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Jumping into Usborne and Keeping Up with Life April 23, 2017

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I’ve semi-officially started my Usborne Books and More business. Because of how the rewards and incentives work, you don’t want to sign up too soon before your launch party because you lose time waiting for things to kick off. I will officially sign up and order my consultant kit this week. I can hardly wait! The beginning of your Usborne business starts with a launch party. I get to be the “host” for this party. I get the host rewards and the consultant sales. Then from there I am responsible for any parties that get booked from my party. My forever friend, Maggie, is my team leader and she will attend my first few parties to assist if I need her. It’s like starting with training wheels, once I’ve done it a few times, I will be off on my own. My two friends who sell Usborne books have gotten to the point where they have two parties a night usually about 2-3 nights a week, so about 4-6 parties a week. My starting goal is to have one party a week. Once I get more familiar with the process, I will try two parties a week. I’m not sure I’ll ever push for 4 parties a week, but I know that diligence leads to good money and more connections.

Because the beginning of Usborne starts with me hosting a party, it means that I was responsible for inviting as many people as I possibly could to my Facebook launch party. As an introvert, messaging 80 people and responding to about half of them in less than 12 hours was a bit draining. Luckily, in the future, I will be working one on one with the host and then interacting with the host’s friends at the party, I won’t have to message my Facebook friends continually asking them to come to my party. That is a relief. In a perfect world, I will book parties from parties. I’ve been told it takes about 3-4 parties to get out of your social circle. I think selling to strangers will be easier than selling to people I know. I’ll be less nervous about what people think of me.

I’m very excited about my launch party. If you would like an invite, just let me know! It’s going to be on Thursday, May 4th at 8:00pm. You watch short videos about what Usborne has to offer, I answer questions and make suggestions and then you shop! It’s easy, quick and addicting. I want ALL the books!

I’ve also been working diligently on MOPS. Getting the new team in place for next year remains my top priority. Just like Usborne, I’m making a lot of asks and connecting with people. It’s good, but stretching. My other top priority is getting information out to the community about the changes to our group. I was so blessed to find out that there is a local baby fair coming up this weekend and our handouts will be placed in each grab bag they give out. This means everyone who attends the fair will get our information! We also have local doctor’s offices that are letting us display handouts. It’s thrilling to see the word getting out beyond our current MOPS circle. I’m hoping this is the promise of good things in store for next year.

This next week I will be traveling quite a bit. I’m off to Network Conference with the Bethel staff and then off to Ladies Retreat with our Bethel ladies. I will admit that I super excited to have a few nights away from the kids. I love them dearly, but Mama needs some space! Truthfully, I just want to wake up because a) I slept long enough or b) I set my own alarm and choose to wake up when I did. The freedom of not sleeping with a monitor by my bed and being woken up by tiny human alarm clocks is exciting!!!

We had a fun time at the zoo on Friday. It was a sunny day and it seems like all of Portland decided to go to the zoo. When we arrived in the morning, the parking lot was full. We had this happen last month too, but we thought that was because of spring break. I have no idea why it was busy this week. We didn’t want to break Owen’s heart by not going as promised. We left for a few hours and came back in the afternoon. Luckily the zoo had cleared out a bit and we were able to park. We enjoyed our time. Owen got to do his first zoo train ride, so that was a highlight. We even stopped by a park on the way home from the zoo. A very good day, indeed. And then it rained all weekend… You have to take advantage of the sun while it shines!

That’s the update for now! I’ll have more to share about my travels and my Usborne journey after next week. I can see how God is stretching me and growing me through these new commitments with Usborne and MOPS. I’m pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I feel brave. This takes courage. I won’t lie, I am also super nervous. New adventures could lead to failure, but I am choosing to believe with hope that good things are in store. I am constantly reminded just how much I need God through this whole process. When things seem beyond me, I rely on my faith to pull through. I know that God is meeting me beyond my comfort zone. This is scary and good all at the same time!


Shoe shopping with Daddy. Life is better with popcorn.


Graham is trying to figure out the bubble gun. Can you tell he is having fun?


Nana & Papa took a trip to Alaska this last week. We pulled out our Usborne atlas and explored where Alaska was and how far away it is from Washington.


Owen went to the airport for the first time to pick up Nana & Papa. Jeremy kept sending me pictures of the fun!


Gotta love Target!


Train ride at the zoo


Inches away from the sleeping cougars


Park time


Park time


Getting ready to start my Usborne invites! I love my new journal and planner! Feeling on top of things for the moment!


New Adventures & Easter Weekend April 18, 2017

Keeping up with the Scott family is a wild ride these days. My brain is on serious overload right. All good things, but life feels likes it’s exploding. I’ve mentioned MOPS and I’ve talked about our preschool research. Both are taking up brain space. We took a tour of the local Christian school yesterday and it’s given us food for thought as we research where Owen will attend preschool. This is a totally new season of life for me. With that comes many questions as I try to wrap my mind around how our family schedule will change this fall.

Next week, I’ll be at a conference Monday through Wednesday and a retreat Friday through Sunday. These will be my first nights away from Graham because he is finally 100% weaned. It’s wonderful to have some freedom but I’m also a bit nervous leaving him for the first time. He can be a sensitive kid. I’m grateful that I’ll have a day at home in-between my travels to re-calibrate.

When I get back from my week of travels, I will be launching a new business venture. I’ve been pondering selling Usborne books for a while and I finally decided to go for it. I love these books and making money to supplement our income is an nice possibility. Even if the business totally fails, I will get 20 books out of the deal and who doesn’t love more books, right? I’m slightly concerned about joining the direct sales biz since I’m not a natural sales person. We’ll see how it goes. I’m jumping out in faith. Eek!!! My launch party is Thursday, May 4th at 8:30pm. Let me know if you want an invite! These books are so educational and an amazing quality. We have been very impressed with them and our kids love them. What I love about books is they make great presents for all the kiddos in my life. Books inspire creativity and reading grows with your child so families are always looking for new material. I think my dreams of having a home library might be starting to come true.

When you add MOPS, preschool research, upcoming travels, a new business and then daydreaming about building our new home, my brain is ping ponging all over the place. I love my quiet life and my intentionally slow pace. I know that things are changing and I have to assess how I plan to keep boundaries, order and balance. Life is always changing and I’m not the best at keeping up sometimes. This why I believe it’s important to give a good amount of thought and prayer before moving forward with new opportunities. So yes, lots to think and pray about these days.

Going backwards now, this last weekend was a fun one. Now that Easter Eggstravanganza is the week before Easter, I feel like I enjoy Easter weekend a lot more. It’s less stressful and more chill. On Saturday we did egg coloring and gave the boys their baskets. Our Easter Sunday is so full that we give them the baskets early so the kids actually have time to enjoy their new items. The baskets were smaller this year but the contents were very appreciated! The boys each got a small toy, a shirt, a book (from Usborne, of course) and a chocolate bunny. We went to lunch and then a local garden/nursery. After nap time, we did an egg hunt. Because the weather was so nice, we did our first BBQ of the year. It’s was a wonderful day. Sunday was our Easter celebration at church and off to spend the days with family. The whole weekend was full of family time and it made my heart happy. Easter is such a special time. I am thankful for the power of the cross in my life. Jesus is everything. I am thankful to share that love with my kids. I know they are young but I hope they catch the joy and celebration that comes with Easter Sunday (and truly everyday with Jesus).

As I look to the future, I am excited for the potential that I see before me. All these things line up with my goals and dreams. I am hopeful they will all be positive experiences for our family. And if things don’t work out or if things need to adjust, I’m okay with that. I am looking forward to the adventure. I’m definitely living outside of my comfort zone, but I know that God is good and he is in control. I am trusting him and leaning into him as I bravely walk into the unknown. Prayers appreciated!


On an adventure with my little man.


Graham woke up happy. Owen did not.


Owen finally got his hair cut at the salon again! Praise the Lord. Graham screamed the whole time and had to be bear hugged, so no pictures of him.


Watering their Easter apple trees from Grandpa & Grandma.


Egg coloring


Loving their new Usborne books!


Saturday’s egg hunt


How Graham hunts… then he started to collect gravel.


Enjoying a dry day!


My two little love bunnies!


Easter at GG’s house




Adding Peeps bunnies to the zoo that is Owen’s bed. Thanks, Grandma!


MOPS, Eggstravaganza and Half Birthdays April 12, 2017

I would love to figure out a way to start this blog by saying something other than “the last two weeks have been busy.” I hate starting things off by saying that we are busy. I’m not a fan of the word busy. I don’t wear it as a badge of honor to show you how awesome I am. We’ve had lots going on and busy just seems to be the only way I can explain it…

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been diving deeper into the world of MOPS leadership. We had a member of our group lose her brother tragically and I coordinator an effort to assemble and deliver a gift basket to her. It was great to be part of a group of ladies that came to together to love on someone in their time of need. Our MOPS group also participated in a bake sale this weekend at Easter Eggstravaganaza. I made, decorated and individually packaged 7 dozen cupcakes. The bake sale was a huge success. I helped them set up the table and then I worked the booth from noon to 4pm. It was nice to chat with ladies I worked with as well as connect with moms in the community and let them know about the changes we’re making to MOPS next year. I’ve been meeting with ladies to recruit our leadership team for next year. I’ve been learning all I can from our current coordinator and I’m trying to wrap my head around all the things that will land on my shoulders in June. I am excited. I have tons of ideas, hopes and dreams. I’m still searching for about 5 more ladies to join my team and then I’ll be super jazzed moving forward.

As I mentioned, this weekend was Easter Eggstravaganza. Anyone who knows our family, knows that this event is the biggest event of the year for Jeremy. It’s huge. And true to tradition, each year seems to get bigger and better. I am so proud of the energy and effort my husband and his team give to making this community event such a blessing to families. Our boys participated in the morning hunts. Graham wasn’t too into it, but Owen was a pro. I tried to give Graham a trial hunt on Friday night to prepare him, but he was more interested in the buckets than the eggs. Nothing wrong with that.  It’s nice that EE is now the weekend before Easter. It’s takes the level of busy down for Easter weekend and give us the chance to enjoy Easter on a smaller scale with our family. On Saturday the boys will get their baskets from Jeremy and I. We will do a small egg hunt with them and then dye eggs together. Sunday will be a celebration at church with our Bethel family and then off to spend the afternoon and evening with loved ones. I’ve been trying to share the true meaning of Easter with Owen this year. It’s challenging because I don’t think he fully grasps the concept of death (I’m okay with that). More than anything, I want Owen to know that we celebrate Jesus at Easter and his great love for us.

April is half birthday month for the boys. Owen was officially 3.5 on the 8th and Graham will be 18 months on the 19th, less than a week away. Because I’m a dork and didn’t call in time, Graham’s 18 month well check really be a 19 month well check in May. Oops. You’ll have to wait another month for Graham stats. Graham is a climber these days with no fear. I’m worried that he will need to start wearing a helmet 24/7 to protect his head from his daredevil ways. He can now climb the play structure in the backyard all on his own and that terrifies me. He needs to be watched like a hawk when he is outside. Nothing stops him. Graham loves to dance and listen to nursery rhyme songs. It’s what he is currently doing some I can blog. Graham just learned how to blow kisses this last week and it’s adorable. I feel guilty because I have more photos of Owen to share than of Graham. It’s not me playing favorites, trust me. If Graham knows you are taking his photo, he tries to grab the phone and turn it to selfie mode. Selfie mode equals pictures of the ceiling or Graham’s forehead. He is a tricky kid to get pictures of right now.

Owen continues to amaze me. He is such a smart kid. We just finished his alphabet sticker book today and continue to work on his tracing skills with his wipe clean books. We’ve been in massive preschool research mode. Owen will most likely attend the preschool that will be apart of the new learning center going in at Bethel this fall but we are looking into the local Christian school as well. We have a tour of the Christian school next week to check it out. Since Bethel Kids Learning Center is still in the development stages, I am anxiously waiting for more details so I can make a firm decision between the two preschools. It blows my mind that Owen will be gone a couple mornings a week next year. I realize for the first time now how quickly the years of just being us at home go by. I’m not used to having commitments multiple days of the week that need us to get out of the house by a certain time. I’m used to slow morning and days spent in our pajamas and sweats.  Owen is so friendly. He makes friends wherever he goes and I know that preschool will be a joy for him. I can see how he is learning and growing daily. He is ready for structure and to be challenged. Because of his birthday being at the beginning of the school calendar, Owen will have 2 years of preschool before kindergarten. I have time to adjust to a few days a week schedule before all day, every day school happens.

There isn’t too much new news to share about the house. The nice thing is we get emails every other day or so with updates on where things are at. Things are moving along even if we haven’t broken ground yet at the property. I am thankful for a process where I can mark progress and I know that things are moving forward daily. It gives me hope. I have spent way too much time on Pinterest looking at bedroom decor for the boys and paint colors. One of the big things I’m researching right now is exterior paint colors. I like the idea of having a painted door that is a pop of color. In Winlock we had a white door, but I’m thinking I would like to have a blue door in our next house. Daydreaming is so much fun and now that things are moving along, day dreaming doesn’t seem painful anymore. Patience is hard, but I am thankful for where we are at and I am excited for future!


Time at the park on a sunny day




Trying to get them to come inside after church. It wasn’t happening easily.


Spring time


Waving at a train in Napavine


Another day, another park


Helping do the dishes


Peeps cake for my Wednesday night class. Thank you, Pinterest!


So many cupcakes for the MOPS bake sale


Thanks to Friday’s windstorm, our trampoline was relocated.


Graham’s practice hunt


Owen got all the eggs in the practice hunt


Easter Eggstravaganza 2017


Learning about Palm Sunday


Ready to ride