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Going Digital November 9, 2013

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It’s been a week since I purchased my iPad mini and I have to admit that I’m really liking it. I almost didn’t want to like it because that would make me less of a “book” person. But, I have been swayed to the digital way. I downloaded a free book app and I just finished The Story Girl by LM Montgomery. I love LM Montgomery and her books are free! I love free! I am on to The Golden Road and then it’s time to download Jesus Feminist by Sarah Bessey. Apparently, I will use my iPad to read Canadian authors! O, Canada! Good stuff! It’s been great to download free books and I didn’t miss the paper page as much as I expected to. This is a new age in my life. A turning point. As Anne of Green Gables would say, a bend in the road. Okay, I’m done with the Canadian references.

Other perks to my iPad would be texting, email and web surfing. Everything is so much bigger than my cell phone, so I’m guessing that is less strain on my eyes. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to email from my iPad because of the size. I figured it wouldn’t work as well as a full size computer, but it turns out that emailing on the iPad is pretty easy – even when I’m one handed! It’s great! I’m feeling more connected to the world.

The hardest part for me is when I go to buy Sarah Bessey’s book, it will be an electronic copy which means I can’t proudly display it on my bookshelf. I love looking at my books. They make me happy. I do believe that an electronic bookshelf will never move me in the same way. However, I will admit that for right now and the season that I am, I am giving in.

Right now I’m also contemplating a few other things that might need to go digital. I’m still using my prayer journal, but I’m finding that time to write in a journal is getting harder and that is one task that I really can’t do one handed. At least not well. I’m also still doing my gifts journal in my quest to count to 10,000 gifts, but this is the same issue as the prayer journal. It’s harder to multitask journaling right now.  I’m still doing it multiple times a week, but not daily. The prayer journal isn’t something that I think I want to be digital, but I’m contemplating moving the gifts journal into digital form as well. We’ll see how much of my life continues to become digital now that I have the iPad. At this point, I haven’t used the iPad for blogging, but I’m quickly moving in that direction as well.

So this hardcore book worm and journaler is slowly changing her ways. I want to fight it, but honestly, it’s letting me do the things I love to do in a new way. Using one device for all these things is simpler and it means I don’t have to surround myself with a book, a cell phone, a laptop and multiple journals. Before Owen, I was used to this pile of items surrounding me, but now it’s all on one device. Too weird! Who am I?!?!?! These are crazy times and they call for crazy measures!


This Is My Life November 6, 2013

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Hanging with the baby and the doggie!

Hanging with the baby and the doggie!

After very little sleep last night and no chance for a nap today, I decided I needed a little pick me up this evening. I decided that would come in the form of listening to Switchfoot, my favorite band since high school. Good music is good for the soul and my soul wanted to listen to Jon Foreman. One of the songs is titled “This Is Your Life”. The line in the chorus goes “This is your life, is it everything you dreamed it would be.” I laughed. No my life is not what I dream it would be. In fact, dreaming implies sleep and I’m low on that right now. My life is very different these days. Not bad, but different. I’m still adjusting even after 4 weeks of motherhood. I was sitting on the floor this evening, eating popped rice snacks, feeding way too much people food to my dog so he’ll like me, rocking my baby in the bouncer with one finger and I thinking “This is my life.” This is what I do. I sit on the floor unshowered, wearing the same pajamas I’ve been in all day – except I did change my shirt after Owen spit up on it early this morning. What a glamorous life I lead. The dark lines under my eyes might scare you. Fortunately, they don’t seem to scare Owen. Life is good, but wow, it’s an adjustment. Some things are very similar in my routine and some things have definitely changed. Here are a few examples of the dos and don’ts I’m currently living with. I do make my bed every day. I know it’s crazy, but I can’t stand an unmade bed. I don’t shower on a daily basis (as I already confessed). I do brush my teeth though! I don’t even check the landline when it rings – I just assume it’s a telemarketer. Note, if you want to reach me, call my cell or text! I do clean the floors every day. Two words: PINE NEEDLES! Moving on, I don’t care what people think about how I look. Normally, I would never have company over when I’m unshowered and in my sweats. Now, I don’t care. I don’t change Owen’s outfit every time he spits up on it. My OCD hates this, but I can’t change his outfit 4+ times a day. He wouldn’t like it. I do a ton of laundry. Yes, I did lots of laundry before Owen, but it’s doubled, no tripled since he arrived on the scene. Yesterday, I went to MOPS for the first time since Owen was born and I felt he looked so disheveled in his romper that is almost too small, covered in spit up, and yes, it’s stained from a blow out diaper. It was a fine outfit for around the house, but I didn’t have time to change him before I left. So much for presenting a well put together kid. Maybe next time. Also, I was supposed to bring a snack of fruit or veggies. I wasn’t brave enough to hit the store by myself so I had Jeremy pick up something for me. He grabbed grapes. The next morning, I planned to cut the grapes, but Owen woke up early and I didn’t have the time. Yet again, Jeremy came to the rescue and cut the grapes for me. Then in the chaos that is trying to get out the door – picture crying baby and crying dog – I almost forgot the grapes in the fridge! This is my life! I’m learning to embrace my new normal. On the bright side, Owen doesn’t seem too concerned that his mom is sleep deprived or frazzled. As long as I feed him, he loves me just as I am! He is continuing to grow and I take this as a sign of my new productivity. My to-do list might be shorter these days, but Owen keeps getting bigger and longer, so I’m doing something right! Hurray!


PAM, Shopping Adventures, Red Cups and More! November 2, 2013

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First shopping trip! Note the content baby with the pacifier!

First shopping trip! Note the content baby with the pacifier!

With my days being so busy I now store up a lot little things that I want to blog about. I have a feeling that most blogs will be a little of this and that for a while as I share the highlights of our days and weeks. This week as very full for the Scott family. Wednesday, Jeremy and I took Owen on his first shopping adventure. We hit many stores and he did great! We even had lunch at Chipotle. So far all our eating out endeavors have been drive thru. This was our first time to sit down in a restaurant. Now it’s not the same as an actual sit-down restaurant, but I viewed it as a baby step in the right direction. It was great to spend most of the day with Jeremy even though it was mostly running errands for Fall Fest (our church’s Halloween outreach event). Because Jeremy had a full week with Fall Fest prep, it was great to have whatever time together we could. In way, it felt like old times because we would always run these errands together. Now we just had Owen along for the ride.

Another first happened this week, we gave Owen a pacifier. The first twenty-four hours, Owen really liked it. It was in his mouth quite a bit and he was very happy. Now he takes it about half the time we offer it. He doesn’t really need it all that much, but it’s a nice option! We’re enjoying it!

Happy Red Cup Day!

Happy Red Cup Day!

In the long list of other first for the week, Owen went to Starbucks yesterday for Red Cup Day! Red Cup Day is a holiday in my book and it’s the official beginning of the holiday season for me. I love getting a peppermint hot chocolate in a festive red cup. It just does something for me! Plus, I get to celebrate with people I love! It’s a win-win! The morning started off with a red cup with my friend, Jeannie, and then the fun continued later that afternoon with a red cup with my mom and sister. Of course, Owen is pretty attached these days so he was in tow for both coffee dates. I’m starting him off right! Also, this was a first for me – yesterday was the first time I took Owen out by myself. It was also my first time driving in a month. Thanks to bed rest and having a baby, I didn’t drive the entire month of October! It was a big day all around! And it only got better!

After our Red Cup Day marathon, our little family took off for Portland, Oregon to pick up my new toy – an iPad mini! I’ve always been anti-tablet, but now that we have Owen, I find that I use my phone a whole lot for reading and looking things up. Also, reading a book is harder than scrolling on a screen,so I caved. I feel like a conformist, but it’s cute and little and I’m actually pretty excited about it! I’m hoping that it will help me keep up with my reading and maybe even writing. It looks like my “bookshelf” might finally go digital. I do believe in my heart I will always be a paper book person, but we’ll see if the iPad changes that. On a side note, this trip down to Oregon was Owen’s first trip out of state.

The forest of greeting cards!

The forest of greeting cards!

It’s hard to believe that October is already over! October is Pastor Appreciation Month and it’s always sweet to see our church congregation love on us a little extra. Between Pastor Appreciate Month and having a baby, our kitchen counter has been taken over by a small forest of greeting cards. I absolutely love it! All i have to do is look at our counter and remember all the love and support we have in our lives. Jeremy and I are so blessed to work at Bethel Church and be a part of a church family that we care so deeply about. Pastor Appreciation Month is a fun time and a special one for me. We call it PAM and there is a fun story behind my dad who is a board member at our church (he has been on and off for years) and how once I helped him do a PAM moment for the pastors. That weekend, I just happened to be home from college and of course, bumped into Jeremy on stage. After that weekend was when Jeremy emailed me asking if we could get to know each other better. Oh, young love and Pastor Appreciation Month!

It’s been fun-filled, busy days here in the Scott household. Now that the Fall Fest is behind us and it’s November, I look forward to settling into the holiday season. I listened to Christmas music for a few minutes yesterday. I am excited to start my Christmas shopping. I’m looking forward to yummy Thanksgiving dinners (yes, that was plural on purpose). Also, we have the arrival our second nephew this month. I’m on the edge of my seat to know what the little guy is going to be named. I keep playing the guessing game in my head! It will be so sweet to meet this newest member of our family any time now. Things are good! God is good!