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Places to Go, Things to Do, People to See! February 22, 2014

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Movie Date!

Movie Date!

It seems like my blogs might turn into weekly recaps since I just don’t get to my laptop as often as I once did. It’s been a better week than the week before (Praise Jesus). The office was closed on Monday for Presidents Day, so Jeremy and I went our first date without Owen. We had movie tickets from Christmas that we still hadn’t used yet. Since we love most Disney movies, we finally made it to see Frozen. I’m glad that one of our local theaters keeps playing movies long after they come out. I would have never thought we would have gotten to see Frozen in the theaters since it came out Thanksgiving weekend. Jeremy and I really enjoyed the movie and we have now been singing the songs and quoting it all week. A big shout out to Jeremy’s parents for watching Owen while we were gone. I know Owen appreciated having some time with Nana and Papa!

Tuesday morning was MOPS and because I was lazy I ended up bringing a dozen doughnuts as my offering for snack. I had a strong hankering for a maple bar that would not be denied. After MOPS, my mom came over to watch Owen for the afternoon. I am happy to report that I got a full afternoon in the office without having to come home or having Owen visit me. Thank you solid foods! So far Owen seems to like carrots that best. My mom got to feed him sweet potatoes for the first time and she said he was shocked when he realized that they weren’t carrots!

Play Date!

Play Date!

Wednesday, I had the pleasure of hosting a play date at my house for Owen and his cousin, Nolan. It’s so much fun to have cousins so close in age. Nolan is definitely more mobile than Owen so Owen got to watch in awe as his younger cousin rolled around. Owen did show off a little bit by lifting his head while doing tummy time. Most of the time Owen’s head keeps him pinned to the ground, so I was impressed.  It was great to chat with my sister-in-law and have a day around the house.

Jeremy entertaining Owen at the Girls Night Out!

Jeremy entertaining Owen at the Girls Night Out!

Thursday was big day at work. We got the facility all ready for our upcoming Girls Night Out and went supply shopping. I came home that afternoon and made dozens of cupcakes for the big event. Friday night was our first ever Girls Night Out. This event was in place of our annual sleepover. Honestly, all we cut out of the sleepover was sleeping on concrete and eating a muffin the morning. The older girls reminded me that they won’t get to watch a full length movie at the sleepover this year (the thing all girls look forward to when they are in 5th grade) so I told them we can watch a full length movie in our regular class on Wednesday. The Girls Night Out went very well. It was a Winter Olympic theme where the girls got to design their own flag, play an Olympic sport relay and decorate their own cupcake. The great thing about this year was the participation of moms. We’ve been trying to make our events more family oriented. This was a big win that department.

This morning Jeremy and I venture out with Owen to spend some time with my parents and sister and brother-in-law. We chatted a bit about our upcoming vacation plans and had Chinese food for lunch. Now we’re enjoying a quiet afternoon at home. I’ve been cleaning, Owen has been napping and Jeremy has been playing video games. Tomorrow will be a big day as my two youngest nephews will be dedicated at church and then there will be a big family brunch afterwards. This will be the first time the whole crew has been together since Christmas. Also my good friend, Kaly, will be in town with her boys, so Owen and I plan on popping over to say hi to her.

The days are filled with places to go, things to do and people to see!


What a Week February 14, 2014

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I wrote a whole, long blog this morning detailing day by day the week that I have had. It’s seriously been a week. I might be losing my grip on reality. But, I decided to delete that entry and just start over. You don’t need to know all that happened. Just know it was zany and crazy. I’ve officially come to the conclusion that my life would be easier if I just stayed home in my pajamas with Owen all the time. Owen has decided to stop taking bottles and it’s making my life complicated. On Monday at Owen’s 4th month well check appointment, we brought up the anti-bottle situation and our doctor recommended that we start solid foods. This will give my mom (and any other caregivers) an option for feeding Owen while I’m at away that doesn’t involve a bottle. I will admit that this decision to move to solid foods came sooner than I had expected, but… something has got to change or I will never be able to stay a full morning in the office.

At Monday’s appointment, we found out that Owen is weighing in at 15lbs. 2 oz. This was about a pound and a half lighter than I thought he was going to be. Owen is in the 62% for weight, 70% for length and 90% for head. I knew he had a big head, but it’s been officially confirmed. This might explain why tummy time doesn’t go over so well. I think his giant head pins him to the ground. It’s hard to lift that noggin!

Owen got his next round vaccines on Monday as well. Shots don’t go over well with Owen. A few hours after the shots, Owen was screaming bloody murder. This made leaving the house that night for a network coffee date with other pastors a bit tricky. He ended up sleeping part of the night, but when he woke up he wanted to fuss again. So I left early… That seems to my MO these days. Attempt a commitment with Owen in tow and leave early with a fussy baby. Good times.

Tuesday, Owen had a fever all day thanks to the vaccines. I had to cancel my mentoring plans because Owen was just out of it. I tried giving him baby Tylenol multiple times to keep his fever in check and of course, he acted like the Tylenol was poison. It was joyous. Trying to not get the bright pink Tylenol all over while Owen tried to force it out his mouth was quite the task. Tuesday evening, we attempted our first run with solid foods. We made some very thin rice cereal. Owen didn’t even get a few bites in. He just freaked out and my hopes of an alternate food source went down the drain (literally). I’m guessing his fever played into his mood and that is why things didn’t go over so well. We’ll try rice cereal again later.

By Thursday, Owen was feeling more like himself so we went up to Seattle to visit a student in the hospital. She was very excited to see Owen. His smiles brightened her day and it made me glad that our little guy could come along for the ride with us.Oh, the life of a ministry family. He was good medicine. Thursday afternoon, my family watched Owen so I could get a little work and mentoring in. We met up with them for dinner and Owen got his first taste of squash. The experience went over well. I wouldn’t say he loves squash, but he it didn’t upset him, so I’ll take that as a good sign.

We tried more squash tonight and again it was a positive experience. My hopes of working without Owen always present are starting to come back. Hurray!!! We’re learning that Owen likes to be held while being fed verses sitting in the high chair. Whatever works. Now our family is celebrating Valentine’s Day by watching Tangled and eating frozen pizza. Oh yes, we’re classy here in Casa de Scott.

Like I said, it’s been a week. Full of hard moments and new experiences. I’m doing my best. I guess that’s all I can do. Now I’m going to stop blogging and watch a silly Disney movie. Here are a few highlights from the week:

Not liking the rice cereal

Not liking the rice cereal

Spreading some cheer in the hospital

Spreading some cheer in the hospital

Trying squash!

Trying squash!



A Snowy Weekend February 10, 2014

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Tuesday's light snow

Tuesday’s light snow

I love snow. Absolutely love it. Each year a snow storm is a much anticipated treat. I thought for sure that we were going to be missed this year when it came to a good snow. On Tuesday, we saw some flurries. Enough to make the ground white with a light a layer. Tuesday was a bit of a crazy day for me so the snowflakes were welcome friends. On Thursday, we saw some snowflakes again towards the evening. Friday added another layer as well. Saturday night the biggest showers hit us. Our grand total was about 4.5 inches of beautiful snow. This was the perfect weekend to be snowed in! Friday morning, I cleaned the house and it had that nice fresh feeling. I did a ton of laundry. I made banana bread. Jeremy and I put cider on in the crock pot. We watched the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. It was the perfect day. Owen was in a relatively good mood. Toby wasn’t naughty. It snowed! Seriously, perfect. Plus I didn’t have to go anywhere so I stayed in my pajamas, unshowered the whole day. Days like that are rare now. Saturday, Jeremy and I ran into the church for a little bit. He wanted to get some things set for services before the next round of snow came in. Owen and I helped Jeremy arrange Easter eggs in the foyer. Thanks to the baby carrier, I was able to hold Owen and help move eggs. I felt very accomplished. Saturday night turned into a “snowed in” night as we watched the skies dump.

A Sunday morning walk

A Sunday morning walk

Because of the snow, I decided to stay home Sunday morning. My only other option was being at church extra early with Jeremy and that would mean waking Owen up way before he would normally rise. I didn’t think that wasn’t a good idea, so Owen and I had a snow day. I knew that I wanted to get out in the snow since I hadn’t yet. The snow hadn’t begun it’s melting process so the trees were still flocked and the roadways still covered. I bundled up Owen by putting pants and a jacket over his pajamas. I then put socks over his already covered feet and socks on his hands because all the baby mittens have been packed away with is newborn clothes. I put a hat on his head and pulled the hood of his jacket up. He was ready to be a snow baby! I harnessed the dog and put Owen in the carrier and we went on a 10 minute walk. Since I was by myself, I couldn’t see if Owen was having a good time. I didn’t want him to get too cold. The walk with long enough for me to crunch around and Toby to clear his system. The pre-walk process was nothing compared to getting us all unloaded and back in the house. Toby had snow stuck to him all over. It was embedded to his legs and tummy. I had to trap him in the garage while I unloaded Owen. I’m guessing that Owen has warm and uncomfortable from being so heavily layered. I made quick work of stripping him down to his jammies again. I then turned my attention to Toby. It was really no use. Toby got into the house and started shedding pieces of snow everywhere. Little puddles littered the floor. Owen was worn out from the activity of the morning so he went down for a nap. Toby was also worn out from the excitement and he passed out on the couch. I went to work cleaning the floors and removing all evidence of snow from inside the house. Jeremy came home from church with pizza and our little family settled in to watch more of the Olympics. It was an amazing weekend. I love just hunkering down and being home. No rush. No pressure. Comfy clothes and the wood stove going. Ahhh. So good. I love snowy days. The house all bright and light from the snow outside. It really doesn’t get any better.


I didn’t finish a book… February 9, 2014

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I didn’t finish a book in the entire month of January. Insert shock and awe here. It’s hard to believe. I did read during the month of January. I just didn’t finish the book I was reading. I started Little Women and I do like it. I’m just reading it a lot slower than I would like. After feeling a bit let down in the reading department, I decided to try something new.

I find myself now watching the The Pioneer Woman a couple times a week. Usually when I get home from work on Mondays and Thursdays. Occasionally, I’ll sneak another day in there too. It all depends on what is happening at 2:00pm in our house. I’m finding that 2:00pm is right around the time I need to mentally check out for a half hour and watching Ree Drummond cook seems to be just the ticket. I’m pretty sure I want her to adopt me. That woman has a way with food. My sister has been a long time fan of Ree and so has America for that matter. I’m late to the game when it comes to falling in love with The Pioneer Woman, but it has finally happened. I’m hooked.

But what does watching a cooking show have anything to do with reading? Well, Ree has written a book about her relationship with her husband. It’s their love story and wow, it was steamy! I had heard a great deal about her book (also titled The Pioneer Woman) so it really shouldn’t have come as a shock. I remember April telling me how much she likes her husband. Really likes him. Every inch of him. Her writing style made me laugh a lot and it was fun to see their relationship develop through her eyes. I found myself admiring how many details of their dating relationship she actually remembered. I have to admit that I don’t think I could have written a book about Jeremy and I with that much clarity. Another thing that I’m still tickled by is downloading books. After years of ordering books and waiting for them to arrive in the mail, it’s just a weird thing to just buy it and have it instantly on iPad. I would recommend Ree’s book to anyone who wants to get swept up in a real life love story and could use a good laugh.

I’ve contemplated the place reading has in my life a lot this last month. Because I’m a “reader”, I felt like I let myself down by not finishing a book in the span of a month. Truthfully, there is no law that says I have to read obsessively. I just usually do. Adding things like the a half hour of personal television in the day is also a new thing for me. I never turn the TV on when I’m home alone. All sorts of things are happening to me. Reading less, watching TV more. My self-righteous side is telling me I’m heading down a mind numbing hill. Oh well. I still love to read and when I find a good book I will devour it. I don’t think that will change. I’m just not going to freak out if the rate I read at has changed. I will also let myself off the hook and allow myself to watch a little TV now and then. It’s a nice break.

As you can see from the last week of blogs, I’m finding many different things to fill my time theses days. I have discovered the fun of putting Legos together. Who knew? I have been working on a major projects like reorganizing the mother’s room and moving offices at work. I’ve done a bit of reading. Obviously a lot of my time goes into the happiness of a little 4 month old human… I guess if we were to include all the things I’ve been into lately, I should add that I’m obsessed with the new Switchfoot album that came out on my birthday. Below is a link to my favorite song. It seems to fit me on so many levels right now. And it’s catchy. I could listen to it on repeat!


4 Months! February 8, 2014

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I'm 4 months old!

I’m 4 months old!

Owen is officially 4 months old today! It’s gone fast. He keeps getting bigger and bigger. He has already doubled his birth weight and  then some. My arms can tell that he has been putting on the pounds. The last month has been a tricky one with Owen at times. As I’ve gone back to work, we’ve hit a few speed bumps. He sometimes decides that he doesn’t want to take a bottle. My mom has been great about working with us as we try to figure out what Owen needs on a daily basis. He can have moments of extreme fussiness as well. We wonder if the fuss may be related to teething, but so far we can’t see anything trying to pop up in his mouth.

The development of the fuss has led the development of more diligent nap times. Before I would let Owen sleep anywhere. Mainly, he would take his naps in the bouncer in the front room while I did stuff around the house. Now I am intentional about putting him down for naps in his own room. These naps usually last longer because he is away from distractions. The average day could hold one 2+ hour nap or maybe he’ll break it up into 3 naps that last about 45 minutes. On Wednesday, he took 2 naps that lasted about 2 hours and then a 45 minute nap. I’m learning a lot about reading his tired cues. It seems that he wants a nap about every 2 hours or so. When Owen is not napping, we have a pattern of play time, bouncer, helping mom with chores in the front-facing carrier and bath time.

Toys are starting to become very exciting. He will reach for them and put them in his mouth. His favorite thing to put in mouth right now is his fist or two fingers or a thumb. He often gags himself as he jams his thumb down his throat. Smart, huh? Owen also loves the sound of his voice. I would say that the days of baby coos are gone, but Owen has surprised me this morning and has been talking up a storm in cute little coos. Most of the time, Owen only has two volumes – quiet or loud. He shrieks in delight and he screams when he is upset. Everything comes out loud. He loves to laugh and smile and play.He is an active boy and goes all out in everything he does!

Trying to get the "4 month" photo this morning

Trying to get the “4 month” photo this morning

One of our hurdles right now is transitioning Owen from his newborn napper into his crib at night. This has been a battle that I didn’t anticipate. Because he sleeps an average of 9-11 hours a night, I haven’t wanted to mess with his sleeping arrangement too much. If it’s working, it’s working. However, he will soon be too big for the napper, thus the “newborn” part of the napper title. He just loves being snuggled in it. He’s taken what I call “flat naps” to train him to sleep flat, but he only seems to put up with naps. Oh well. It will work itself out, I’m sure. I have decided that our next baby will not know the goodness of the newborn napper. They will sleep flat from the very beginning. I will not do this again. I have lived and I have learned.

It’s such a joy to watch Owen grow and develop. He has such a personality. As he has gotten bigger, there are a lot more comments about how he looks like Jeremy. It must be the big head or something. Owen does look a lot like Jeremy these days and I’m just fine with that because I happen to think that Jeremy is pretty cute! Taking Owen into stores can be quite the task. We get stopped by multiple strangers so that they can admire Owen. If people aren’t bold enough to stop and talk with us, we often here whispers behind us as we walk through the stores – “Did you see that cute baby?” I keep saying I should send head shots into Gerber. The funny thing about our “cute” baby is that he has pretty crazy hair. There is one section in particular that loves to stand straight up. I have don’t even battle with it anymore because it just bounces back. If he becomes a baby model, we might have to work on section of hair a bit.

This Monday is Owen’s 4 month appointment, so we’ll know his officially stats soon. My guess is that is he close to 16 pounds, if not already there. We’ll see. It’s been an exciting 4 months and Owen has been a great addition to our family even though he does bring a bit of nuttiness to the mix. However, the way I see it, we are all a bit nutty here, so he fits right in! Happy 4 months, Owen!


Mother’s Room Remake February 7, 2014

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Our church has been doing some construction and expanding our cafe area. This expansion took over the space where our mother’s room once was. As a result the mother’s room has bounced around the church. The first location was too far away from the sanctuary. I had a conversation with some concerned moms. They thought that if someone had a screaming baby coming out of service the walk would be too long. Another mom mentioned the walk might be too far for mom’s recovering from a c-section. I voiced these concerns to Jeremy, who in turn shared them with our staff. And that is how the mother’s room landed on my plate. I’m a mom now and had a mom perspective, so why not redo the room myself? In the past, our mother’s room has been an assortment of mismatched furniture pieces and art work that never really hung up on the walls and “girly” accessories that really had no place in a mother’s room and only made it feel cluttered. Tealight candle holders are nice, but no one is lighting a candle in there for ambiance while they nurse. Plus there was no candle in the holder and nothing to light a candle with even if there was one. Classy, I know. Somehow placing a lighter in the mother’s room doesn’t seem smart. Anyway, after the mother’s room relocated again it became apparent the room needed attention. Whoever set it up originally placed the couch right in front of the door so when you opened the door you would get a full view of whoever is nursing. Not a great set-up if someone who wasn’t a mom happened to walk by the hallway at the same time the door was opening. My biggest vision for the room was clear out the mismatched picture frames, clutter and couches then configure the room into a better flow. Jeremy helped me since most of this project involved moving furniture and hanging things on the wall. I couldn’t do it alone. I’m grateful he shared his valuable time at work to help me out. We moved the wall mounted television to the opposite side of the room. We added a Bible verse vinyl decal above the changing table. A little inspiration for our moms. For the changing table, we bought new storage bins that now house diapers sizes 1-4 and changing table liners so they can use a clean surface every time they change their baby’s diaper. Wipes are also included. The table is now stocked with everything a mom will need. We also added a diaper genie to the room to contain those stinky diapers. Up until now, diapers have just been thrown a way in an open trash can. I figured the room would be a nicer environment if it didn’t smell like a poopy diaper. We bought two matching couches and configured the couches along with the rockers so they could see the TV, but be out of sight when the door is opened. The one thing we kept from the wall art before was a giant mirror. I figured moms might want to do a quick check in the mirror before leaving the room. I know I usually do. There was an old jumper in the room that looked well worn from use (aka gross), so we replaced it with a new jumper and added a bouncer as well. The jumper is good if you want to put your older baby down for a minute and the bouncer will be good for younger babies. The only items that really don’t match now in the room are the rocking chairs, but this remodel was on a budget, so the rocking chairs will be just fine. Plus, my preference would be to use the couches anyway.  Below are a few pictures of the final product! I’m so glad to have this room completed and I’m so thankful for all the help Jeremy gave me!

The television will allow moms to watch the service while they take care of their little ones.

The view to the right of the door

View of the whole room

The well stocked changing table


Legoland February 6, 2014

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It’s been a crazy 24 hours. I’m pretty sure Owen has some kind of bug. Yesterday had it’s rough moments especially when it came to putting Owen down for bed. Every time we laid him down he would start screaming. The only option for a while seemed like letting him sleep on my lap or in my arms… Or turn off the monitor and let him cry it out. After about 3 hours of attempting the bedtime process, Owen finally stayed down sometime after midnight. Yipee. Of course, I was thrilled when my alarm went off early this morning. Time to get up and ready for work. We had already decided to let Owen tag along with us today since he has been refusing bottles lately and today we planned to a lot of errands and Owen is a great traveler. I’m not thrilled with the decision to take my baby to work with me, but it is what it is. Anyway, after the crazy night, Jeremy and I decided to  let Owen sleep until he woke up on his own. So now I am home. Listening to the monitor and wondering why I showered at 6:45am. I should be sleeping too. Oh well. It would figure on the day that we have plans to take Owen with us, the kid would decide to sleep past 9:00am. I’m learning that going back to work with a breastfed baby is tricky. Really tricky. Anyway…

My rant on parenthood is now over. Since I’m currently enjoying some free time, I thought I would share a few Lego pictures I took last night of Jeremy’s office. The move is now officially done and the new theme is very much in place. Our office has become Legoland. A small WA state version, but Legoland nonetheless. I’m positive my hubby is very happy as he now works surrounded by his new toys. Who says you have to grow up? Become a children’s pastor and you can surround yourself with Legos too!



Gotta love Disney!

Gotta love Disney!