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Hello Dairy! January 29, 2016

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After eating dairy on my birthday with no reaction from Graham, I decided to add dairy back in my life last Saturday. It has gone very well and Graham has no negative results from it. It feels good to be able to eat whatever I want and not have to worry about restrictions. Graham had a follow up with the GI doctor today and we told him that I had dairy with no reaction. I was “officially” cleared from my dairy free diet. I didn’t mention that I gave it up a week ago, but it still felt good to hear that the doctor wasn’t concerned about dairy anymore. Graham is overall doing very well and we will try to wean him off the medicine around 5 months. I’m glad that Graham has improved and I can eat whatever I want again! I have been savoring anything with cheese. My parents gave me a chocolate cake for my birthday that we froze. I took it out of the freezer yesterday and I have been enjoying it immensely! We also ordered pizza from our favorite place in Chicago. It arrived today so we celebrated being officially dairy free with a deep dish pizza from Lou Malnati’s. AMAZING!

The life of a stay at home mom is extremely glamorous. I spend most of my days keeping the kids happy, feeding them, changing diapers, making sure naps happen. The amount of laundry in our home is insane. I used to like doing laundry, but I lthink the 1-3 loads I do daily is wearing me down. I forgot how much laundry infants make. Owen is also in a phase where he would like to wear 4 pairs of pajamas a day if I let him. Usually I can keep it to one or two changes of clothes a day, but he looks for every excuse possible to have new clothes.

Owen is also making progress in the potty training department. For about a week now he has peed on the potty at least once a day. On certain days it’s been twice! We also have many attempts without results. We are spending lots of time hanging in the bathroom these days. I’m still letting Owen lead the way. I’m trying to not be pushy or demanding. He seems to getting more interested with time. I have no idea how long this process will continue but I am encouraged that we have now moved to daily success on the potty.

There isn’t too much more to mention. My life during the week is extremely redundant. We had a MOPS play date on Tuesday. My mom came over to hang with us on Tuesday afternoon. Tuesday, we got the final season of Downton Abbey in the mail. Jeremy and I finished the series last night and now we’re back to watching Gilmore Girls after the boys go to bed. Hmm… trying to think of anything else. Nope, that’s about it. A picture is worth a thousand words, I will stop writing and just let the photos speak for themselves.


Playing with friends at MOPS


These two make me smile and melt my heart!


This little guy would only sleep on my lap. He woke up every time I tried to put him down. Stinker!


Baby kisses!


Mixing it up and playing with the car mat in the kitchen. We are wild!


Enjoying my favorite birthday cake a few weeks late! Better late than never!


Graham’s first time in the Bumbo. Of course, Owen claims anything that belongs to the baby.


Owen was jealous of Graham sitting in a special chair. I went out to the garage and got Owen his camp chair so they both had special chairs to sit in.


Pizza heaven!


Toby would really like Owen’s leftover pizza.


Roller Coaster! January 27, 2016

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My last blog posted ended with us giving Toby away. I finished my blog and went to bed. Once I turned off the lights in our room, I started crying. I had cried right after Toby left and a little that evening, but when the lights went out we entered the “sobbing” phase of mourning. It was ugly. I couldn’t sleep. I felt sick. I felt panicky. Seriously, the worst feeling ever. I knew we made the right decision, but the emotions over took me and I was a wreck. A complete and total wreck. This little dog for good or bad was a big part of our lives. My day revolves around keeping an eye on him, taking him out to the use the bathroom, trying to keep him emotionally happy so he doesn’t pee on my floor… There were no sounds of dog paws on the floor. There was no barking. He left a void. Like I said, for good or bad, life was different and I was grieving in a more intense way than I expected. I think that all the emotions that I’ve been feeling inside over the last few months just exploded. The flood gates had opened. I broke down. Everything made me cry. So that was my Monday… crying, crying, crying. Good times, huh?


Back home. Back in his spot.

Yesterday morning Jeremy gave me a call saying that Toby was coming home. The lady that took him realized that Toby is going to need to be the only pet in whatever home he ends up in. She has too many pets to keep him herself and everyone she had in mind to place him with has another pet. She will keep looking for a home for Toby, but until the right home opens up, he is back with us. I have no clue how I feel about this. I grieved so hard when he left. I was looking forward to moving through the emotions and getting to a place where I could appreciate no longer having a dog. We never got to that point. Now things are back to “normal” and yet something feels like it has shifted in me. I guess it’s probably because I feel like Toby might be loan to us. Who knows if we have weeks, months or years left with him our household? I’m keeping an open hand with him. If I better home opens up then I want him to go there. For both his sake and our sake. However, I want to accept the fact that he might be back for good. It’s like this summer all over again, but way more intense. This summer I got to a point where I started to find a home for Toby. It was hard to come to that decision, but once I made it, I realized that finding him a home was going to be a challenge. The doors didn’t open and I accepted once again that he was ours to deal with. Lots of up and down. This time I thought it had really happened. I thought he was gone for good. And now… I just don’t know what to think about all of this. My emotions are shot.

There you have it. The next saga in the epic Scott family drama. After a day and a half of total and complete misery, we are back to where we started. I am tired. I am unsure. I’m trying to process how I feel about all of this. I do know that the world will keep on spinning. I have floors to clean and a snack to make for my class tonight and I have kiddos to take care of. I’ll keep you posted if any other drama arises. Until next time!


Change is inevitable (or so it seems) January 24, 2016

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In big and small ways a lot has changed in the Scott household. The end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016 have left our family reeling. Some good things. Some hard things. Lots of emotions. So many emotions…

After doing a ton of minivan research and totally blowing our minds with details, Jeremy’s phone died. It was a long time coming since it has been cracked for months. With the death of Jeremy’s phone came more discussions, details and research. After comparing new plans and numbers, we decided to switch cell phone carriers. I have been with AT&T since I got my first phone at age 16. AT&T is all I’ve ever known. It’s comfortable to stay with familiar things. However, after crunching the numbers, we switched to Verizon. I know this is a small thing, but it gave us a major headache as we tried to figure out the right direction to go. I think our brains were fried from major minivan decision. Now we have new phones and a new cell carrier. Weird.

If buying a minivan, getting a new phone and turning 30 weren’t enough to making my head spin, we had to take our minivan into the dealer. Why you ask? Because I washed the car key. The electronic car key. The car would start with the key, but it would no longer lock or unlock the doors. This was our only key and a new key would cost $300. I felt sick. I couldn’t believe I had done something dumb and expensive. After calling around, Jeremy talked with a dealer that noticed an open recall on the keys. We were without the van for 24 hours, but we got 3 new keys for free thanks to the recall. It was crazy to be back in the car for a short period of time. After riding in the van, the car felt really cozy.

That brings me to the car. We listed it on Craig’s List with no interest. We listed it a bit high and there were plenty of similar cars in the same price range. We weren’t surprised to see that no one was biting. Then we got a call through a friend connection. On Saturday morning we got the call that they were interested and then by that afternoon the car was sold. Jeremy had some paperwork in the file for the car from my grandpa (the car was originally my grandparent’s). The paper had my grandpa’s handwriting and the stationary from his business that is now gone. Oh my! The emotions. Here we were selling car that we brought both of our babies home from the hospital with and I was sad to say good bye to the car because it’s been a good friend. We had many adventures in the car… but seeing the paperwork from my grandpa made me get a bit teary. The emotions have been riding a high these days.

Let’s add to the emotions, we got a phone call on Friday from someone who was interested in placing our Toby dog with a new family. I don’t want to blog about this… I do, but I don’t. This summer I seriously looked into placing Toby with a new home and all the doors seemed to be closed to me. It was hard to come to a place where I was ready to let him go. There are lots of pros to not having a dog, but the main reason we let Toby go was he isn’t good with small children. I’m constantly trying to keep him away from Owen. Owen and Toby had a love hate relationship. They had good times and bad times. But the problem is Toby is a biter. He has bitten Owen multiple times and others as well. I’ve stopped having play dates at my house because I’ve been too worried about my dog biting kids. It’s a rough road. Toby is a sweet, lap dog. He is perfect for an adult with a quiet life. He loves to snuggle. He adores attention. Our home was just no longer a good fit. Anyway, the doors opened quickly for Toby to leave our household. It was a hard decision, but Toby left us this afternoon. Oh the emotions. Ahhhhh!!!! It’s been a rough afternoon/evening. I’m not entirely sure that the worst is over yet. Owen keeps looking for Toby. Every time he asks I tell him that Toby is on a new adventure. It makes me sad to see Owen looking for Toby when their rough relationship is the main reason Toby is gone. Again ahhhh…. As Toby drove off, Owen said “Bye bye Tobers”. Tobers is one of the many nicknames we have for him. Have… Had… Time to start using past tense. There is a chance that if things don’t go well with Toby and his placement, he might come back to us. I doubt he will, but it could happen. There are a lot of pros that I don’t feel like listing right now because mainly I’m just sad. Really sad.

Moving on… Life has done a good job of making my brain reel. As silly has it sounds, since the arrival of Graham a lot of things have turned upside down for me. Adding an infant to the family, having struggles with Graham’s health, having to change my diet… all of the things I mentioned above and more. I feel a bit unsteady. There is so much good in the midst of the change. God is doing something. Jeremy and I can feel it. He is shaking us up. We are trying to keep up with him and trust more each day with whatever happens. There is a lot to process. Lots of decisions to make. We are doing the best we can for our family. Today has been hard. The good definitely outweighs the bad, but today, at this moment… it’s rough. I know our family will find a new normal… At least, I hope so. Normal would feel good right now. But maybe normal is a myth. I guess I’ll find out with time.


Happy Baby Boy


Taking sefies with the littles to pass the time.


This what happens when I leave the toddler unsupervised. On the bright side, he is very interested in the letters that spell his name.


I will miss my nap buddy!


Out to dinner with my boys after picking up the minivan. Love these guys!


The baby was sleeping on my lap. Owen was having a pre-nap snuggle with Jeremy. They were playing a Thomas game together.


Toby’s last picture… Looking out the window seems fitting. Waiting for his new adventure to begin.



Graham – 3 months! January 19, 2016

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3 months old today!

Graham has survived a quarter of a year with us. Or the other way around. Maybe we’ve survived him! I’m happy to report that he is a much improved kid now that he takes meds for acid reflux. It’s great to see him more relaxed. I truly appreciate not having a screaming baby 24/7. It’s been like a chain reaction. Now that Graham is more chill, Owen has gone back to being more chill around the house as well. No more diving for my lap or freaking out for attention. It seems like we have found a much more normal balance.

Things are starting to find a flow again. Right now both boys are napping at the same time. I can’t get Graham down for naps in his room with Owen around. I’m working hard to make sure that they both go down at the same time in the afternoon. This gives me a short window to not be on kid duty. It doesn’t always work out, but it’s now my goal to get them both sleeping their rooms at the same time. With Owen it was easy to work out a nap schedule. Graham is subjected to an older brother who makes tons of noise. Our house and Graham’s room placement doesn’t help cover up the noise of the toddler. I have a fan on Graham’s room for white noise, but that doesn’t always cover up the sounds of the house. Plus, I would love to quietly put Graham down, but Owen is always by my side. He talks loudly and doesn’t understand the concept of putting the baby down for a nap. Thus, Graham’s nap time is always after Owen is down for his nap. Graham will just have to live with interrupted daytime sleep.

The big news is that Graham now sleeps through the night. He sleeps 9-11 hours every night! He has been in his own room for a week now and I am singing the praises of having my space back. I love not having baby central in my bedroom. Now that Graham is sleeping solidly, I’ve been staying up about an hour or so after he goes down. With more rest, I’m not as ready to go to sleep the second Graham is unconscious. It’s nice to have some downtime without the kids before going to bed for the night. It’s amazing how life improves when solid sleep is finally achieved. I am so beyond happy. I am a much better person when I get my sleep.

Graham is just now starting to show interest in toys. He likes to grab things and hold them. He especially loves grabbing onto blankets and pulling them up to his face to suck on. He is a little Linus. I think a lot of times he grabs a blanket to hid from the noise and a chaos surrounding him. He will lay for short periods of time on his playmat and look up at the toys and mirror. Owen will snatch any baby toy I give Graham so we cycle through a lot of toys in the hopes of keeping both boys happy. It’s interesting to me that Owen is way more fascinated with baby toys as a toddler than he ever was an infant. He loves them. As Graham continues to grow and develop, I know that play time and toys will become an even bigger part of our lives. Graham is doing well at holding his head up and getting stronger. I look forward to the days where he can sit up on own and play with Owen.

Owen can now say Graham’s name. However, he says Baby Graham not just plain Graham. He also says Baby Boy a lot. It’s cute to see Owen learning how to treat a baby and what makes baby happy. He still enjoys giving Graham hugs and kisses. I’ve learned that I can use Graham to get Owen to do things. Owen will do almost anything if Graham has done it. Whenever I clip Graham’s nails, Owen asks for his nails to be clipped too. The other day I wanted to get Owen into his Seahawks jersey, but he didn’t want to until he saw me put Graham into his Seahawks onesie. Maybe there is some logic behind matching outfits.

Overall, Graham seems to be improving and growing and in general doing what he should do for a 3 month old. He has almost outgrown size 3 month clothing. I pulled out all the 3-6 month clothing last night. He is also graduating into size 2 diapers. I am looking forward to getting his weight at our doctor’s appointment at the end of the month. I’m sure he isn’t putting on a pound a week like before, but he is growing. He remains my little stout chunk.

The days are long and zany around this house, but we are slowly reclaiming ground and finding our new normal. It’s taken a while, but I’m not starting to feel more human again. Hopefully all the night sleep will help me keep up with these crazy busy and wonderful boys.



Chunky Monkey


Hanging in the minivan while we deep cleaned it


Seahawks and Camo!


Watching some late night TV


Trying to get a nice picture of the boys… It didn’t work out so well.


Graham thinks my lap is the best place to nap


The Big 3-0 January 16, 2016

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It happened! I entered my thirties! Whoa! To celebrate my birthday, I had a day where I let myself eat dairy. It was my first time testing waters (well, sorta. I had a small amount of cheese a few weeks ago). I wanted to see how Graham would do if I ate a day full of dairy. Because the small amount of cheese didn’t bother him, I had high hopes for my dairy day. I am happy to report that Graham suffered no ill effects from me eating dairy. I’m tempted to give up the dairy free diet altogether. If anything, I might allow myself to have dairy when I eat out or on special occasions. I’m still undecided. We have a follow up appointment with the GI specialist at the end of the month. I might wait until after the appointment to make a final decision on where dairy stands in my life.

Anyway, the day kind of revolved around food since I was going to let myself eat whatever I wanted without worrying about restrictions. The morning started off at a local spot for breakfast with my boys, mom and sister. I had a waffle with strawberries and whip cream. It was delicious! YUM! We took off after breakfast to hit Hobby Lobby. I had a vision of decorating a blank wall in our house. We walked out of Hobby Lobby with many new pieces that look great on our wall. I’ll post a picture when the project is complete. After Hobby Lobby, it was lunch at P.F. Chang’s. Jeremy told the waitress that it was my birthday so I got a giant slab of chocolate for free. And they don’t sing to you there. A non-embarrassing free birthday dessert is a win my book! The afternoon was spent shopping for some new clothes now that I’m living with a post baby body again. The shopping was very successful and not too painful. Praise Jesus! Dinner was clam chowder at Ivar’s and dessert at Krispy Kreme. Overall, a fantastic and ambitious day spent with my hubby and little boys. Jeremy took the day off to be with me and made this big outing happen. It was super sweet of him. He made the day special and wonderful. I was very blessed.

Today, I had my family over to celebrate with them. We made a huge pasta bar and we will be living off the leftovers for days. Pasta is a great for a dairy free meal and I made my lemon cake for dessert. Like most birthdays, Owen tends to be the star of the show. The kid demands an audience. Various family members took turns playing at the train table with him and running amok around the house. Graham as always got passed around and came back to me numerous times so he can could eat. It was a fun night to just hang out and enjoy the company of my loved ones. Good times all around.

30 has been pretty great so far. I’ve been loved on by so many friends and family. Three different friends gave me Starbucks cards so I am well stocked for the beginning of 2016. I might have to hit it before church tomorrow and splurge! I feel so blessed. I am loved by many and I am thankful for the people God has placed in my life. Seriously, age doesn’t matter as long as you are surrounded by people who make life a joy. I am thankful! I have a feeling my thirties are going to be amazing!




A special birthday red cup


Lunch at P.F. Chang’s!


2nd birthday celebration with the family tonight


Good-Bye Twenties! January 12, 2016

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Tomorrow is my last official day in my twenties! How did that happen? Day by day, year by year. My twenties were a lot of fun. I got to travel way more than I expected. I visited places like Nashville, Washington DC, Chicago, San Francisco, San Diego, and Hawaii. I got married, graduated from college, bought a house, had two kids, bought a minivan. I realized that my minivan post on Instagram was my 666th post. Should I be worried or find that funny? I don’t know. Anyway, below are some pictures and a walk down memory lane! I am thankful for who I have become in the last 10 years. I know that I haven’t arrived. Perfection has not been reached. God has been good to me. I have grown and changed in ways I never expected. I walked down roads that I never thought I would take. I feel like I really grew up in my twenties. I was talking with my friend, Maggie, yesterday about being thirty since we both have January birthdays. She said that turning thirty made her realize that she is an adult now. Not a young adult, just an adult. It’s so true! I am an adult. I have grown up (to some degree). I have hopefully gained some wisdom from youth, but now I am an adult. I am excited to see what my thirties for hold me. Lots of friends have told me that they loved their thirties for various reasons. I plan on making the most of them. I don’t want to be upset about aging. I want to embrace it. I want to live a good life right now. Here’s to a new decade!

Age 20 - Getting hitched!

Age 20 – Getting hitched!

Turning 21!

Turning 21!

2008 Nashville

2008 Nashville

Age 22 - Graduating from North Central University with a major in Church Ministries and a minor in Bible

Age 22 – Graduating from North Central University with a major in Church Ministries and a minor in Bible

Age 23 - Buying our first home!

Age 23 – Buying our first home!

2010 Washington DC

2010 Washington DC

Celebrating my 25th birthday

Celebrating my 25th birthday

2011 Ordination with the Assemblies of God

2011 Ordination with the Assemblies of God

2011 Chicago

2011 Chicago

2012 San Francisco

2012 San Francisco

Hawaii 2013

Hawaii 2013

Age 27 - Welcoming Owen to the family

Age 27 – Welcoming Owen to the family

29 Candles

29 Candles

Age 29 - Welcoming Graham to the family

Age 29 – Welcoming Graham to the family


Minivan Mama January 9, 2016

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With the arrival of Graham, Jeremy and I have had a reoccurring conversation. It starts with me complaining about how cramped and crazy the backseat of our car is. Jeremy then proceeds to tell me how a minivan would solve our problems. I usually sigh and say that I don’t want to go there. I’m not a big rig girl. Minivans freak me out. Not in a mom jeans kind of way, but in a I don’t want to hit someone kind of way. I’m not a confident driver and a bigger vehicle meant I was more likely to hit someone in a parking lot. We knew that we needed a new (aka new to us) vehicle in the future, but I never let the conversation develop too much further.


Test driving our new minvan

Then we started to do some real research on minivans. After looking at details and price comparisons and seeing what’s out there, we took our first test drive yesterday. We were underwhelmed by the vehicle. Despite the great price, we didn’t like how the 2nd row of seating was a bench and would put the boys right on top of each other and on top of us. The bench was so close to the front seats. We drove away knowing that probably wasn’t the van for us. I should note that we went and test drove this van in Tacoma (yay for lunch at Chick-fil-A). Jeremy had another van in Scappoose he wanted to see that had bucket seats and the same amount of miles. It was just slightly higher in price. We picked up Owen from my parent’s house and made our trek down south. It was a big travel day, but we were determined to see the two vehicles that peaked our interest. Once we got both boys loaded into the second van, we knew we liked it a lot more than the first one. We took it for a test drive and liked it a lot. We went back to the dealer and talked the price down a bit and then signed the papers. Minivan search done! I am grateful to have the process over and complete. We are, however, still getting calls from other vehicles we inquired about. Car salesmen don’t give up easy.


Look what followed us home!

So now I’m full on deep into motherhood mode! I own more hoodies and lounge pants than any other form of clothing. I rarely get dressed unless I’m leaving the house. This makes visits from the UPS man awesome. He gets to see me in all my messy hair, relaxed clothes glory. My car is full of crumbs and wrappers and partially eaten pieces of graham cracker and Nutrigrain bars. My kids love to do the same things at the same time – eat, cry, wake up, scream, need diapers. I am split in two all day long. I was texting with my sister about the minivan and I told her all I need to do now is chop off my hair and I will have embraced all the elements of motherhood. I guess it’s time to get Owen a soccer ball and we need a cheesy bumper sticker.


Including Toby in this post as well. He demands lap time as well when the house is quiet… Which isn’t often.

Life in this household is loud and insane most of the time. I knew that being a stay at home mom would be work, but wow, these kids kick my butt every day. I love them and they are adorable and that keeps them alive and me from committing a crime. It’s a good life. It’s a blessed life. I never saw myself with a minivan, but now that it’s here, I am jazzed about all the storage and all the space. Cluttered and crowded has never been my thing, so I’m hoping that this will improve things. I know for sure it won’t improve the crumbs, half eaten food and toddler toys laying about, but that’s okay. This is the season of life we are in. It’s a messy one, but it’s a good one. I am thankful. So thankful! On the bright side, this was Jeremy and I’s first time car shopping together. It pushed us out of our comfort zone, but it was an adventure and we did it together. It was awesome to see how in sync we were. We would often give feedback or critique a vehicle and we would totally agree. I love my husband. He is amazing and going through this process with him will be a memory we won’t forget. Our little family sure has a way of keeping us on our toes.


Graham slept through part of Grandpa’s budgeting presentation at MOPS. So proud of my parents!

There you have it. In less than a week, I will turn 30. What a crazy, weird and wonderful way to end my 20’s. More about the big 3-0 and thoughts on saying good bye to the last decade of my life in my next blog post. That is if my old mom brain will remember it all! Kidding… but not really. Where did my memory go? Good thing I blog so I’ll be able to remember these years.


Love these two boys! Owen loves to lay beside Graham. This is all he wanted to do the other day. So sweet!


Starting to attempt naps in Graham’s crib! Our little roommate is turning into a better sleeper. He might be moving into his own room soon!


Two monitors on equals two boys asleep in their own beds! Victory! I spent the 40 minutes they were both asleep laying in bed doing minivan research! It’s a glamorous life!