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We have a foundation & a septic system! September 27, 2017

I figured I would start off with my building update. Our foundation is fully finished. Our septic system was put in this week. The back fill should be pushed in around the foundation this week. I’m under the impression that once the back fill is in, Adair will take things over again and move forward with actually building something on the foundation. I long for sub floors and then walls and then a roof. I want our property to go from being “the property” which would imply a piece of land to “the house” – a standing structure that resembles and promises to be a home. Each week we take baby steps forward. Rome and houses aren’t built in a day. Oh, how Jesus has taught me patience.

Life is always full and in a way, I’m grateful for that pace. I’m glad that I started to sell books because it’s given me a good distraction and something to work on while I wait for our home. The book business has been great in September. I think I’ve found my balance with about 6 parties a month. With all of my church and home commitments, I’ve accepted that I won’t be the busiest book lady on the planet, but I enjoy being consistent. I’ve even gotten to a place where if the business fizzled, I would be fine with that. My October and November are full so I don’t anticipate that it will fizzle, but if it did, no worries on my part. I made some money, I grew our home library and I was able to keep busy in a season of waiting.

MOPS is going super well. We had our second meeting on Monday and it was just as splendid as the first! Moms are enjoying themselves and our numbers are fantastic! The childcare situation has started off strong and I’m hoping it will only improve once the learning center is fully up and running. I am grateful and beyond blessed. This last meeting didn’t drain me as much as the first which I am relieved by. After the first meeting and going 150% all in to make MOPS amazing, I was scared that I wouldn’t enjoy attending anymore if it meant I came home dead each time and feeling like I had a hang over the next day. I think it will only get better from here as we settle into our tables and grow that sense of community. Things will become routine. This will all feel normal eventually. God is good and we are seeing the fruits of our labor.

The boys! It’s almost birthday month! Woo hoo! We are less than 2 weeks away from Owen turning 4 and less than a month away from Graham turning 2. Oh my! We are gearing up for a Paw Patrol themed party at the beginning of October. We are adapting to the new schedule of Owen being at preschool three mornings a week and Graham being home with me. Graham is great on his own and plays so nicely. If he isn’t feeling good, he can get a bit clingy, but for the most part, Graham is an easy kiddo on his own. Graham is using all kinds of words now. I was concerned a few months back about his verbal skills, but I’m not anymore. He is getting to be such a “big” boy in what he can say and do. Even though you can tell he is growing, I still expect him to be low on the charts for height and weight. Owen is loving preschool and loving life. It’s one great big adventure for that boy. He sings often and remains very loud in all he does. Owen is constant talker and is full of questions. The last month has held many firsts for him with the big boy bed and starting school. He will move up to a new classroom at church soon and be reunited with one of his best buds, Maci. He can’t wait.

Jeremy has had a full month as well. September is hunting season, so he had a couple of adventures out in the woods. He also had Man Camp at church two weeks ago. He often spends his free time checking on things at the property and doing projects up there. He has assembled his new greenhouse and added gutters to the well house. His next big project is to insulate the well house.

And you’ve already heard about me… boys, MOPS, books. Keeping busy. I chopped off my hair yesterday. It’s the shortest I’ve ever cut it. I’m in a less is more phase and I wanted to spend less time doing my hair during this busy season. My hair stylist was so proud of me for bringing in a picture example (I’ve never done that before) and getting a big girl hair cut. I guess I’ve graduated into adulthood, finally. I’m not usually super brave with my hair, but I decided to try something new. I gave myself the it’s only hair and it will grow back if I don’t like it pep talk. I do like it and I’m glad I forced myself out of my comfort zone.

And there you have it! Life with Scott at the close of September! See you in October!


Visits to the property usually require baths right after them.


Park play date


Park play date


Movie night in Mama’s bed while Daddy was at Man Camp


Movie night in Mama’s bed while Daddy was at Man Camp


Bounce house fun at a family birthday party




Snuggling with Papa and hanging with Keegan (cousin)


Hands On Children’s Museum on the first rainy day of September


Hands On Children’s Museum on the first rainy day of September


Auntie’s first time at the HOCM


While Daddy is out hunting, we make mega-track.


The perk of visiting Daddy at work while Mommy has a meeting.


First official day of fall, collecting leaves!


Bed time snack?


Visit to the zoo with my boys!


Target shenanigans


Exploring the new Taco Bell by the church with friends!


The boys were ready for a very important meeting.


Septic installation! THRILLING!


Another Monday of full tables and wonderful conversation at MOPS! This week we talked about de-cluttering our lives and the peace that brings.


New hair


Pledge leader!


Feels like everything all in one week… September 14, 2017

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Okay, I’m having one of those weeks where everything happens. Each day is full on it own and then added “surprises”… It’s been a week. A crazy week. Let’s start with Monday.

Monday was the “BIG” day. The kick off of MOPS, but that wasn’t until the evening, so of course, I treated Monday like a normal day. Monday will be the only day that I’m home with both boys, so I made hair cut appointments. My mom came along because hair cuts for Graham mean that I have to bear hug him and that doesn’t allow me to watch Owen while I’m taking care of Graham. As I was leaving on Monday morning, my tire light came on. I had to turn around and have Jeremy look at the tires which look fine to both Jeremy and I (it’s still on, along with the change oil light – should probably take it in – gotta love car maintenance). That small delay made me feel like I was late and already behind my schedule. My Monday morning ended up being super productive. I took care of some errands, got the boys’ hair cuts, had an early lunch at Panda Express and was able to keep Graham awake on the ride home from Olympia so he would still take his afternoon nap. Kids take strategy and Graham is prone to falling asleep in the car if it’s after 11am and even if it’s 10 minutes of sleep that seems to derail nap time. I was rocking Monday. Jeremy got home from work and I took off for church to get ready for MOPS. The whole night went so well. I am grateful and blessed by the awesome start we had. However, everything was the “first” time so it took a lot of mental energy to make sure everything was set up right, the classrooms were ready for kids, the ladies were greeted and connecting at tables. Then the speaking in front of people and just being “on” – the weight of this thing resting on my shoulders… Oh my. It almost took me out. I gave 150% of my heart and soul and strength to MOPS that night and it left me totally spent! I came home feeling happy, tired and on the verge of being sick. At the beginning of the year there is a lot of paperwork and money being collected and explaining and answering questions. MOPS will find it’s flow and I’m sure it will be less taxing in the future, but this first meeting got of all me and it was crazy how exhausted I was at the end of it all. But it was an AWESOME meeting. I couldn’t be happier with how the night went.

On to Tuesday… the MOPS hangover day. Jeremy left early to go hunting. I felt awful. I was on preschool drop off since Jeremy was in the woods. Luckily for me, my mother-in-law met me at the front door and took Owen in for me so I didn’t have unload and reload Graham. I worked hard and fast all morning on MOPS paperwork and then took off to pick up Owen. I was in my Tillamook cow sweatshirt and oldest (most comfy pair) of jeggings. I didn’t look glamorous at all. And then I got to stand in a hallway for 10 minutes with a bunch of cute, blonde moms who all got dressed in proper outfits that day. I just looked at the floor and hoped no one noticed that I was a Mombie in the corner (mom + zombie = mombie). With my self-esteem considerable lower, I picked up Owen and took off for home. I had a book party on Tuesday night and instead of it being an online party, it was a home party where I had to be presentable, social and not able to hide behind a screen. The party went well and was fun, but man, I was tired when I got home…

Now on to Wednesday… I got myself all ready and cute for preschool drop off because Jeremy was again out hunting. I fed Graham an oatmeal, raisin, walnut Cliff Bar and went to get Owen ready. Then Graham proceed to break out in hives all over. By the time we got Owen to school, Graham was covered all over in red spots. My mom met me at the church with Benedryl and we called the doctor to get the correct dose.  My mom followed me home and we kept a close eye on Graham. Even though he is super spotted, he doesn’t have any swelling and no breathing issues. I called the doctor again today to make sure he didn’t need to come in, because he is still spotted and apparently this reaction can last up to a week. If the spots don’t go away in 7 days, we need to come in. We are also now getting a referral for an allergist. Oh goodie. I’m fairly confident the walnuts are what caused the reaction. It was the only out of the normal thing he ate. I guess we’ll know 100% after we do allergy testing.

Today. Today I am thankful I don’t have to add a doctor appointment to my to-do list. I’ve been able to work on cleaning the house and having a quieter morning. I have a book party tonight, but it’s online, so it’s simple. I’ll finalize all the details for that during nap time.  This week has exhausted me. Too much going on. Surprises that threw me for a loop. But we’re all making it. It’s busy with preschool and MOPS and book parties and Jeremy out hunting and then regular church commitments with a few family events coming up too. It’s amazing how much we pack into the days. However, after this week,  I’m learning my lesson about how much I can handle with our new school schedule. I’ll do a better job of pairing things down in October. Or so I hope. I am constantly reminded that I can’t do it all and that I’m not super human. I run out of energy. I’m grateful for all the blessings of this week and I’ve learned a few lessons the hard way – like to look cute for preschool pick up and drop off and not to feed my kid walnuts!


Hanging with my youngest while older brother is at school.


Baking with the bros


Waiting for a cake to bake is hard work!


Jeremy led a work party on Friday morning and they built this lovely new play toy for the learning center.


Little swing lover!


Loving the new play toy.


The finishing touches on the baking project.


Hair cut day!


Hair cut day!


Loving the connections being made at MOPS!


What a beautiful sight! A room full of ladies ready to invest in themselves and their mothering!


Hard to see – but can you say spots? They are even more red now… Apparently they can fade and reappear for 7-14 days.


I love getting to see little snap shots of Owen’s preschool life. I miss him while he is at school, but I love that he is getting this opportunity!


Owen’s First Day of Preschool September 7, 2017

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The first day of preschool has come and gone. Milestone achieved. Owen and Graham enjoyed the preschool orientation on Tuesday. Our classrooms have been updated and transformed. They are full of all sorts of awesome toys, books and activity centers.  Both kiddos were sad to leave. We took off to get Jeremy his first pumpkin spice latte of the season and then off to Staples for MOPS supplies. I was holding on to summer until the last moment but it seems Fall moved in on Tuesday. MOPS, pumpkin spice lattes and preschool orientation all point to a new season. 

I was nervous about Wednesday morning. I didn’t know what Owen’s mood would be. Would he be excited to go? Would he fight the first day of preschool photo? Well, let me tell you, it was the perfect first day of school get ready morning. We might never be able to achieve such perfection again. Owen willingly got dressed, let me fix his hair and eagerly went out to take his picture by the front door with his backpack. The get ready process and picture took max 20 minutes. Maybe 15. He was good to go. He spent a good portion of the morning skipping around the living room as he waited to leave.  Owen waved good-bye to Graham and I from the van and he was off.

The first day of school went well. Jeremy texted me that he went into the classroom no problem. When they got home, I got the full update about cubbies, snacks, activities, toys. No names of kids in the class though. So who knows if he made friends – he loved the school bus toy.  Jeremy told me that Owen’s class did a tour of the church. My father-in-law mentioned that Owen was at the front of the line for the tour. Since Owen has been attending Bethel longer than his preschool teacher, it seems fitting he should be leading the tour. I’m grateful that Owen’s church classroom and preschool classroom are different rooms. He spends a lot of time at Bethel and I don’t want him to get bored being in the same space all the time. It’s a blessing because he loves going to Bethel and adding preschool just seems to intensify that love. 

This morning he did mention he was too tired to go to school today and he didn’t want to get ready. He is often “too tired” to do something these days. It’s his go-to excuse. I think with Wednesday nights being such a late night at church, we will find Thursday mornings to be a bit slower for him. He wasn’t asleep until close to 10pm last so it’s understandable that he is tired this morning. I am too, kid. 

Graham took the transition probably the hardest. He has been getting over a tummy bug, so he was clingy yesterday. He didn’t want to play by himself. Today he is doing better at entertaining himself. When Owen came home yesterday, Graham ran for him and gave him a HUGE hug. Owen kind of pushed him away like any big brother would do to an annoying younger brother. Graham was so happy to see him! Then in about 15 minutes of time, the boys proceeded to collide and fight and battle over toys. It seems like in 15 minutes they made up for the 4 hours they were apart. It was crazy! Lunch and nap time followed quickly after that. And then we had church last night so Wednesday will be a day I now see Owen considerably less. It’s not bad, but it does feel weird. 

I’m just waiting for things to feel normal. Right now I’m full of jittery energy with MOPS starting next week and Owen starting preschool this week. I’m not used to these things yet even though I am prepared for them. It will take a while for me to develop a since of normal and familiarity with this schedule and my commitments. Until then, I just keep moving forward, planing, preparing, praying. I’m taking each season as it comes and doing my best to make the most of what’s been given to me. 

There you go! The official preschool update! 

Preschool Orientation

First PSL of the season

The official 1st Day of Preschool picture

Lamby went to preschool too. He stayed in Owen’s backpack.

Waving good-bye

Life according to Owen


Holding on to Summer September 4, 2017

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September 1st has always been my unofficial start to fall. The calendar would change over to September and I would be ready to embrace all things autumn. This year is different though. September is often warm, but right now we are in the middle of a heat wave. Things here are HOT. It’s hard to feel like summer is over when it’s 90+ outside for what seems like days on end. I haven’t wanted the summer vibes to end because it also meant embracing a new schedule for our family. A preschool schedule. I’ve never had kids in school before, so summer could end on August 31st and I could accept that. But now, summer officially ends tomorrow… Well, really Wednesday. Tomorrow Owen has his preschool orientation and then class starts on Wednesday. The orientation is a chance to meet the teacher and see the classroom. Both are things that Owen has already done, but we will go for the formality of. I heard his teacher will be taking his picture, so I made sure to give him a bath tonight and I will do my best to not have him dress like a shlub tomorrow.

In a lot of ways, I’m really looking forward to this preschool transition. Graham is really easy going on his own. He has no one to annoy him, hurt him, fight with. I might have a chance to productive in the mornings… or watch TV of my choosing. Graham doesn’t voice his opinion too much about TV shows, so if I want to watch HGTV all morning, he won’t put up a fuss. Just give Graham a train or a car and constant access to snacks and he is golden.

I am, however, a little sad tonight. I packed Owen’s backpack today. I put in some slightly bigger clothes since he has outgrown the others that have been in there for a year. I added some moist towelettes and there you go. What else does an almost 4 year old need for preschool? He is such a big boy and very ready for preschool. Just this week he learned how to spell his name out loud. He still can’t write his letters, but he is good at tracing them. Hopefully preschool will help with the writing skills. All of his art work is still very abstract. His days of scribbling aimlessly are numbered. From here on out there will be school and focused learning and eventually homework and tests that matter… The educational path starts this week.

I’m worried I’m going to miss him too much. Granted he will gone 7.5 hours a week (plus travel time since he will go with Jeremy to and from preschool most days). I never understood why parents freaked out about their kids starting school. What? You’ll miss them? Do a happy dance. But I get it now.  While I am not the type of mom who wants my kids with me 24/7, it will be a change to have him gone and in the care of someone else on a regular basis.

This is a new routine. This is change. I’m truly believing that this is going to be awesome. Owen loves to learn and play and make friends. He is mostly helpful and ready for anything. He is extremely goofy and LOUD. He sings “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad” at the top of his lungs and talks constantly.  I know that his presence will be missed during those mornings he is away. His absence will be undeniably. It will be felt. Mondays will my day at home with both boys. Fridays will still be our family day with Jeremy, but the middle of the week is about to change for us.

I’ll share and post later on this week with an update and hopefully some cute preschool pics. I’m a mixed feelings mess over preschool, I can’t even imagine kindergarten… At least I have two years until that big jump. I’m glad that preschool is a baby step for both Owen and I toward the goal of all day school. Say a little prayer for us as we transition to a new schedule and start a brand new adventure!

Here are some pictures from our last week of summer. We took off on Friday for a day at the beach with Jeremy and it was beautiful, fun, wonderful and all the things a family outing for a last hurrah of summer should be. We are blessed!


Just a little engineer hanging out in his future bedroom.


Checking out the sea lions in Astoria. This stop was a major hit. Like a free zoo.


My loves!


Cookie break


They could have stayed on the beach forever


Monthly Home Depot Craft


Fro Yo