headache.  By party time I was good to go. I am claiming it as a miracle and a God thing! The boys had a blast at the party with their cousins and family. They got spoiled with gifts, ate lots of candy from the pinata and enjoyed their Hot Wheels themed party to the max. Another birthday in the record books.

Yesterday was the first time that Owen’s birthday fell on a “normal” day where life just had to happen. There was preschool, work, MOPS. It wasn’t a whole day dedicated to him. I struggled with that. Truthfully, he had a fantastic day. He took muffins to school, had dinner at Taco Bell and brought cookies to share with his MOPS class. He loved his birthday presents (which I bought on Amazon Saturday night after their birthday party, because that’s how I roll). It just wasn’t the way I would have chosen to celebrate his birthday, but I had MOPS & MOMSnext commitments and my co-coordinator is in Europe and we were kicking off a big fundraiser… so there were a million reasons why I couldn’t skip. However, despite being offered all kinds of other plans, Owen still wanted to go to MOPS with me no matter what. He really has built his own community at MOPS, just like me.

There you have the big update on my fabulous 5 year old! Below are some pictures to catch you up on life with the Scotts.



Pumpkin Patch 



Pizza with friends! 



Pinata at the family party



Safeway didn’t have the decoration pack I wanted, so we got creative with our own monster truck and Hot Wheels cars. 


These boys love costumes! They now have a whole closet to choose from! 


In the middle of all the birthday celebrations, we had our first Growth Group of the fall.  Making the total count for people at our house this weekend – 55! 


Our official 5 year old! 


A cupcake at lunch 


Present time! 


I was checking on classrooms and entered right as they were starting to sing Happy Birthday to Owen. He was beaming!