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Life as a Book Lady May 25, 2017

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Okay, so my computer freaked out on me and lost the first couple paragraphs of this blog. That makes me sad. I can sum it up quickly by saying that my first 30 days with Usborne are almost up. I’ve done more than I’ve expected and it’s been a good experience so far. I’ve reached all the goals I set for myself. I’m bummed because I’m close to a goal I never thought I would reach and I’m $400 in sales short. I had two parties this week that had to postpone and if I would have had those parties, I would have reached the next reward level and gotten a full refund on my consultant kit. As it is, I will get half my kit refunded and that was my original goal. I’ve had 5 parties in May and I have 10 already booked for June! I’m giving it my all!

Usborne encourages you to go all in for the first 12 weeks. It’s the period of time where I can give out double host rewards. The rewards that my hosts are getting are amazing. I love being a part of such a generous company. Because I reached $1000 in sales, I will be getting a gift from the home office and a success kit with more books and office supplies. Those arrive on Tuesday and I am so jazzed.

My reward books from launch party arrived this last week and I am in love with them. I bought myself a book (because I’m a kid at heart). I got Peek Inside Cinderalla and the illustrations are beautiful. I love it and it will be a nice addition to my display table of a girl item! I’m so excited for all the free books our family will get with the awesome rewards that Usborne has to offer.

My schedule for June is going to hopping. I’m doing best to challenge myself and do all that I can. I have two vendor events that I will be a part of as well as home parties and Facebook parties. I’m managing my VIP group on Facebook and doing follow-up from parties. I send guests a message when their books ship and then I do a 2 week follow up after parties and a 2 month follow up as well.

Jeremy has been super supportive and celebrates each time I book a party. I will admit that my emotions have been on a roller coaster through this whole process. I get nervous before each party. The Facebook parties keep me on my toes because I have to keep up with all the comments. I’m love sharing these books with others. I just have to keep up and multi-task! It’s using a lot of brain space! After every party so far, I’ve felt disappointed. I’m learning that most parties take a few days to be successful. The results of a good party aren’t instant. Overall I’ve been very pleased with my parties, but I’m learning to manage my expectations.

My team leaders have been super encouraging and they give me ton of shout outs as I reach goals and get rewards. This process of becoming a book lady has been a growing one for me and I am grateful for the opportunity to try something new and learn. It truly has been a rewarding season for me in more than one way – even if a bunch of brain cells have died in the process!

My life hasn’t been totally swallowed up by book commitments! We had two play dates with MOPS friends this week and we went to the zoo today. The weather has been warm so we’ve had a lot of outside time. I think my whole summer will be spent pushing Graham in a baby swing while I coordinate my book business on my phone. I’m doing better at putting my phone away and saving work for nap time or bed time. It’s going to take effort and for the most part most things I respond to are quick replies that don’t take up too much time. It just always seems like there is something I could be doing.

Jeremy was gone over the weekend at a conference. The boys I spent Friday at a park play date with Auntie and Grandma and then on Saturday we went to a local home and garden show with Grandpa and Grandma. It was fun to see family and enjoy the nice weather.

In other news, I finished “Anne with an E” on Netflix. I’m not sure I liked it. I thought they did a great job casting Anne, but I didn’t like the additions they made to the plot. It was certainly had an edge to it that seemed less like a family show. One of my favorite shows growing up was “Road to Avonlea” and I love the 1980s Anne movies. This series had a totally different feel to it. As someone who has also read the books, I am a bit of an Anne snob. While I wouldn’t say that I loved “Anne with an E”, I would be willing to watch the second season if they make one. I guess I’ll take Anne almost anyway I can get her! After watching the show, I’m fairly convinced I will buy myself Usborne’s Anne of Green Gables picture book. What can I say? I’m an Anne fan.

Our construction loan is set to close next week and Jeremy starts work on prepping the property this weekend. We also have plans to build the well house in June. Hopefully lots will be going on up a the property soon and we’ll have exciting house updates to add to the crazy that is our lives! I CAN’T WAIT!!! EEEKKK!


Book Party & Play Date


Feels like summer!


Park Date with Auntie & Grandma


Giant Slide at the Home & Garden Show


Lunch at the grandparent’s house!


Impromptu play date on a sunny day


We went to the spray park, but Graham had no interest in the water!


32 books! Rewards from Usborne parties rock!


MOPS outing at the church


Helping Papa plant corn


I wonder what Graham wants for breakfast?


Putting our new fingerprint activity book to good use!


Zoo trip with Auntie & Grandma


Off to the Races May 17, 2017

I’ve been dying to post an update. I’m finding that now that I’m managing a business in my spare time, it might mean that blogging can’t be a top priority. This is hard because blogging is my therapy. I need to write things down. It helps me process life. Just like all things, balance is important. There will probably be days, even like today, where I could be doing stuff for my book business, but I will choose to blog. Because I need to blog. I just can’t stop.

As you can imagine, learning a new business is taking up some serious brain space. This month has gone better than I expected and my calendar has booked fairly solid. I have two openings left in May. Not too shabby. I think I can fill at least one of those openings at my next few parties. I’m already booking into June and July.

I am enjoying my experience so far as an Usborne book lady. I have a big box full of reward books and prize books coming on Monday and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. I’m super close to winning my first success kit (more free books) and getting my consultant kit partially refunded. Jeremy even encouraged me to have a display table at a big garage sale our church has last weekend. I sold a book, booked a party and gave out a ton of business cards. I was able to talk with a lot of people and share my passion for books and why I think Usborne books are great. It stretched me because I was running a table for MOPS at the garage sale as well, but overall, it was positive experience and I’m glad I did it.

The theme of my life right now is the tension between Usborne and MOPS. So far I’m surviving it and I don’t think one is suffering because of the other. I just always have something to do for both groups. Keeps my to-do list long and tension in my soul. And you know, I have kids, laundry, cleaning, friends, family, a husband who all deserve my time and attention. I’m learning a lot about being “present” in my life right now. When I’m working, I’m working. When I’m with my kids, I’m giving them my full attention. When I’m in a meeting, I’m not looking at my phone or going over my mental to-do lists. My relationships are important. My commitments are important. No one wants half of me or my scattered mind. I want to be all in where I am, in whatever I am doing. I don’t always succeed at this, but I am learning and growing. My prayer is that the Lord is building character in me through all these things.

The house is moving along slowly. Not a ton to report. We did hear back on the appraisal and the numbers were great. We are waiting to close on our construction loan. This will give us the funds to begin the great building season. It’s so close! Prayers for patience would be appreciated. One of the upsides to being out of my mind busy is that I have less brain space to be impatient with the house.

I’m sure there is plenty more I could mention, but we will leave it at that for now. My time allotted for blogging is now up! Thank you all for hanging on with me during this wild ride.


Trains don’t need to run on the track, right?


Graham could live all day in a swing…


Owen and his best friend, Maci, at a play date in the park. Here they are off to go look at trains!


Books on one side, MOPS on the other. Kids watching trains. Miss Elena cheering me!


Painted the night with my MOPS friends. This was so stressful for me, but I’m so glad I pushed myself to try something out of my comfort zone!


Owen was in a burrito, so Graham took the opportunity to attack Owen’s head.


Here We Go!  May 7, 2017

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Well, I’m officially official in the world of selling books. Almost. I had my launch party on Thursday and it went great. I am thankful for the positive experience. I am also thankful for all the help that my forever friend, Maggie, has offered me as I figure it out. I think I have things mostly figured out, but we’ll find out for sure on Thursday when I run my first party on my own. Eek!!! This is where it gets real! I’ve learned how to schedule my posts in the party. They are created in advance and then appear at a set time without me. All I have to do is keep up with the comments. My launch party had a lot of comments so this could prove to be a daunting task. I will do my best! I’m extremely surprised at the number of parties that I have booked and then hopefully I’ll get more parties from those parties. I could be very busy! I’m thinking it might slow down, but maybe not. Usborne has awesome incentives in the first 12 weeks so I’m trying hard to get all I can out of this period of time with extra rewards. We’ll see how the summer shakes out in the book biz. I’ll keep you posted as I work through my first parties! I’m learning so much and stretching myself. It’s been good. I’m thankful for what I have accomplished thus far. God is good!

Things with MOPS are improving! I’m only one team member away from my goal. I think ideally I could use three more ladies, but we will be good if we get one more. I’m excited to see the team come together and I am thrilled to start planning next year with them. I’m praying that as we close this chapter of MOPS, the last few meetings will be sweet and hope filled. I’m doing my best to connect and share with other moms so they keep the vision for MOPS alive and hope to join us in the fall. My coordinator kit came in the mail this week (the same day as my Usborne Consultant kit – talk about a conflict of interest). I had a chance to look the kit this weekend and my passion for next year continues to grow!

Let’s see… what else… I’m still “momming” as my main gig. We’ve spent lots of time outside thanks to the weather improving. The boys are loving that. We went to Home Depot on Saturday and did the kid craft for the first time. Owen really enjoyed it. Graham wasn’t quite old enough but he still had his time with the hammer to “create.” It was fun to do the craft as a family and then Jeremy wondered around the store doing research for building a well house later this month.

When it comes to house stuff, we are still waiting. Haha! Surprised? We haven’t heard back for the appraisal yet. That means we haven’t closed in the construction loan. So we can’t get started… Jeremy has plans for the well house and digging some trenches. He hopes to do this in the next month.

Something will happen, soonish.

I hope. With my new business and MOPS commitments, I’ve been slacking on my Pinterest day dreaming. It’s probably a good thing I’m distracted these days. Too much day dreaming isn’t good. You can only look at so many blue doors before it’s no longer productive.

And that’s the update for now! Can’t wait to share with you the steps in my grand adventure! This life is a rollercoaster!

Graham would swing all day long if you let him!

Graham’s creation

A little dude and a hammer!


He took his job seriously!

Reading “Nibbles” for the first time! The books in my consultant kit aren’t for my boys exactly, but I had to test out my new material and they loved it!

Meeting “Nibbles” for the first time!

The contents of my Usborne consultant kit! I’m in love!


Hello Sunshine!


Spinning Around May 1, 2017

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I might not be in the best place to be blogging at the moment. My mind is spinning. Totally swimming through a sea of 90 million thoughts and responsibilities. I feel a bit loopy and dizzy. But the kids are on a walk with Nana and Papa. Jeremy is running a quick errand. And I am sitting in silence, alone in the house (a truly rare experience). I process my world by writing things down. Welcome to my therapy session.

The last week has been spent out of town. I was at conference from Monday through Wednesday. I was home Thursday and Graham was a sick mess. I had planned to be very productive with my one at home in between trips, but Graham’s illness made that complicated. Friday through Sunday I was at our church ladies retreat.

This was the first trip for me to leave Graham at home and my first time being truly kid free in two years. I had a dumb grin on my face the whole time. During the first trip I got lots of good time with my hubby and it was a blessing. I am amazed how much easier traveling is when I’m not pregnant or taking care of a baby. It was bliss to feel good and be able to focus.

The only slight stress factor was being away for a week while trying to launch a new business. I worked on some Usborne stuff while I was away. I ordered my kit and went through as much of the official training information as I could on Thursday (but remember Graham was sick and this was difficult because I also needed to do laundry and repack for my next adventure). Things with Usborne are going well and I am excited for my launch this Thursday. It has taken some time to go through the welcome and training information. I’m learning a lot and processing a lot. I know things will get easier with time but right now it’s a whole new world I’m trying to master.

Part of my stress comes from MOPS, I’m still seeking team members for next year. I’m working on planning and preparing for next year. In a lot of ways even though I’m coordinating next year, I’ve taken on more leadership at the end of this year than I expected. Especially in the form of two fundraisers that surprisingly have landed on my shoulders. I’m discouraged by the lack of participation in the fundraisers, leaving me to carry the weight.

My hope is that by the time I’m actively leading MOPS over the summer, I will have enough Usborne experience to feel confident with these two big commitments. I am the type of person who believes in doing one thing well instead of multiple things only okay. For me this has looked like a scaled back schedule so I could make motherhood my top priority. I created a relatively simple life so I could give my best effort, energy and focus to mothering. Now I’m responding to texts, sending messages, learning new programs, recruiting leaders, asking questions, planning meetings… I would love to say this all happens when my kids are napping or sleeping at night, but it doesn’t. My focus is split. I am distracted. Even if I’m not actively working on Usborne or MOPS, I’m thinking about them.

I realize this is a season of growth for me. I am learning. Things are changing. But I also know that I will get into a routine and a flow with these new commitments. They won’t always be new. They won’t always take the same level of interest or intensity. At least, I hope not. I’m praying for firm footing and confidence as a I move forward. I definitely want to be present with my kids. Especially with Owen as we move toward summer. These next few months will be the last I have with him home all day, every day. I want to make those moments matter. Owen has appreciated that I am home from my many travels. When he got up from his nap today, he asked me for the all hugs and kisses I could give him. It was a super sweet moment as I showered him with goofy hugs and kisses. I listened those giggles and smelled his little boy smell and just loved on him. He was happy I was home and I was happy to be there with him too. Bliss!

Now Graham on the other hand has been super cranky lately. He is unhappy soul at the moment. I think the main issue is teething, but he is no fun to hang out with. I love him dearly, but he makes my days complicated. It’s hard to multi-task when he is crying at my feet. I often think I can accomplish a list of little things to do through out the day, but that list turns out to be way more challenging than I expect because Graham just isn’t happy. Poor kid. Poor me. Here’s hoping he grows out of this stage soon. He is the cutest thing and he loves his Mama, but he isn’t all that sweet at the moment. I’m a part of a moms’ group that calls kids like him “Sour Patch Kids”. I think that sums Graham up quite well.

Anyway, all that to say, I am spinning around in circles. Trying to keep it all straight. Trying to do the best that I can with what I’ve got. I’m really pushing myself to connect with others on a lot of different fronts. Conferences were about connecting with people, starting a business means I need people to get it off the ground, MOPS needs people to lead and attend. I have greatly valued pouring into my family and having my connection energy spent on a smaller circle. I am having some growing pains as my world expands. Life will just keep spinning. What overwhelms me today, hopefully won’t be as overwhelming tomorrow. Prayers appreciated!


Kid free time with my sweetheart!


Working while away


When we have free time, we look at appliances


Enjoying a movie


Look how happy I am without children!


Had a quick dinner on the ride home with the E-burg crew! Love them!


My book model! Helping Mommy get her business off the ground.


Retreat weekend!


The Three “A”-migas! Haha! Love my sis and mom!


Home with my cuddly, cranky pants.


Out for a one on one walk with Owen.