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Welcome to Summertime! June 23, 2017

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Since my kids aren’t in school, the official transition to summertime doesn’t change our schedule. We just keep doing what we do. Day in and out! I’m very aware that our schedule will change this fall when Owen goes to preschool. I’m trying to make the most of these days with the three of us at home all day long. They can be tiring, but they are good. Yesterday morning was one of those mornings where I heard “Mom” about every 5 seconds –  “Mom, can I have that?” “Mom, can I do this?” “Mom, I have an owie” “Mom, I need a snack”… When Jeremy came home for lunch, I’m sure I had a bit of a wild and crazy look in my eyes. I love the small children, but I dream of the day where I can use the restroom and not hear “MOM” being yelled from the living room. Oh, real life with preschoolers and toddlers, it’s glamorous!

The weather has been nice lately so we’ve been spending time outside. Owen and Graham love Nana & Papa’s backyard. We have a kiddie pool set up, a water table, a sandbox, a trampoline, a swing set… There is no reason to ever come inside on a sunny day. The boys are sporting some awesome farmers tans. We are obviously, going through lots of sunscreen!

Sunday was Father’s Day! For Father’s Day weekend, we took Jeremy out to breakfast at one of our favorite local places. Then Jeremy and I took Owen to see his first movie! We saw Cars 3. Lucky for us the theater was pretty quiet. Owen did a fairly good job. He stood from time to time. Sat in my lap, Jeremy’s lap and his own chair. He really wanted to sit by lights on the steps. He had to go to the bathroom 5 times during the movie and then fell asleep for the final 15 minutes! It was fun to do something for the “first” time with him, but we probably won’t try another movie for a while. Owen loved the racing scenes, but the movie had too much talking overall to keep his attention.  Jeremy had to work on Saturday morning and then went up to the property for the afternoon to work on the well houses. Saturday night we had dinner with my dad to celebrate with him. Then Sunday was a big family BBQ with Jeremy’s family. We got to see the E-burg cousins which is always a special treat! It was a busy, fun weekend!

Wednesday, we got another special treat of going to the zoo with the whole Scott clan. I’m loving our zoo membership. I hope to be back there a few more times over the course the summer and get the most that I can out of our membership. It was sweet to see all the cousins keep up with each other. Here were lots of buddies holding hands and lots of adults counting kids. We are a clan of 16 now!

I don’t have too much new news to share today. We are still working on the well house situation. Getting concrete to pour the pads has turned into a drawn out endeavor that has yet to be completed. Jeremy has also been working hard to get our temporary power pole ready to go.

The world of books is going well. June has been busy, but I finally feel like I’m getting a flow. Things aren’t as intimating. I got my first recruit last Friday. I’m looking forward to my Success Kit #2 coming via UPS today (so it will arrive at like 7:00pm because I swear we are the last house they deliver to). I was a little concerned that my July wasn’t filling up but then just a few days ago I had a run of parties booked, so I’m feeling good about July now. Overall, selling books is good stuff. Of course, it’s a job, so it takes time and energy. I’m working my business the best that I can. I’m loving the rewards. I’m loving meeting new people. I love getting families books for free with our reward system.

Now that books are finding a good flow, I need to divert some of my attention to MOPS. I have most of the groundwork laid for our planning retreat in July. I’ve spent the last couple months updating paperwork and getting our publications ready to start strong. I have a few more meetings on the books to prepare our team before the big planning retreat. I am excited for how things are falling into place. My biggest hope and prayer is for our childcare situation. I ordered a really awesome curriculum for MOPS Kids and I’m looking for the right person to lead that lesson time each week. We still need people to step up and say they want to love on some kiddos so mamas can have a break. It’s early and I keep plugging away sending more asks and messages each week. I believe God is faithful and all the pieces will come together. I gotta have faith and a positive outlook!

That’s about it for now! We are running full steam ahead toward our dreams and goals and making things happen. Lots to process and lots to do, but it’s rewarding. I’m excited for the future we are building for our family. This season sure does take a lot energy, but I believe that we are going to see the fruits of labor soon and we’ll be glad we pushed through! God is good!


Set up again at the Barn on Jackson! I’ll be back again the 1st & 3rd Thursdays of July from 4-7pm.


Owen’s first movie!


Happy Father’s Day to the best dad ever! The boys and I are so blessed to have Jeremy in our lives!


When you don’t get an afternoon nap…


Trying out the big swing


My boys at the zoo!


Cute kids!


The whole Scott clan at the zoo!


Catching You Up! June 15, 2017

Hey all! I will admit that it’s harder to find time to blog these days. The boys are wild and running full steam ahead every waking second. I’m blessed with snuggles and sweet moments in the midst of the boyhood chaos surrounding me. Things are happening at the property. I am giving 150% to my new Usborne book business. And then I have MOPS and friendships and family relationships that I’m trying to keep up with as well. I don’t like being busy. I am very tired. I was thinking today about how there just isn’t enough of me to go around or the age old saying of “there aren’t enough hours in the day.” Today was a day where I tried to multi-task working while the boys were awake and it was insanity. Often, I’m working when the boys are napping or at bedtime. Anytime my kids are asleep, I’m trying to get something done. It’s rewarding. I love the things I’m doing and people that I am investing in, but man, I could use a nap. Instead I’m blogging… naps and blogging are both therapeutic for me, but sadly I can only do one at a time. Maybe I can clone myself…

Okay, so the house. I know that you want house updates. I feel bad because we’re into building season and I would love to chronicle that process in detail here… but that might not happen. Sorry. As you can see I’m loosing my marbles a bit and I have some screws loose and whatever other saying will imply I lack mental clarity. While I get the basic just of building a house, there are parts of the process that I get confused about or don’t know the correct terms. This is not my skill set. Please, keep that in mind as you read my updates. They might include words like “thingamajig” from time to time. Last week we had the home site excavated, our driveway put in and gravel spread over the excavated site. Jeremy, my dad and brother-in-law, spent the weekend assembling the walls of our well houses.  The concrete pads weren’t poured yet so the well houses couldn’t go up over the weekend, but they are now as assembled as possible. Once the pads are poured and set, the well houses will be officially assembled. Jeremy is also working on getting the temporary power set up. And our building permits have been submitted to the county. We are still in the site “prep” stage, but we are very close to being fully ready to build. We had a meeting with Adair last week and they were impressed with how far we were in the process and they seemed optimistic that things would move along quickly. I’ll keep you posted so I know more!

As I mentioned, our days have filled with Usborne, MOPS, play dates and zany kids. Things are going well with Usborne. I’m one recruit away from getting my Success Kit #2. I have a couple recruits possibly joining in June because Usborne is running a special where you can join for $50. It’s a fantastic deal and truly an awesome opportunity. MOPS wrapped up last week and I’m in the midst of meetings and reworking paperwork in preparation for the new year. It’s exciting to see it all come together and I am believing great things are in store for our group. This new role has stretched me and grown me. I seem to be in a season doing new things. It’s good, but again, tiring. I’m doing lots of learning and trying to keep up and on top of things.

I think back to the days when I was at home for maybe 2,3,4 days in a row. Maybe unshowered… just chilling with babies and wondering if I’m losing my mind. Now, I kind of miss that. I’ve been out of the house a lot more these days or I’m doing live videos for my business, so the endless days of no showering just aren’t an option… I’m sure it’s better for the world as a whole, but I miss the slower pace and the option of being presentable. Haha… it takes energy! As an introvert, these new roles have me connecting with people all day long and that is taking some getting used to. I’m very much drained by constant communication. This summer is probably going to be the hardest part (I hope). I’m learning new things, we’re building a house, I’m out of my comfort zone in a lot of areas. But new routines will form. I will adapt to the new schedules and new commitments. Everything won’t be “new” forever. I’m learning a new form of endurance. It’s good, but hard. It’s rewarding, but tiring. Doesn’t that sum up life in a nutshell?




Telling the time with his new Usborne book!


One cute kid!


Celebrating Cousin Bennett’s birthday at the park!


Home Depot runs with Dad


Last MOPS meeting of the year! So blessed by these ladies and excited to lead this group in the fall!


Cranky face


Home partying with my books!


We have a driveway!!!!!!!


Homestead Selfie


Happy snuggles after Sunday naps


Making Grandma a birthday card!


Happy Birthday, Grandma!


Graham fell asleep in his highchair after a super active play date!



The Promised Pictures June 2, 2017

Here is the photo update that I wasn’t able to include yesterday. Enjoy!


Working at the property


Sending a “Hello Dad” picture to Jeremy


Owen knows his stuff with tractors


Playing at the property


Graham worked up the courage for a ride


Ice cream treat on a hot day


Serious bedhead


Shopping with my boys


Checking out a new coffee shop and bookstore with friends. It’s an old bank and the vault was made into a playroom!


Exploring my first success kit from Usborne!


Water play time


Watering cans are endlessly fun


Hanging at a local multi-vendor sale


Green Light June 1, 2017

The boys are both napping. It’s been a productive morning of multi-tasking. I spent about two hours trying to “get things done” mixed with a lots of hugs, kisses and snuggles so my children won’t have childhood memories of a distant, working mother. This is the tension of working from home – in any capacity – whether its a work from home business or just keeping up with the household chores and duties. I don’t want to be too busy for my kids, but I also have to be an adult. I think it’s okay for my kids to see me working. I want them to know that things are getting taken care and that is a part of the tangible way that I love them and provide for them. Between my various commitments, I’m finding it’s hard to do things that fill me up. Things like reading a novel or journaling or blogging. Sometimes I just don’t have the time or the brain power to invest in myself.  So today, even though Graham was cranky, I kept him up so boys could go down for a nap at the same time. Once they were down, I ate a bowl of ice cream in silence and then moved to my room to read my devotional, write in my journal and now blog. This is a once in a blue moon kind of afternoon. The kids will wake up all too soon and then I will be off a vendor event this afternoon/evening. The stillness doesn’t last long.

The big news that I want to share with you all today is we officially signed our construction loan paper yesterday! We have the green light to move forward with building! The funds are available to us and green means go! (Get the pun, we have money to build, money is green, green means go). I am beyond thrilled to think that our building season will now begin in earnest now. Oh how I long for my house. My lovely new house. I can see it in my mind and I wish I could do an “I dream of Jeannie” nod and just make it appear. Jeremy spent Memorial day weekend up at the property digging a trench for power. We have plans to assemble a well house in a week and half. Jeremy has people primed and ready to come in and get the site prep going. Once the site is officially prepped, Adair will take over the process. I just can’t wait. The hope, the joy, the excitement is welling up within me. Let’s build a house!

Obviously, the other big area of my life right now is my new Usborne business. I’m still a newbie so I’m trying to not make any rash decisions on if I love or hate this business. In a lot of ways, it’s been a very positive experience and at this point, I’ve achieved about what I expected when I signed up. However, I’ve had some rocky moments. I’ve had three parties in a row postpone on me and that has gotten me down. I also have two parties coming up that don’t look like they are doing so good and might not pan out. I have a very full month of June booked, so these set backs aren’t the end all of my business, but they are hard. I find myself often disappointed. I knew that the direct sales business wasn’t going to be easy. I wasn’t ready for the emotional roller coaster though. I’m not making any decisions yet on if this for me – long term and what not. I think I would like to continue into the fall/winter. Hopefully by then I will be in my own home where I could set up a permanent office space away from the kids. I will have Owen in preschool three days a week so our family schedule will be different at that point. It might be easier then.

Now that June is here, I’m thinking about building, I’m thinking about books, I’m thinking about MOPS, but I’m also thinking about how these are the last few months without daily commitments outside of the house. Preschool is a going to be a game changer for our family dynamic. I’m excited for Owen. I know he will love it. I also know that I want to be present at home while he is here. It’s really hard to stay present with an at home business. There is always something to do, someone to contact, a message to respond to. My phone can help me be productive, but it can also be destructive. I am wrestling with all of this and trying to find healthy boundaries in my life. I’m believing good things for the month of June as we move forward with the many exciting adventures before us. Prayer appreciated!

Graham is now up, so I’ll post a picture only blog maybe tonight or tomorrow! Because, let’s be real. Most of you only read this for the pictures and updates on the kids.