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Good-Bye September September 30, 2018

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I feel like September was just starting… last week. And now it’s done. That month seriously went in a blink.

A lot has happened since my last post. We spent a lovely day at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium. The was beautiful weather. We stopped by Owen Beach (an actual beach in Point Defiance Park) and threw rocks into the sound. The perfect family day… and then Owen came down with a terrible virus the next day that completely changed our week. Owen threw up 11 times in one day. And then stopped drinking… and eating. I felt so bad for him. I was also slightly worried because not only did I have to miss our annual staff retreat, but we had family pictures that weekend. Owen looked like he could be an extra in a horror movie with his pale skin and sunken eyes… Just add some red paint for dramatic effect. Luckily, I think the pictures turned out okay. We’ve seen a few sneak peeks, but we’ll know for sure when all the photos become available this week. I was literally praying in the shower before we left for pictures – “Please Jesus! I just one want Christmas card worthy photo! Just one!”

The next big adventure after the zoo, the virus and family pictures was the boys’ early birthday present from my parents. They got us a one night stay at The Great Wolf Lodge. It’s the perfect combination our boys since Graham loves hotels and Owen loves water. The overnight stay was so much fun and the boys didn’t want to leave. Owen got to do the big inter-tube rides while Graham mostly played on some jet skis in the shallow area. Let’s just say, you can only sit beside a jet ski in shallow water for so long before it gets old… real fast… Jeremy got to bop around with Owen to the wave pool, the rides and checking in on Graham… and I sat by the jet ski. Good times. For boys who really don’t need more toys, this was the perfect “experience” gift for them. Also, thanks to the blessing of a friend, we were able to stay in one of their kid suite rooms with bunk beds for the friends and family rate. Such a special treat. We felt very loved!

More milestones in the family, Graham has transitioned to a big boy bed! We’ve done two nights and a nap time in the bed so far and all is well. The first night he did ask for crib, but I think it was because it was familiar. Graham has slept on enough twin beds while we’ve traveled that I didn’t figure he would have an issue with it. He is doing awesome with new big boy set-up. Now if we can get him out of diapers, we’ll really truly be out of the baby stage here in the Scott household (so many feels about that). Yesterday, I bought carpet cleaner and starting tomorrow, if we are home Graham will be bare buns with potty training toilets set up. I didn’t really want to go about this method but I think it might be my last resort for this stubborn kid. Since we are never home all day, every day, I plan on using pull-ups for out and about time, nap time and bed time. Prayers are greatly appreciated!

This first week of October coming up is especially busy, but with all good things. Major highlights will be going to the pumpkin patch, the boys’ birthday party and our first growth group at our house! I can’t wait to fill you in after the big party and hopefully I’ll have some Christmas card worthy photos to share with you as well from our family pictures. October is my favorite month of the year and I am so excited to kick it off tomorrow! Woo hoo!


Visiting the zoo & aquarium 



Owen Beach 


Owen learned about rocky beaches at Owen Beach. 


Trying to talk my sick kid into drinking PediaSure milkshakes. It didn’t work… 


Getting family pictures at home before the real family pictures! Photo credit for this shot goes to Owen Scott. 



All my boys!



Enjoying our stay at The Great Wolf Lodge. I didn’t take my phone into the water park, so there aren’t a lot of pictures from our stay. 


Hotel life! 


Donuts and playground time for our MOPS & MOMSnext September outing. 


Graham loves his big boy bed! 


September in full swing! September 17, 2018

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Oh September! This month seems like no big deal, but then all the things just happen to fall in one month and in some cases the span of one week. I didn’t expect the start of preschool, MOPS & MOMSnext and hunting season to be so zany, but it turns out that is a lot of change to our family schedule. Kids can go bananas when the schedule changes. Our days have been a bit nutty, but we’re slowly adapting to our new routine and the commitments that come with the fall. Jeremy spent the weekend at church for Man Camp and then at the end of this week we have Staff Retreat. Our kids can’t keep track of all the comings and goings. I’m grateful for today where we have a quiet day around the house. Owen had preschool this morning, I cleaned the house, Graham played happily with no agenda – there was no rush to be off somewhere. The rest of the week won’t be like this, but today is quiet and that is just the calm we need before the pace picks up again.

Owen is back to school and adjusting fairly well to our new four day a week schedule. Today he asked me to pack him a lunch to take to school. The school offers lunch but he doesn’t eat it. Instead he has been coming home and eating with us before nap time. However, he informed me that I could pack him a lunch and then he would eat that with his friends. Truthfully, I’m hoping this packing a lunch thing doesn’t stick.  I figured next year I would be a slave to the lunch packing routine. I wasn’t ready for that to be a this year thing. Apart from school, Owen is still very much interested in all the things that Jeremy enjoys. Owen will ask Jeremy how hunting went and then look at all the pictures and videos that Jeremy took from the day. On the first day it started raining, Owen was so excited because it would be good for the grass. On Friday, Jeremy was covering some the “bare” spots in our yard with grass seed. Owen was helping cover these spots and explaining to Jeremy and I that these were “bear” spots where the bears took up the grass seed by stepping them. He wasn’t too concerned that these “bear” spots were so close to the house.

Graham is enjoying the time that Owen is away at school for one on one time with me. He also greatly enjoys getting to play with all the toys without sharing. It was amazing to me how well the boys played together all summer and then once Owen went back to school how the dynamic shifted. Owen is excited to come home and play with the toys that he has missed all morning and Graham is super upset because they had all been his that morning. I overheard Graham counting to 10 yesterday all on his own. I feel like with Graham I’ve been less focused on learning letters, numbers, colors. We talk about those things, but I think I was more disciplined with Owen. It was thrilling to hear Graham counting all on his own. Graham is also in for some major changes soon. We are close to making his crib into a toddler bed. He got out of his crib a week or so ago and it restarted our conversations. While I’m not a huge fan of mobility, he is almost three and this is the same time we made the change for Owen. Graham also is about to get put through potty training boot camp. I’m going to get some carpet/floor cleaner and we’ll make this happen in October. It is clear that Graham isn’t going to initiate potty training… Again, he is almost three. It’s about time. The personality differences are really starting to show between the two boys. I am at a loss because things that motivated Owen, don’t motivate Graham. This little boy remains a Mama’s boy and loves to spend his time with me. While I sometimes worry he is too attached, I am grateful for the snuggles and love and that I get to be his person.

The Jeremy update is that early hunt is winding down now. He only did elk season this year, so it made for a shorter season. I am grateful for that because the boys literally ask when is Daddy going to be home every half hour when Jeremy is out hunting. Owen especially wishes he could go out with Jeremy. His time will come, just not yet. When Jeremy isn’t out trying to fill the freezer with elk, he is working on our yard and garden. He harvested another around of pumpkins this last week. Like I mentioned before, he is also working to fill in the bare spots in the yard. Growing grass is a multi-phase project. It’s really coming along too! It’s such a joy to see green surrounding our house! I am so grateful that Jeremy loves the outside work and does such a great job making our yard a usable space for our family.

As for me, the biggest thing on my plate has been MOPS & MOMSnext kicking off last week. It was great to have 41 ladies in the room and that same amount of kiddos/volunteers in the childcare classrooms for a total of 82 people on site for the night. The evening went smoothly and it was wonderful to see a lot of new faces who haven’t been a part of our group before. I am so thankful for the fantastic team of ladies I get to serve alongside. The first night of MOPS & MOMSnext definitely left me looking forward to our next meeting with great anticipation!

That’s the Scott update for now! We’re looking forward to a fun day at a new zoo tomorrow and then a very special pre-birthday treat for the boys next week. While September has been busy and a bit crazy, we still have thrown a lot of fun into the mix as well!


Dressing up at church


Owen helped me make some flower deliveries for Grandparent’s Day. He picked out what flowers each set of grandparents got. 


Loving the Find Your Fire theme at MOPS & MOMSnext year!  


Lamby got a costume! We love all things fall in this household! Costumes are high on our list right now. 


MOPS & MOMSnext in action!


A milk & cake pops kind of day. I might spoil the boys while Jeremy is away… 


Graham “hole” heartedly agrees! 


Preschool drop off – Graham wasn’t going to school, but needed his backpack, just like brother. 


Winner, Winner! September 8, 2018

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All summer long we’ve been working hard at the Summer Family Challenge that our church sponsored. We had a booklet packed full of challenges to have fun together has a family. We made homemade pizza, lemonade, popsicles. We had picnics, went bowling, flew a kite, made a sand castle, visited parks and the zoo. We memorized passages of scripture, prayed together and helped out around our community. We had a blast doing it! Each challenge had points attached to it. We racked up the points and secretly won the challenge! However, there is the fine print of employees not being eligible for prizes. At the beginning of the summer, I told the boys even though we couldn’t officially win, if we placed in the top three then we would celebrate as family with something extra special. I’m happy to say we did come in first so the boys were given a few options for how we might mark the occasion. We offered the Giant Wheel in Seattle, a MAX train ride in Portland or a toy. The boys chose the MAX ride because it’s been a life long dream for them. Since they picked the cheapest option (the ride cost us $5), we offered to get them a toy as well.

We made it down to Portland yesterday and hopped on the MAX right off the bat. Owen enjoyed the speed of the train and looking out the window. We happily rode to our destination – the airport! We figured that riding the short ride from our shopping center to the airport would be the “safest” MAX experience we could give them. All the passengers were heading to the airport with a purpose. We arrived at the airport and went inside to have a cake pop from Starbucks. Then it was back on the MAX to go shopping. We had lunch at IKEA and after that the boys got to pick out a toy at Target. There was a bit of drama coming up with what toys to get. After the drama Owen ended up with a glow in the dark Thomas track set and Graham ended up with a garbage truck that was originally what Owen had picked.

We’re not really broadcasting with our church family that we won the Summer Family Challenge, but that doesn’t mean we weren’t rewarded well. It was great to spend the day together as a family – especially right before a busy season (hunting season, man camp, staff retreat – all coming in the next few weeks). The boys worked hard to succeed with the challenges. The Summer Family Challenge was the perfect way for us to stay busy, have fun and an invest in our family. We can’t wait to do it again next summer!


1st time on the MAX – a long time dream of Owen’s coming true!


Excited Kiddo!


Lap hopping


Getting a cake pop at the airport


Back on the MAX


Looking at the empty cab


There was no shortage of chocolate treats.


Graham’s garbage truck


Owen’s new Thomas track



After Two Years… September 6, 2018

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It’s a two blog post week! Yipee for you! And for me!

I wanted to share with you in a little more detail how much fun I’ve been having decorating my house for fall. Two years ago, we were boxing up our house in preparation to move in with my-laws. Even though we didn’t move until October, I didn’t pull out the fall decorations. Last year, we were living with my in-laws while we were building our home. So it’s been two years since I’ve been able to decorate a house for the seasons and let me tell you, I am overjoyed!!!

I have a thing for miniature pumpkins – especially Baby Boos and Jack Be Littles! They are one of my favorite things on the planet. If Jeremy would follow my instructions, we wouldn’t have a “garden”, we’d have a pumpkin patch. In fact, I keep telling him this would the perfect use for our extra acres. He hasn’t complied… Anyway, Jeremy did grow a small army of pumpkins this year. The Baby Boos especially took off with a flourish! I will admit that I started my fall decorating last Thursday even though it was still August (I even turned my calendars over). I couldn’t help myself. On Friday, Jeremy went to the garden and got me the first round of pumpkins. We have more coming in a few weeks!


Pumpkin Harvest – Round One

I was able to go to Hobby Lobby and get a few more fall items for the house. Also, the day I went shopping with my sister, I got a few more things. Our new additions this year are a door mat, some throw pillows, a new tablecloth (a vinyl forest animal one for the kids to destroy over the next few months), a new “thankful” sign and small hay bale. I pulled out our existing fall decor from the garage and added the mini pumpkins – and BAM! Autumn arrived!


Can’t wait to add more pumpkins soon!


Pumpkins everywhere and our new tablecloth!


Experimenting with new pillows

For me, September really is the start of the year. It’s back to school, back to MOPS & MOMSnext, new kids in church classes. So much begins in September. It’s a time full of anticipation as we get used to new routines, new classes, new kids, new friends. I feel a bit like a kid on the first day of school as I prepare for my MOPS & MOMSnext year to start and as we get ready to host a growth group in our home in October. I get nervous about meeting new people, but I am also excited to see familiar faces in those groups as well.

I’ve always love the fall season the most and that means the decorations go a long way when it comes to celebrating my favorite time of year. I didn’t realize how much I would miss decorating until I didn’t have a home of my own. I am not a pro at interior design. This isn’t a blog about the latest home trends. I honestly thought that since I’m so low-key about home decor, I wouldn’t miss it as much as I did. But then I realized how much of yourself goes into making a space your home and what it offers to your family. It’s a place of self expression and it provides a sense of security. At least, it does for me and I wouldn’t have known that without walking through the last few seasons of our journey.

In closing, here are few more thoughts from around the house. We are currently trying to grow grass. We have green starting to take over where there was once brown. Praise the Lord!!! It’s a multi-phase project, but just seeing the first bit of green in the yard is such a wonderful sight! Jeremy also planted some nice fall colored mums to make our front entry way even more inviting. We are slowly working on our landscaping and turning into a yard we can be proud of. And by “we”, I mean Jeremy. I give input. If he asks for it.


The beginnings of a yard! See the green?

I know I don’t mention it enough here, but I’ve been keeping up with my reading over the summer. It’s been nice to reconnect with my books. I’ve re-read quite a few of them since we unpacked. This August, I got three new books and I enjoyed each of them. Girl, Wash Your Face & Everybody, Always were very motivating, empowering and inspiring books.  The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society was a choice based off the new Netflix movie and one of my favorite bloggers. She mentioned it was one of the books she returns to often and even though the book isn’t like the movie, she still really enjoyed the movie. I chose the right order since I watched the movie and then read the book, so the movie wasn’t spoiled. The history in the story was so interesting, sad and also inspiring since it tells the story of the channel islands and the German occupation during WWII.


And that wraps up post number two for the week. I’m loving the fall vibes. From the new decor, to the new routine, to the cold mornings, sunny afternoons and chilly nights. We are settling into this season with much appreciation and anticipation.


Back to School 2018 September 4, 2018

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This is the first time we can actually say it’s “back” to school day! Owen went back for year two of preschool this morning. The great part of going to preschool at our church is that Owen is familiar with his classroom. It’s the same one he is in on Sundays, Mondays and Wednesdays for church. On an average week, Owen will visit the “orange room” Sunday through Thursday. Some days, twice a day! Here’s hoping he doesn’t get bored with it! The first day was a success and Jeremy treated Owen to fries and Hawaiian Punch at McDonald’s to celebrate!


Now let’s go backwards to the last few weeks of our summer. I had greater and grander plans for how summer was going to wrap up. But I’ve been batting a sinus infection for going on three weeks now. The smoke arrived and set in motion what felt like an endless illness. Jeremy kept telling me to go to the doctor and I kept saying that I’ve been sick for so long it must be over soon… but it never happened. I should have gone to the doctor. Lesson learned. Even now I don’t have my energy back, but I’m in less pain and I don’t sound as strange as I did before, so I do think I’m on my way to getting better.

Despite being under the weather, I tried to make the last few weeks of summer fun for the kids. Some of the days we were forced to be inside because of air quality. We worked on our letters, numbers, shapes, colors, memory verses. Owen got Clifford books and a DVD from the library. We don’t check out a lot of things from the library, so Owen is very upset that we eventually have to give them back. We enjoyed some play dates with friends and a birthday party for Cousin Colton! We had a young families BBQ at the church where Owen ran around with friends on the inflatables. We made one last trip down to the Oregon Zoo. Our zoo day turned into quite the adventure because they were filming a movie there that day. It was a wild day and not because of the animals.  We also explored a newly opened indoor play spot in Longview with friends. It was mostly inflatables and climbing toys and was a great place to run off some energy!

After a couple days of go, go, go, we spent most of Labor Day weekend resting. I had to stop and slow down in order to get better. Even though our Labor Day weekend was low key, we still managed to make it exciting for the kids. We decorated the house for fall. Jeremy harvested the first round of mini pumpkins from his garden. We set up our 6 person dome tent in the living for an indoor camp out! I spent part of the night in the tent with the boys and when I woke up in the morning, it felt like the full camping experience. Jeremy joked all we needed was the dewy feeling and it would be spot on. We also got to spend a little time with both sets on grandparents. Overall, a wonderful and quiet-ish long weekend.

And now we are learning our new routine. Summer vacation is over. I was so nervous about how this summer was going to go and it turned out to be way more awesome that I expected. We did so many fun things and had so many adventures! We also have so much good stuff coming up this fall. It makes saying good-bye to summer a bit easier. In each season, God is good. I feel so blessed and so thankful for where we are. I am looking forward to what this next season holds for us!


These boys love to match


Getting ready for back to school


Our giant pumpkin 


Owen’s current obsession 


Happy 2nd Birthday, Colton! 


That blue frosting… 


Playing at church 


Playing at the park 


End of summer trip to the zoo


Train ride at the zoo 


Burning off the energy at The Family Room


Burning off the energy at The Family Room


Cleaning up the pumpkin harvest – round one! We have more that will be ready in a few weeks. 


Tent camping in the living room


Tent camping in the living room


Tent camping in the living room


Tent camping in the living room


Owen went scouting with Jeremy in prep for elk season. 


Back to school questions 


The difference a year makes!  2017 & 2018 first day of school photos.