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Jeremy’s Birthday & Easter Weekend March 28, 2016

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Just a few hours after my last blog post, I got a call from my mother-in-law saying that Jeremy’s grandma in South Dakota had passed away unexpectedly. Wow. This loss combined with the passing of Jeremy’s uncle has left us reeling. While we still made the most of Jeremy’s birthday and Easter weekend, there has been a haze of sadness hanging over our family. Jeremy’s birthday was spent making arrangements so we can attend the services. We started making plans and getting things covered. Making travel arrangements to attend a funeral isn’t the happiest way to spend a birthday. I felt bad for Jeremy. Jeremy’s parents came over Friday evening to celebrate the birthday boy. We enjoy a yummy dinner of salmon and rice. Jeremy requested rainbow chip cake for dessert. Owen, of course, loved “helping” blow out the candles.

On Saturday, we planned a family day of spring outings. We went to a local nursery and Jeremy got to pick out a new hanging basket. He loves his plants. We had hoped to take a ride on the local steam train, but the amount of people that showed up for the steam train was insane. All the rides were selling out hours in advance. We opted for looking and waving at the steam train. We’ll try to do a ride this summer. Apparently trains run on the weekends starting at the end of May. Saturday night, we colored Easter eggs. Funny thing is we used decorator eggs instead of hard boiled eggs. They are plastic and feel like a ping pong ball. Even though they say you can dye them, the color didn’t stay on the eggs. Owen had a great time shaking the no-spill containers of dye, so overall, it was still a fun experience. After coloring eggs, Owen got to open his Easter basket. He got books, magnets, a new toothbrush, some candy and mini donuts. All the items were happily received.

Yesterday was Easter and of course, it was a full of day of celebrating. We made it to church for the 9:00am gathering. Graham let me stay through worship, but then needed to go eat and sleep. We stayed for the beginning of the 11:00am gathering to kick things off in children’s church then I took the boys home for naps. Owen went down instantly, but Graham decided that even though he was exhausted, he would not sleep. That is usually how holidays go. When naps are super important, someone seems to boycott them. Oh well. We went over to Jeremy’s Aunt Lori’s house for our Easter meal. It was great to see the family and be with them especially at this time where Dan’s passing is so fresh in our minds. These times are important and we were glad we could celebrate the resurrection with them. We are thankful that Dan is with his resurrected Savior now. After the meal with Jeremy’s family, we went over to my parent’s house. We did an egg hunt for Owen and celebrated Jeremy’s birthday with my side of the family. It was a special day to be with loved ones and remember our risen Savior. Easter is simply amazing. Every year I am moved beyond words as I think of the sacrifice Jesus made on my behalf. He took my sin, my guilt, my shame. He gave his life so I could have everlasting life. I am grateful and humbled by such extravagant love. Even though the last week has been overwhelming with the loss of loved ones, I know that I will see them again. It’s bittersweet now, but we will have a happy reunion someday.

Below are some pictures from our weekend. Enjoy!


Helping Daddy blow out the candles


My handsome boys


Visiting the steam train


Easter Eggs and Easter Basket


Graham is happily skipping his nap time


Easter Egg Hunt


A festive cherry pie with birthday cake flavored Peeps and votive candles! It was a Easter/Birthday treat!


Springtime with the Scotts March 24, 2016

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Easter Eggstravaganza was a big hit in the Scott household. Owen got to pet a tortoise, sit in a fire truck, hold a balloon for 1.5 minutes before it floated away. We got to the church an hour before the event officially started because I know how busy it can get.  Jeremy took Owen backstage to look at the animals for the wild animal show. We didn’t think he would sit through the show. Next year he will probably love the animal show and be super excited for it. Owen’s big lament of the day was not being able to go on the swing ride. He remembered it from this summer and kept leading us back there. I know that one ride wouldn’t have been the end of the world, but once Owen got on, it would have been the only thing he wanted to do all day. He would have wailed when he had to get off. I decided that the drama was unnecessary. We looked at the ponies, but I also avoided pony rides. Maybe next year, kid. When it came to the actual egg hunt, Owen was really upset he had to wait to go into the field. Not only could he see the eggs right in front of his face, but his Dad, Papa, and Grandpa were all in the middle of the field. I was keeping him from his men who were obviously allowed in the field. When the horn went off, Owen went to work. He collected probably 20 eggs. I didn’t count them… I didn’t help him pick them up. I pointed out a few but I didn’t want to be one of those crazy parents who take the egg hunt way too seriously. Owen got candy that he’ll never eat… lots of Tootsie Rolls and Starbursts. It was an experience. We didn’t go for the candy. All the photos I got of Owen hunting are super serious as well. You would never know the kid had fun. After his hunt, he went home with Grandma for his normal routine and nap time. Graham and I stayed to help with the MOPS bake sale which went really well. We made over $400 and we talked with lots of young moms about our group. Sadly, once I got home from the big day, I developed a sore throat that has led to me being sick this whole week. My throat is hoarse and I developed a migraine last night that practically took me out. This time of year is a germy one, so I’m not surprised that I finally went down with something. I’m not 100% myself yet, but I’m hoping to improve soon.


A few highlights from the morning at Easter Eggstravaganza

One piece of sad news is Jeremy’s Uncle Dan passed away on Sunday. It was expected but still hard. I know it’s been weighing on Jeremy. Easter season is a busy time at work and we have been fighting illness around our house. The loss of a loved one is a lot to throw into our already crazy mix. It’s been a somber week at times as we reflect and grieve. The great news is Dan is now healed and with his Savior. There is no better place for him to be and we rejoice that he is no longer in pain.


Jeremy sent me this photo of himself while visiting with his family after Dan’s passing. I asked Owen who was in this picture and he told me “That’s Owen right there!”

Despite not feeling well, my mom and I braved Carter’s this week to get the boys Easter outfits. I remember that I didn’t like matching with April when I was little, but now that I am a mom, I am drawn to matching clothes for the boys. My mom reminded me that there is only a short window where I will be allowed to dress them in matching clothes, so I went for it. Poor kids. Because Easter morning will most likely be hurried and crazy, I decided to do Easter pictures with the boys Tuesday afternoon. Owen’s hair was a bit bed-headish, but these are real memories… This isn’t a photo studio. This is real life and honestly, I have never been able to tame Owen’s hair. I was happy that I got couple of smiley shots. It seems like getting the toddler to smile for pictures is nearly impossible, so this was a big win for me.


Happy Easter from Owen & Graham


Just for fun: Three Easters for Owen. It’s amazing how much he changes each year!

Now for the potty training update. Owen has been totally dry for over a week now! He has done all his business in the potty for the last three days!!! Woo hoo! He is even mostly dry when it comes to nap time and getting up in the morning. When we go out to stores, we take him to the restroom right when we get there and when we leave. Tuesday while at Carter’s he asked to use the restroom without any prompting from me. The only downside to having such a motivated potty trainer is the pee that gets everywhere. He doesn’t always wait for me to help him and we have had some messy moments as he tries to do things on his own. Yesterday I was cleaning in the kitchen when I walked into the bathroom to discover that Owen had pooped. In getting off the toilet, he had made a mess and he informed me that there was “poop everywhere.” Yes, my child, you are right. On the floor, on the toilet, on the toddler. Best intentions… Each week he seems to get a better grasp of the concept. I’m not sure when things will get less messy, but I’m guessing “clean” potty training isn’t a top priority for Owen. Overall, he is doing great. I’m tempted to try cotton underwear next week.


Owen discovered Super Why on a cereal box! He loves the alphabet. This cereal is right up his alley!

I know you all are thrilled to read about the bathroom habits of my two year old. However, this is my life right now. Cleaning up poop, pee, and spit up… You better believe my house smells awesome! So do the kids… Hmm… Not so much.

Tomorrow is Jeremy’s birthday and this weekend is Easter. We have lots of springtime fun planned. I filled eggs for Owen’s egg hunt during his nap today. Owen won’t be too picky about what is in the eggs this year so I used spare change, stickers he got for Christmas and bouncy balls that he got last Easter! I am winning in the parenting department as you can tell. Yep. My sister called me resourceful. I’m really just cheap.


My awesome Easter eggs are ready for this weekend! Gotta love spare change, stickers and bouncy balls!


Graham – 5 months! March 22, 2016

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5 months!

Graham is officially 5 months old as of Saturday. Because Saturday was Easter Eggstravaganza, the big 5 month milestone was a blur… I got the 5 month picture in about three minutes before having to get Owen up and head out the door for the church. Saturday, Graham survived being my buddy from 9am-4pm at the church. He wondered around with grandparents, took naps, hung out with me at the MOPS bake sale with remarkably little fuss.

It seems like this last month disappeared in the blink of an eye. I have to really think about all has happened in the last month when it comes to changes in Graham. I am happy to report that Graham has mastered rolling from his tummy to his back. He is very close to being able to roll from his back to his tummy. He still tends to me a bit slouchy. He is a supported sitter, but really needs bit more neck strength before he starts sitting up on his own.

Graham is enjoying rice cereal. He seems to take it no problem. Jeremy tried carrots with him once but he wasn’t too interested in those. We’ll try some new foods soon, but for now rice cereal is the way to go. I’m totally surprised since Owen hated rice cereal. These boys are such opposites. I love seeing how they are both different even from a young age.

Graham loves watching Owen play. He is so interested in all the hub bub and chaos that the toddler produces. Graham also loves to play with his toys. However, he gets frustrated when he drops one and can’t pick it up. Right now he gets bored easily so we move from playing with toys, to being held, to the jumperoo and back again many times throughout the day.

Now that Graham is 5 months old, we are weaning him off the medicine for his acid reflux. He gets it in the mornings until the bottle runs out. I’m curious to see how he handles this transition. He has been spitting up more recently but that started before we started to wean him off the meds. I’m not sure that the extra spitting up is related to his acid reflux. We’ve had some germs making their way through our family this week and I’m thinking that the extra spit up might be more bug related. Time will tell.

Each month I get more excited about the little man that he is becoming. I’m the first to admit that I’m not a huge fan of the baby stage. It’s just not my favorite. It’s a sweet season of life, but I love to see Graham grow in independence and gain new skills. Each milestone is a celebration. 5 months is so much fun. I know that the days will get more enjoyable as he learns new things. I love each new season that Owen grows into and I am excited for Graham to share in the milestones that are still ahead of him.

I know that someday he’ll be running around like crazy with his brother. I do take moments to smell his little head and take in that baby scent. He still likes snuggle from time to time and I treasure the smiles that I can get from simply bobbing my head and making silly sounds. These are good days (even with the spit up and blow out diapers)!


Ready to explore Easter Eggstravaganza with Grandma


Eating lunch with Grandpa at Easter Eggstravaganza


March Madness in Full Swing March 18, 2016

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It’s the day before the big day. Tomorrow is Easter Eggstravaganza. It’s always our biggest day of the year. My hubby has been working non-stop on getting the details in place and the team ready. Today our little family went down to the church to help put on the finishing touches. It’s hard to serve with a toddler alongside of you, but today Owen helped his daddy push a cart and unload prize baskets and put them in a row. Surprisingly, he did this with accuracy and he wasn’t interested in taking them a part to play. He was all about the task at hand. It made me proud to see him being such a great helper.

Our last week has been a big one. On Monday, I took the van on it’s first adventure out of the area (with me as the driver). Graham and I went up north to meet my friend, Maggie, for lunch. I was a little nervous about driving out of area, but all went smoothly. I’m adapting to the minivan. So far no accidents or major freak outs. Monday was a nice break from the ordinary. I don’t get to do lunch and shopping with a girlfriend all that often. It was a special blessing.

Tuesday was MOPS. Wednesday was church. Thursday my mom came over to help me with the kids so I could get my baking on. Our MOPS group is doing a bake sale this weekend at Easter Eggstravaganza. I made 5 dozen cupcakes and 10 dozen cookies. The cupcakes got packaged in clear cups and covered with Press’n’Seal wrap and I used cute zipper bags with Easter eggs on them to package 2 cookies each. I wanted to keep an Easter theme so I used Easter baking cups, spring colored sprinkles and the Easter zipper bags. It was a crazy day of frantic baking. I couldn’t have pulled it off without my mom. Graham also took a long morning nap which helped. My mom navigated playing with the toddler, helping with potty training, feeding the toddler and holding the baby. What a big help!

I got my baked goods all safely down to the church this morning. I’m working the booth to sell the goodies at our 2:00pm egg hunt. Tomorrow morning, Owen will attend the 10:00am hunt. He was sick with the flu last year so this will be his first time on the field. I’m curious to see how it goes. Once he has experienced enough of the big event, he will come home with Grandma for nap time. Graham will be along for the ride with me the whole day. I’m praying that goes well. It’s a big day and lots of time at church.

On a totally random note, Jeremy, Owen and I all filled out brackets for March Madness. Owen and I were beating Jeremy up until Michigan State went down. I had them winning it all. Oops. On Wednesday while Owen splashed in the tub, Jeremy questioned him with either/or questions to set up his own bracket. Owen loved any number that ended in a teen, he picked his favorite letters and has Gonzaga going to the final game because Jeremy labeled Gonzaga as “Grandpa”. However, Owen loved saying Oklahoma more than he loved saying Grandpa. He has Oklahoma winning the tournament. We shall see which Scott comes out on top (hint – it won’t be me). Last year I did really well and called the winning game. It was a hard blow to see Michigan State ruin my chances of doing that again.

And now the potty training update. Owen is 90% day time potty trained. He even asks to use the potty now while at church. Today he has been accident free. We plan on using diapers for nap time and bedtime, but right now he is doing excellent during the day. We are still using pull-ups because I don’t want to harp on him. When he wears cotton underwear, I worry too much about accidents and annoy him to death with questions about using the potty. I’m learning that it has to be his idea to go. He is getting good at letting us know when he needs to use the potty. I only ask him now if it’s been a while since his last visit. The only downside to all this is Owen has amazing bladder control. He can go little bit and then have to go again 5 minutes later. We spend a lot of time going and back forth to the potty. If the dry days continue, we’re going to have to take the plunge and try the cotton underwear again soon.

Potty training, March Madness, Easter Eggstravaganza, MOPS Bake Sale. All big things. On a sadder note, Jeremy’s uncle is in failing health. We are waiting for the news that he passed at any moment. Each text Jeremy gets makes me wonder if it’s the “one”. This is an incredibly hard situation and definitely on our minds as we charge through our daily commitments. Life is full of ups and downs. Life and death. Speaking of life, I’m also happy to announce that I’m going to be an auntie again. Another little Scott is set to enter the world this September. I think that happy announcement is a great way to end this long rambling update.  Can’t wait to share how our the big event goes tomorrow! I’m sure Owen’s first giant egg hunt will be a story worth telling.


Amazon delivers toddlers!


Little PK taking a nap in the back of the room during Kid’s Church.


Nothing beats a lunch with Maggie! Such a blessing!


Saying good morning to Papa at MOPS


This is what happens when you poop in the nursery jumper. The nursery staff was nice enough to give my messy boy a bath. Way above the call of duty.


Excited to read!


In the middle of the baking project


All done! The box I used to transport the treats is the same box Owen could fit in!


Serving together as a family! Also, you gotta love the all camo outfit Owen picked out for himself.



Potty Training, Rolling Over and Growing Up March 11, 2016

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Wow. What a week it has been. Last Saturday, we spent the day shopping in Portland. We decided to take along the potty seat so we could keep up with Owen’s interest in potty training. He did so well on our day out that we decided on Monday we would use cotton training pants this week. I’ve heard that using cotton underwear can be a turning point for some kids. Once they realize that they aren’t in a diaper it motivates them to stay dry. Oh Monday. It began a truly epic week. Owen peed on the potty 18 times! We had 6 accidents but the cotton training pants seemed to do a good job of absorbing the mess. Nothing too traumatizing. However, the day was exhausting. 18 pees in 12 hours had me on my toes. We were always going potty. Graham had a rough day. He was constantly being set down so I could take care of Owen. Between the potty training toddler, the crying baby and the dog who needed to go out often, I was frazzled at the end of the day. It was a long one! But I still I thought it was a good a start.


Enjoying a reward for an awesome day of peeing in the back of the minivan!

Tuesday is when things really broke down. I got up and Graham was fussy and Toby was barking at everything and Owen was having accidents left and right. Unlike the day before these accidents were puddles on the floor. After a crazy morning of trying to recapture the mojo of the day before, we switched back to pull ups by noon. Owen was still using the potty often, but I didn’t want to clean up accidents. From that point on potty training has become complicated. Owen is interested and using the potty more than his diaper. He loves getting stickers for his reward. He has had many victories, but he also has been moody. He wants to use the potty. He doesn’t want to use the potty. He has more mood swings than a teenage girl. I will admit that this back and forth has made me very cranky. I’m trying to be sweet and calm and for the most part I’m not losing it in front of Owen, but on the inside I’m exhausted. So much work!!! I’m frankly at the point where he can potty train himself at an adult! Diapers forever!!!


Potty training involves lots of stickers for Owen, reading material, multiple potties in various locations and a ton of chocolate for me!

I would totally stop this process if he wasn’t so interested it. I don’t want to kill his momentum because it’s frustrating or tiring for me. An interesting twist is that potty train goes over really well with Daddy. Owen is 100% better if he is interacting with Jeremy instead of me. Maybe potty training can be left as father/son bonding on weeknights and weekends. I don’t want this to be a negative experience. I’ve heard that potty training boys can be difficult. I knew this was coming. No matter what I knew, I wasn’t prepared. Hopefully more positive updates lay ahead in the potty training department. I’ve already started to day dream about a life without diapers for Owen. It’s so close. I hope it happens soon!

It’s also been a milestone week for Graham! He has had his first tastes of solid foods. He started with rice cereal. Owen never cared for rice cereal, so of course, Graham likes it. I’m excited to see that Graham has an option now for food that isn’t a bottle. This should give me a chance to get out and away from the kiddos for a short period of time. I love my boys, but a little space can be a good thing. The little bit of freedom that rice cereal brings into our lives is worth celebrating.


A happy boy enjoying his rice cereal!

Graham also chose to rollover for the first time this week. He has been rolling on his side and moving about by pushing with his feet for some time now. I knew he could rollover, but just wouldn’t do it. I was excited to see him hit this milestone because it was one that Owen skipped. Just today, we pulled out the jumperoo so Graham can have more stimulation and enjoy playing in a standing position. He is getting better at being a supported sitter. I look forward to him sitting up on his own and being able to play with toys even more. Graham also enjoys watching Owen play. I know the days of them playing together are soon around the corner.


The jumperoo is back!

These boys are growing up quickly. Graham is one week away from being 5 months old. He is hitting milestones left and right. He is a happy, smiley baby. He loves to talk now. He is a little chatterbox. I love his sweet baby coos. Daddy also gets the best giggles out of him. Owen’s new obsession (besides potty training) is the alphabet. He loves letters. It’s been a joy to watch him recognize letters. He’ll list off letters as we pass signs while driving. He loves to point out letters on shirts. It makes me laugh because he is into the letters on the screen when Jeremy watches Sports Center. It’s exciting to see him learning. He is starting to memorize songs and stories as well. I know he can’t read, but it’s fun to listen to him following along with a story saying the words with me. These sweet boys are a handful, but a wonderful gift. I love watching them grow into themselves. It’s such an honor and they are a delight.


Enjoying having Mommy all to himself while brother naps!


My little loves!


Love getting photos like this from Jeremy!


Busy Bees March 4, 2016

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It’s no surprise by now to read a blog about all the things we’ve been up to over the past week. Instead of Amy Scott’s Thoughts, I should change the name of this blog to Amy Scott’s activities… A lot less thinking these days and a lot more moving. That’s not true. I still think. But my thoughts in someways have become more private and contemplative. Obviously, not everything I think belongs on the internet. I’ll store up my thoughts and save them for an amazing tell all book that I will publish in the next 30 years (give or take a decade). Until then, here is how we spent the last week!

I mentioned in my last post that this week was a big one for children’s ministries. On Sunday, the message was all about mentoring the next generation. Our network children’s leader spoke in all three gatherings and then he lead a teacher training after church. It’s always a big day when I’m at church for both morning gatherings and an afternoon commitment. My in-laws took Graham during the first gathering so I was actually able to sit by my husband (this happens twice a year… or less) and hear the whole message. Graham was able to take multiple naps throughout his time at church. I sent Owen home with my mom for nap time so I only had one child to focus on during the teacher training. It was a great Sunday and a big win for children’s ministries. I love seeing kids being the focus and our teachers being invested in. It was a big day, but very worth it.

Tuesday, was our usual MOPS morning. Tuesday night was a very special vision dinner. Jeremy got to share with 200+ people his heart for children’s ministries and the changes that will be launched over the coming year. It’s an exciting time as we plan and prepare for a new Kid’s Zone. Our hope is to update our classrooms and make them more kid friendly. Along with changing the rooms, we are also looking to improve the experience of children’s ministries across the board. Jeremy and a team of leaders are examining how we currently do things and are making improvements as they see fit. It’s a lot of hard work, but we know it will pay off in the end. The whole goal is that kids connect with Jesus. From the environment they enter to the teacher they interact with to the message they hear, we want it all to be about them meeting their Savior. It’s about kids being passionate about Jesus and growing in their walk with him. Kid’s ministry is the foundation of faith. These young hearts are making lifetime decisions and we want to be there for them. Our job is important. It matters for eternity. It’s a privilege and an honor to be in the classroom with these kids.

Also I want to mention how proud I am of my husband. He is working harder than ever to make things at Bethel top notch. He did a fantastic job leading the meetings he was apart of this week. He was clear in his communication and shared his heart well. Leading large meetings is not for the faint of heart. He amazes me! On Tuesday, I had the boys both wear shirts that talked about their love of daddy! I view our family has his cheer team. We are here to love, support and encourage him. If I had a “I love my husband” or “Jeremy rocks” shirt, I would have worn it that night right alongside my boys! We are big fans of Jeremy in this household! He is our super hero!

Wednesday brought major potty training success in our house! Owen’s interest in using the potty is back! Woo hoo! He went 7 times on the potty which is a new record! The most we’ve ever had before that was 2 times a day. We are now making potty training a bigger effort at home and it seems to be paying off. Hopefully we’ll have more news on the potty training front soon. It would be so great to celebrate the victory of being fully potty trained!

Thursday, my mom and I took the boys up to Olympia to the Hands On Children’s Museum. My sister-in-law and her friends were heading up there and invited us to tag along. Owen loves hanging with is cousin Nolan. It was fun to see Beckie, Nolan and Bennett two Thursdays in a row. What a treat! Owen loved the museum. It had been a year since we were last there. It blows my mind how much Owen has changed in a year. I’m thankful that my mom came along for the adventure! She had Graham strapped on her in the carrier so I could keep up with Owen. The ratio of one adult to one child helps my nerves on big outings like this one!

There you go! Meetings, fun, potty training… Add some housekeeping, naps and eating. That’s our life.


Our family picture from the MOPS fundraiser


Hello Baby


Fixing Graham’s blinds and playing with bubble wrap


Play mats = weapons for battle


Team Daddy!


So proud of my man!


Reading my train book from 1987


Playing with Grandma and Graham at the children’s museum


Love this boy


Playing trains with Nolan


The difference a year makes!