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We have a floor and walls!!! October 26, 2017

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This week has a been a wild one! We had the boys well checks on Monday and MOPS! We’ve had Cousin Colton staying at the house as a guest and we’ve seen some major progress on our house.

All three boys are sleeping right now so I’m going to make this quick. I don’t know how long the peace and quiet will last! Let’s start with well checks. Both boys are healthy and great. Graham was 12% for height now so let’s rejoice in that fact! However, he was 4% for weight so they want to address his eating habits. The odd thing is he eats all the time but he also moves all the time. He is a grazer and not really known for sitting down and eating huge meals in one sitting. Owen got his hearing tested and it’s fine. The doctor looked in his ear and said it looked like his left ear is healing from an ear infection and that is probably the source of his hearing issues. Owen also got shots for the first time since he was super little. He knows what they are and he wasn’t scared. He followed the directions given to him and didn’t even cry. Such a brave kid!

Colton has been our buddy this week. The boys have loved taking care of him. Colton has been adored by his cousins. I was a little concerned about watching another kiddo during the day since I sometimes feel like I barely keep mine alive, but Colton has done well and Aunt Amy has been able to keep up with everyone and everything fairly well. I’ve kept close to the house during the days just because I don’t want to do the loading and unloading of three kids in car seats. None of them are in booster seats and they can’t buckle themselves. So we saved my back and stayed home. It’s all good though because the boys have plenty of toys to share.

The most exciting part of the week is what’s been going on at our house. We got a floor and two walls on Tuesday and then yesterday we had all of our exterior walls up. I’m assuming today was the garage walls and then moving into the interior walls. Jeremy is hoping the interior walls will be done by tomorrow. Wouldn’t that be insane? When I pulled up to the house and saw my floors but also my bedroom wall, I was beside myself with joy! I got the kids  unload quickly so I could go hug my wall. I almost cried. The tears were there! So much joy!!! I am the happiest camper around! All I need is a couple of tarps to keep out the rain and I’m ready to move in! With each step closer, I can see the space better and judge room sizes. My mind is often pondering furniture placement. I’m so excited that things are finally taking shape and that it actually looks like a house. I might totally explode with joy once the roof is on. It will be a real house then!

One last fun factor of this week is that our MOPS group did a fundraiser called Cards for a Cause through my UBAM business. Our group sold 59 boxes of cards and made over $1000 for MOPS!!! I was so jazzed when I did the math on Monday night I could hardly sleep that night. It was way beyond my wildest expectations of the fundraiser!

Well, there you have it. Our week in a nutshell! Until next time!


New Train Boots


Property Life


Graham is jazzed that Colton is here! Colton seems unsure!


This is why Owen loves MOPS


Another special day with a MOPS friend


My buddies this week



Perks of being an auntie


Owen standing in his room by his window!

Hanging by my bedroom window

Owen is a super helper when it comes to taking care of Colton

Exterior Walls

Trying to judge the size of the space!


Family Pictures & A Two Year Old! October 20, 2017

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Yesterday was Graham’s birthday. Our baby is now two years old. Poor kid is called “Baby” by all of us still. That’s going to be a hard habit to break. I’m fairly confident that Owen calls Graham “Baby” like 90% of the time. It doesn’t help that Graham is so little, so it doesn’t seem odd to call him baby. We did measure the boys yesterday on our home growth chart. It seems that Owen has grown about 3 inches in the last year and Graham has grown about 5 inches with most of that growth actually being in the last 6 months. We have well check appointments on Monday, so I’ll be curious to see what the stats are for both boys.

Jeremy took Graham’s birthday off from work so we could spend it together as a family. I really appreciated that. Last year we were up north doing counseling on Graham’s birthday. It was hard for me to not be able to celebrate Graham’s 1st birthday in the way that I envisioned last year. It was also hard to be separated from Owen since he was staying with my parents for the week. This year we got to be all together and that made my heart happy. Graham was such a happy camper and loved the extra attention. Owen was super excited for Graham and kept giving him birthday hugs. It was a sweet and fun time together as a family.

We spent part of the day down in Portland. We went to the mall and got the boys’ some new jeans and their Christmas ornaments for the year. Owen & I discovered that there was going to be a Daniel Tiger ornament at Hallmark, so we had snag that and of course, we added another Thomas ornament to our collection as well. After a little shopping and playing at the mall, we went to PF Chang’s for lunch. We wanted to pick a place that was special and somewhere we don’t get to go very often. Graham loves Chinese food and Owen was super concerned about getting cake wherever we went. PF Chang’s has a dessert called the Great Wall of Chocolate and it definitely met the need of a chocolate cake birthday dessert. We didn’t make it a huge outing in the city. After lunch, we drove home and both boys took car naps. It was nice to do something out of the ordinary and something as a family.

The rest of Graham’s birthday was spent at home. He enjoyed his presents. He got two new books. One is a Busy Book like Owen got for his birthday. Graham is very happy to have his own busy book now. It’s a book with a pull back car that runs along the track on the pages. The kids love them and I love that I got them for free with my Usborne rewards. When it came time to sing Happy Birthday to Graham, he wasn’t quite sure what to do with the candle. Owen has been the candle blower outer in our family, so Graham has really never had a chance to practice. We told Owen he couldn’t blow out Graham’s candle, but when Graham clearly wasn’t going to blow out his candle, we let Owen help him out.

Graham continues to be a mama’s boy. He is difficult to get to stay in the nursery at church. He often wants to be carried by me. It helps that he is small, but he is now two. I’m kind of over lugging him around everywhere. Now that I get one-on-one time with Graham in the mornings while Owen is at preschool, I can see how easy Graham is on his own. He happily plays with toys. Without Owen to fight with our mornings are fairly calm and drama free. It’s really nice. This last week I had coffee with a friend and my mom watched Graham on his own. He wasn’t thrilled with me leaving, but he settled in and my mom commented on how quietly and happily he plays on his own. He is an easy kid in some ways. We haven’t started potty training yet. I want to wait until we move into our own home and have a little more space in the bathroom for a potty chair. Graham is also using more and more words and surprising us with that he knows on a regular basis. Even though he isn’t as verbal as Owen was at this age, Graham keeps making improvements. I’m not too concerned. I’ve heard that younger kiddos tend to be less verbal than their older siblings. Graham loves to be a helper. He helps me bake, he helps me do laundry, he helps me clean. He loves to do crafts and color with Owen. He keeps up with Owen – that seems to be his whole goal in life along with keeping tabs on Mom. And that’s the update on our two year old.

Last week we had family pictures. Graham wasn’t into it. Because he had to be held by me the whole time. He cried often if I tried to set him down. I really had wanted to get some pictures of just me and Jeremy and some of the boys together and separately, but that didn’t happen. Graham wouldn’t allow it. I’m grateful that we got the pictures we did given the circumstances. I’ve included a few of the pictures below for you to enjoy!


Starting the birthday adventures off by playing at the mall.


Lunch with the birthday boy at PF Chang’s China Bistro


The Great Wall of Chocolate


Present time!


A busy book for a busy boy


Unsure what to do about the flame


Happy 2nd Birthday, Graham!




I think he wants me to share!


Daddy & Graham


Owen & Mommy


All the drama for this one picture!


I will go anywhere with these guys!


The beginnings of a floor


Doing the corn maze while the guys work at the property. Auntie and Grandma joined us. Good thing April can read a map! She got us in and out quickly & safely!


A spur of the moment trip to the zoo to enjoy the sunny weather!


Celebrating Papa’s birthday on Monday. We are blessed with so many October birthdays!


Just a Few More Pictures! October 12, 2017

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I didn’t have all the pictures loaded off my phone yesterday, so I skipped some in hopes of getting my blog done before nap time (which didn’t happen). I figured I would share a few more pictures today. Enjoy!


When I tell them to sit down to put on their shoes, they instead start hugging and saying “cheese”



Craft Day at MOPS


Owen’s preschool was closed on Tuesday, so Grandma came over to do crafts with us.



I think a semi-truck full of lumber might be the most beautiful sight I’ve ever seen!


Candy corn blondies for my Wednesday night class


Fall Food! Chili & Cornbread!

IMG_7891 - Copy

Taking Graham through Starbucks in his jammies this morning! I put jeans on for this outing, but that is all the effort I plan to put into today.

IMG_7899 - Copy

After seeing how awesome everyone did with the book wreathes, I decided to make one too. My outer ring and inner ring are two different books, so it’s two toned. I like that. And both books were published by MOPS, so this a book wreath of mothering encouragement!

IMG_7900 - Copy

I’m thinking this wreath will go near my future desk… or maybe my bookshelf & reading chair… I love decorating my future house in my head. Can’t wait for daydreams to turn to reality!

IMG_7902 - Copy

We took the wooden track down to make room for new toys. Everyday we have made a mega track on the floor. A different track is created each day.


Pumpkins, a Party, and a Birthday Boy October 11, 2017

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We’ve settled into fall here. The boys and I have been cycling the germs… seems like we’ve all taken turns getting a cold. Graham decided to turn his into croup. Poor kid. We made it to Lattin’s Cider Mill for the apple festival with our MOPS group at the end of September. Graham wasn’t too into it (because of the developing croup), but Owen had a great time and we picked up some of Lattin’s well known apple fritters as a snack. Yum. After the trip to Lattin’s, I got the chance to speak for 10 minutes about MOPS at a local Christian women’s conference. It was a great opportunity to share with ladies why MOPS matters and how they can be a part of a MOPS group. The conference also featured worship and a guest speaker. I got to enjoy the second half of the conference and it was was a blessing.

We made our first visit to the pumpkin patch last Thursday. My sister-in-law lets us tag-along with her friends to the best pumpkin patch ever. This was our third time visiting Bi-Zi Farms in Vancouver and we love it every year. It’s more than a pumpkin patch. We get to a hay bale maze, an animal farm and climb all over a straw pyramid before taking a tractor ride out to the field to pick our pumpkins. My mom joined us because she loves pumpkins as well. It was nice to have a second set of hands, especially once we decided to tackle Costco afterwards and pick up supplies for the big birthday party on Saturday. It was a good thing we went to Costco when we did because Owen wasn’t feeling good the next day, so a day around the house worked out better for us so the birthday boy could rest up for the big party weekend.

Saturday was the boys’ big birthday party. I’ve done two parties in the past, but this year I decided to combine the parties to save time and money. I wasn’t really sure who all was going to come, but it turned out to be a pretty good showing of family and friends. For a while, I was nervous that I had ordered too big of a birthday cake, but that was not the case. Not that leftover birthday cake is ever an issue, am I right? We reserved a covered area a local park. It’s located right next to train tracks and by a pedestrian bridge so you can walk over the tracks and stand over the trains as they go by. This is the biggest selling feature of the park. The boys had a lovely Paw Patrol themed party. I got them new Paw Patrol shirts to wear the day of the party. We had all the Paw Patrol decorations out with party blowers and tattoos. Of course, there was a Paw Patrol cake. For the first time ever, we did a pinata. I picked one where you pulled a string and if you picked the right string it would open the pinata and spill out all the goodies. I got made fun of because this was the “non-violent” way of doing a pinata. No bashing it until it breaks. I enjoyed it and the kids didn’t complain about the missing bat. Overall, it was an awesome party and the boys had a blast. They are super blessed and spoiled. When celebrating two kids at the same time, you end up with double the stuff. Our mini van was full to the brim as we traveled home and the kiddos spent a happy afternoon/evening getting to know their new toys. I spent the afternoon trying to find homes for the items and sorting through older toys to take to our storage unit. Let me tell you, I am super excited for our future playroom. Toys need space.

Sunday was Owen’s 4th birthday. The days started out rough. Owen just wanted to lay on the couch with his blanket. Graham didn’t want to get ready for church because he wanted to play with all the new toys. Getting them out the door for church was challenging. Once I got there, Owen just wanted to curl up on my lap and Graham wouldn’t stay in class. Owen didn’t want to go to his class either. At 9:40am, I called it. I tried. Church just wasn’t happening… I had promised Owen a birthday meal of fries and chocolate milk so my mom helped me take the kids over to BK so we could make good on that promise before heading home. Of course, Owen perked up and played happily with Graham on the BK play toy… I looked across the street at the church and felt like an awesome pastor’s wife because here we were in the middle of church playing on the BK play toy. Oh well. It was a special treat for the birthday boy. This is not normal. After nap time, we went to the park and played as a family and then went to dinner with my parents. Owen had requested Chinese food so he had a yummy meal of fried rice. Then it was home for presents and brownie cake. While Owen wasn’t 100% on his birthday, we sure did try to make it the best day possible for him. He is one loved kiddo.

After a big weekend of birthday celebrating, I had MOPS on Monday night. It was our most well attended meeting yet. Our room was full to the brim with moms crafting together. This was our first craft meeting and we made book wreathes made out of paper pages.  I was super nervous that the foam wreathes I order wouldn’t arrive on time, but I got the notification that they were available on Sunday. So grateful! It seemed like the room was a buzz with happy crafters and the wreathes turned out awesome. It’s seriously one of the best crafts we’ve ever done. I didn’t make on because I wasn’t sure about supplies, but I know now that we had some leftover supplies, so I might make one at home this week. We’ll see. Crafting and I have an iffy relationship. We don’t always get along. I’m so grateful that MOPS is flourishing and that ladies are connecting and investing in themselves and others. I think I’m finding my flow as the coordinator. It’s getting a bit easier, but this last meeting had me nervous wondering if we had enough supplies for the craft. Now that our first craft meeting is out the way, I’m sure it will get easier the next time around.

OH and the house! We have lumber! It was delivered yesterday! I have no clue when we will have people come and assemble the lumber, but having wood on site is a huge, big deal. This is what I’ve been waiting for. Let’s make a structure! Let’s make something look like a house and not just a piece of land! I’ll keep you posted as things move forward!


Running errands with Owen


Watching the tree crew take care of a few trees at Nana & Papa’s house.


Lattin’s Cider Mill


Lattin’s Cider Mill


At the doctor’s office to take care of Graham’s croup.




Tractor Ride


Exploring the straw pyramid!


Paw Patrol party for our two October birthday boys.


Pinata time


Present time


Proof we made it to church… for a little while.


A birthday visit to the train park for Owen.


Make a wish!