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Steam Train Ride, Father’s Day, Moving Party June 26, 2016

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Here are some brief highlights from our last week or so. Last Saturday, we took a steam train ride to celebrate my mom’s birthday and father’s day. Our little train lover enjoyed the ride, but I think it might have been overwhelming to him at times. Lots of sights and sounds to take in. After the steam train ride, we enjoyed dinner at our local Chinese restaurant.  Owen plowed through a ton of fried rice. I’m not sure who enjoyed themselves more, Owen or my parents (who the day was celebrating).

For Father’s Day, we went over to Jeremy’s parent’s house and enjoyed some yummy BBQ steaks. It was a low key fun day. My gift to Jeremy this year was 18 holes of golf. I don’t love that golf is a 4 hour sporting event that leaves me home alone with the kids, so this gift seemed sacrificial and something I knew Jeremy would enjoy. He doesn’t get to golf nearly as much as he would like. Jeremy paid the gift forward and said he would take his dad out golfing for Father’s Day. My joke was Owen and Graham could join them and complete the foursome. That would be a win for all! Okay, the kiddos might detract from the golf game, but we can chalk it up to memory making, right?

Friday was a family day for us. We went down to the Portland area for yummy food and shopping. We started our day with breakfast at Chick-fil-A. YUM! We’ve been working on updating Owen’s wardrobe since he is growing and wearing things out. He got some new jammies and some new shoes. Lunch was at the Corner Bakery Cafe. When we visited Chicago, we ate there numerous times and it was a fun memory. The chain has made its way to the northwest now. The meal was tasty and we took home a bag of monster cookie bites to keep the yummy going!

This weekend has been a busy one as well. Yesterday, we moved my parent’s out of their home and into their new rental. I’ve nicknamed it the “storental” since it’s a combination of storage and a rental house. It was a full day of moving. I’d like to say that I was involved… Pretty much my job is hang out with Graham while Owen helps the menfolk load and unload. It’s been fun to spend time with my family and be supportive of my parents as they embark on a new adventure.

Today, Jeremy and his family went golfing. Nana was watching cousins Nolan and Bennett. After nap time, I took the boys over to hang out with the cousins. It was nice for Owen to play with a buddy his own age. It certainly kept him busy and active. I love it when he plays hard. He really enjoyed himself. Nolan is one of his BFFs. They have such a fun relationship.

And that about sums up life for the time being… I’ll keep you posted on our many adventures! I’m thinking it might be time to give a shout out blog to Owen and all his quirkiness these days. And maybe we’ll even have some house news to share in the near future. Time will tell!!!


Steam Train Ride with the fam


Open wide!


Jeremy asked Owen to cut the Play Doh cake they created and Owen ran got the chain saw!


Father’s Day!


Graham is on the move!


First s’mores of the season with my Wednesday night girls


A yummy food day!


Moving Grandpa & Grandma


Graham eats dinosaurs for lunch. He is a growing boy!


Graham – 8 month update June 19, 2016

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8 months!

Graham is officially 8 months old today. It’s been a big week for him. He started “crawling” this week. It’s a combo of regular crawling, army crawling, lunging, and rolling. The fact is he can get from point A to point B now. He seems to be happy with this development, but it tires him out quickly so in the end he still ends up cranky. Plus, he is over us bribing him to get the phone or Apple TV remote. He can only grab it so many times and then have it move across the room again before the game is no longer fun.

Before crawling, he learned to sit himself up from laying down. It seems like in the last two weeks, he keeps jumping forward in developments. We plan to lower his crib tomorrow night. He hasn’t pulled himself up on it yet, but we feel like at this rate, it’s only a matter of time. I’ve been impressed with Graham’s desire to move and be mobile. He has officially beaten Owen when it comes to the rolling and crawling timeline. Graham got crawling down a whole month and a half sooner than Owen. The one downside to Graham being mobile is Owen has gotten a bit rougher with him. My guess is Owen doesn’t like his brother being more like a big boy. He can grab toys and get into things. Owen has less control over what Graham can do. Owen will push Graham over now. He also tries to lay on Graham. It seems that Owen is beginning the “wrestle” with brother phase. Oh goodie. Poor Graham just can’t wrestle back. Yet. Owen has it coming. I’m sure.

While Graham is still toothless, he has made some progress with solid foods. Jeremy got him to eat some baby food yesterday. Graham has also tried more finger foods and small bites. Because he has no teeth, I haven’t been super brave with small foods. I was reading on Baby Center what 8-10 month olds can eat. I’m excited to expand his horizons beyond pureed foods. The last big milestone before the big birthday will be teeth (and most likely walking). Hopefully with teeth his appetite will grow. It would be nice to have his entire diet not rest on me. However, the rhyme is “food before one is just fun.” I realize that it’s okay if he isn’t a big eater for a while. It’s all good.

That’s the update for now. Graham is growing and changing quickly. He has experienced a lot of frustration over the last month, but I’m hoping that his crawling will lessen his angst. He has a new world to explore. He is a great kiddo and certainly adds much love and excitement to our lives.


Birthday brunch with Grandma


Proud of himself for sitting up on his own


Steam train ride! More about that in my next post!


Happy mess maker


Those eyes! That face!


Breezing Through June June 14, 2016

As always, we are a busy bunch. It’s hard to capture the true level of crazy which is our everyday lives in words. The days often seem long and the nights go by too quickly. I am a tired mama. I love my boys and I enjoy our life, but I would really love more sleep. I’m sure I am not alone in that feeling.

June has been full of activity. We have celebrated three family birthdays so far. My sister and I went to see Me Before You on Friday (I read the book so naturally I wanted to see the movie. Both are equally sad).  We have Father’s day quickly approaching. As well as a few graduation parties. There is a lot to celebrate in June.

The month started off hot. Our heat wave meant we celebrated my nephews’ birthdays at the Oregon Zoo in 100 degree weather. The last time we were there it was January 1st and 18 degrees. We apparently like to visit the zoo in extreme temperatures. I’m not a fan of the heat, but overall it was a fun day with family. It is certainly a day we will remember!

We’ve spent the last two weekends moving my parents into their new rental and storage unit. The first weekend was very hot and the second weekend was rainy. Lots of extremes just a week a part. Moving my parents is the beginning of the adventure ahead of us all. We are still on the search for the property of our dreams. Our house has still yet to sell. Lots still to do and look forward to. I realize that this process is going to be a bit longer than I anticipated, but that’s okay. I’m enjoying each moment in our current home. As I look around Graham’s nursery, I’m glad to spend more time in it. I know that by the time we move into our new home his nursery days will be over.  We’ve been playing in the yard, going on walks and enjoying what time we have left at Moonlit Lane. I have no clue how long we will be here, but I am determined to enjoy it for what it is worth. This has been a good home to us.

This weekend we celebrated my mom’s birthday. The boys and I went to brunch with my parents after church on Sunday. The whole family gathered later that evening for pie. I’m a big fan of using the number exact candles as the birthday person’s age. Jeremy was concerned about damaging the pies with candles all over. We used a rubber band to secure the candles together. This candle brick put off quite an impressive flame.

I always wrestle when writing this blog. Part of me wants to gloss over life and present a happy picture. I want you all to think that I live a peachy existence. Life is truly good. But… there are difficult moments everyday. This mom life is not for the faint of heart. On Sunday as I was getting the boys ready for church, I knelt down on the ground to get Owen dressed and when I got up I realized my knee was wet with dog pee from the night before. I could smell the problem before bed, but couldn’t locate the issue… Well, my knee discovered it! Then Owen dropped Lamby in the toilet. Good thing Lamby has a twin that is is hidden in our home for moments like this. I made a quick Lamby swap and calmed the distraught toddler. Then there are afternoons like today where I assume both boys have napped and been fed, they should be able to play with toys while I take a few minutes to blog. However, if they are awake they seem to demand 110% of my direct focus. Owen had a place mat full of food that he requested himself and yet he is crying and opening the fridge and begging for something else. Owen’s crying upsets Graham and suddenly I have two kiddos in the midst of meltdowns… This is life. Everyday. We have good days, but even the good days are full of moments of frustration and insanity. It blows my mind that life can be so good and so hard at the same time.

We had our last official MOPS meeting for the school year last Tuesday. We announced next year’s theme with a video. The theme is Starry Eyed and in the video it talks about how we are both light and dark. And I’m feeling that these days. Light and dark. Good moments and hard moments. Life is both. God is in both. The starry eyed theme is a call to wonder and to see God in all the moments. I can relate to this. I’m sure that is why they picked it as the theme for a mom’s group.

Okay, the relative peace that I was able to recapture so I could finish this post is fading. I’m off to wrestle with the natives. Pray that I survive! They are adorable and fierce!

PS… I finished this blog about 4:00pm… I am posting it much later than 4:00pm… Mostly because the chaos level was quite high in our home so my husband just drove off in a van full of crying children so I could have a few moments peace. God bless him!


Enjoying a hot day at the Oregon Zoo and celebrating Carson and Bennett!


Cooling off in the yard


Documenting the last MOPS meeting! Here I am with my dedicated attenders, Leanna and Marielle! Missing Kim, Kate and Johnna. I love being a table leader! MOPS is the best!


Owen enjoying his prize from MOPS for being potty trained! He loved his sucker and Play Doh.


It was pouring rain when April and I left the theater on Friday. My feet were already wet so when April mentioned the big puddle ahead I thought it was no big deal. Turns out it was extremely deep. My feet were soaked the whole ride home!


Costco run


Owen supervising the moving process from Grandma & Grandpa’s lawn mower


Birthday brunch with my mom


The impressive flame from Mom’s candle brick



Hello June! June 3, 2016

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It’s hard to believe that it’s June! May went by in a blink! Here are the cliff notes on our life…

The house is still for sale. I’ve stopped cleaning it. I was driving myself crazy trying to keep our house spotless at all times. I’m back to my normal cleaning schedule and I’ll do a rush cleaning job if we have a showing. The showings have been few and far between so I’ll take my chances.

Graham is close to crawling. He is currently doing a combo of army crawling and rolling to get where he wants. He never sits still. He can’t be content to sit and play with toys. He has to be always moving. It’s exciting and annoying. I sometimes wish he would just be chill and relax.

Owen is doing awesome in the potty training department. He has been wearing real underwear with no accidents. We have even taken him out on errands in real underwear. He is even dry for naps and in the morning when he wakes up. The big downside to potty training is now Owen wakes up super early having to pee. He doesn’t go back to sleep and peeing in his diaper isn’t an option anymore.

Maybe Owen getting up early wouldn’t be such a big deal, but Graham has decided to wake up 2-3 times a night and I’m back on the what feels like the newborn schedule. Since I’m up so often in the night, Jeremy has been taking the early morning shift with Owen. I really appreciate that. Normally I can’t go back to sleep after Owen screams me awake, but laying in bed is better that being upright.

As we look to June, we have a fun zoo day planned to celebrate two family birthdays. My parent’s house sold and we will be helping them move into their rental house.  We have still have yet to find our new homestead. I’m guessing there will be a fair amount of time spent looking at property this month. Good thing Owen loves romping through nature. The property search is one of the highlights of his life right now.

And that about sums it up. Until next time!


This kid! He took a short fall out of our living room window the same day I found him sitting like this. I guess you have to watch a toddler every second of the day to make sure they don’t kill themselves!


Dumped out brother’s toy bin so he could read in it.


“I hold him tight”


Trying to stay warm during the property search


A leaf, a pine cone and a puddle. Looking at a property is the best!


Our Thomas fan!


Enjoying the warmer weather


Owen wanted to ride in the stroller too. Too bad this only lasted for a 1/4 of our walk.


Bonding over Legos


Such a cutie!


Golfing in the backyard… Or playing “hockey” as Owen calls it!