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42 Days and Counting August 31, 2013

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Today I’m officially at 34 weeks! 42 days and counting until my due date! It’s crazy how fast and slow time goes while you’re pregnant. It can seem like an endless process sometimes and then I’m hit with the reality how close I actually am to the finish line. I’m praying these next 6 weeks (or however many), will be a great time with friends and family. As we head into my favorite season, autumn, I’m already thinking of decorating the house and I’ve purchased yummy fall favorites to bake. With good company, good books and good food, I’m sure the time will fly by.

I haven’t posted a baby update specifically about our little guy in a while, so I thought I would give some new details. We had an ultrasound on Thursday to check up on the baby. I was measuring small so my doctor wanted to make sure that the baby was growing properly. Waiting two weeks for the ultrasound was hard. I kept thinking of all the worst case scenarios of why I was measuring small and what was wrong with our baby. It turns out that nothing is wrong with our boy. He is measuring just right! In fact, we was a day ahead in measurements and the technician mentioned he has a big head. There is no doubt that this is a Scott baby! However, my mom said that she has a big head and not to blame the Scott genes entirely. All I know is I have a small head, so he did not get this trait from me.  He is also in the right position with his head down and will probably stay that way from here on out. The technician also mentioned that the baby is a still a boy. I’ve heard plenty of stories along the lines of “They thought it was a ______, but right before the baby was born and  after the nursery was all decorated they found out they were having the opposite gender.” I’m happy to say that will not be our tale to share with others.

Family of Three!

Family of Three!

Many have asked about the name and yes, we do have one. This month, Jeremy and I took some time to flip through the baby name book together and do some research. It’s been an interesting process to decide on a name because I found out that I’m not the picky one! I had about 30 names that I like and Jeremy had 2! We decided on one name and had discussed how it could be gender neutral, but we knew no little girls with the same name, so we figured it would be okay. That same week, a friend posted on Facebook that her new niece had the same name we had chosen! This changed our minds about the name and we went on to the second name that Jeremy liked. (By the way, both names that Jeremy picked were on my long list of names, so it wasn’t a his names verses my names kind of a conversation.) Name number two has stuck so far and we’ve been using it a bit between the two of us to sound it out and get used to it. On our Leavenworth trip, we even had an ornament personalized with “the name” on it! That made it seem real. However, it’s a $7 ornament, so if the name does end up changing again, it won’t be the end of the world. At this point though, I don’t plan on things changing. So, what is the name??? You’ll just have to find out in October! Patience!

I have one more baby shower with my husband’s side of the family and a few small items to add to the nursery. I especially want to post a nursery blog, but I’m waiting for the completed project. Give me a few weeks and you’ll get the grand tour. Jeremy has been super motivated to get things in order before hunting season starts in September. It’s been a blessing to watch the nursery unfold and realize that a new member of our family is going to inhabit this space. My excitement level has definitely been building as things take shape.  These are fun times in the Scott household!


Crustless Pumpkin Pie August 30, 2013

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The Whole PieI’ve been itching to do some baking and with the fall quickly approaching, I had pumpkin on the brain. Okay, I always love pumpkin, no matter what the season. I try to hold my desire to bake with pumpkin off until at least September, but this year I slipped up. It’s like listening to Christmas music in July. Somethings just can’t be helped.

I had purchased all I need to make a classic pumpkin pie, but once I got into the kitchen I decided I wanted to do something different. I went through some recipes and compared them to the supplies I had ready and on hand. In the end, I decided on a crustless pumpkin pie. A lot of factors went into this decision. The main reason would be laziness. I didn’t want to make a crust, bake it and then add the filling. The next reason was the crustless pie recipe I chose had a brown sugar-oatmeal crumble on top and that sounded good.

Just a sliceThe results where quite tasty and it was a surprisingly healthy recipe. Who knew subtracting the crust also subtracted calories? Go figure! The pie comes out a bit more custard like than the average pumpkin pie, but that is okay because my husband was trying to talk me into making a custard pie earlier today. I think I do miss the element of a crust and I probably won’t do crustless again. However, for a first time experiment, I’m glad I branched out and tried something new.

Because my pumpkin stash happens to be the big cans from Costco that make two pies, there is a good chance that there will be another pumpkin something produced from my kitchen in the future. I only used half of the can of pumpkin, so there is another half a can just waiting to be turned into pumpkin goodness. I’m thinking either muffins or bars! I’ll keep you posted!



Ready or Not… But Mostly Ready August 28, 2013

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It’s hard to believe that it’s the end of August already. This evening the weather was gray and dark as I was getting for church and I kind of felt like my mood reflected the weather. Tonight was my first night without my amazing co-teacher… Of course, she hasn’t made it to every Wednesday night over the last three years, so nights without her do happen, but in my heart I knew that after three years, her commitment was finished. I usually show up early to church and I chat with her for about a half hour before we head down to our classroom. There was no reason to get there early tonight, so I just showed up on time. It felt weird. As strange as it might sound, with the summer coming to a close, I’ve found myself in a season of almost mourning. I found myself thinking of all the things I “usually do” and know that in a lot of ways, things won’t be the same. Silly example, every year in September I got clothing shopping for the fall and winter. I stock up on sweaters and long sleeved shirts and this is my routine. I do it pretty much every year. However, there is no shopping for me in the future. It makes no sense right now. Tonight was my last night with my class of girls. Next week, I’ll have new girls. While, I am excited for the new class, I also know that in roughly a month and a half, I’ll be taking some time off and this fall is going to look a lot different than any fall that has come before it. I’ll have new co-teachers and that’s great, but things are changing. My commitment levels are changing, my properties are changing. It’s hard to explain, but I felt a bit sad about it all.

For the last seven years, my life has been on this cycle. It’s a cycle based around children’s ministry and church commitments and the school year calendar. It’s built around the things that we always do and the commitments that roll around at the same time each year. Tonight I was in Fusion (our youth ministry) with my girls for one last visit before they move up and I was contemplating all of these thoughts during worship. I love being able to have a chance to worship on Wednesday nights, even if those nights are rare. As I was thinking, singing, and praying, I realized that while I am a bit sad that things aren’t going to be the same, I can’t imagine that things would stay the same forever. I had the absurd thought of what if all these changes went away. Would I want to keep on doing things the way that I’ve always done them? Does that way of life even still fit? And I have to admit, I found myself realizing that I’m ready. I’m ready for this new season, for a new adventure. I’m ready for a “bend in the road” as Anne of Green Gables would say.  As much as I have loved the way things were, I’m ready to go forward. I’m ready for things to be different. After a while you realize the old ways don’t fit and that going back really won’t make things better. It was a shift in my way of thinking. Instead of sniffling over the past, I am ready to embrace the future. It’s hard for me. I’m a bit of a creature of habit and routine. I like knowing what lies ahead. However, all journeys have twists and turns. I don’t want my love for the way things have been to cloud my excitement for all that is going to come. I know that God is good and that God is in these life changes. I’m not going forward alone. So today, I am more ready than not. I have looked back at all the good that is in my past. I will remember these days fondly. Now, I set my eyes on what’s ahead. I am ready for the next big thing. Life is changing and that is good. I am ready.


Yodelayheehoo August 25, 2013

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Picture1This weekend we spent some quality family time in Leavenworth, WA. This city has been themed around a Bavarian village and is full of quaint shops and restaurants. I’ve only been there for day trips, so it was fun to stay for a couple of days. The first day we were there, we explored around downtown and ate dinner out. Jeremy had a traditional German meal while I went for the Fish and Chips. Not a traditional Bavarian meal, but it was still pretty good. On Friday, the Scotts all went golfing, which is not my pastime of choice, so I got a few quiet hours to myself about the house. It was a perfect morning to get ready slowly and read. Two of my favorite things! After the golfers returned, it was back to downtown for another meal and a stop by one of my favorite places – The Gingerbread Factory. The gingerbread cookie was just as good as I remembered it and it really hit the spot! Yum, yum! I’m highly motivated by cookies. There is a Christmas shop that Jeremy and I love to explore every time we’re in town. This year we got an ornament with three owls on it. It seemed to go with the woodland animal theme we’ve been going with for Baby Scott. We also found some more Christmas home decor. I know a lot of people think that it’s too soon to purchase anything related to Christmas, but honestly, after the gingerbread cookie, it seemed right to go Christmas shopping.  On our last day in town, the group went mini-golfing, which is more up my alley than real golf. I’m terrible at mini-golf, but I can usually make the most of it. I got a couple holes in two and for me, that is the same as a hole in one.  Plus, I got to play with a pretty pink ball, so it was a win. After mini-golf, we went out to lunch and stopped by another favorite bakery. I hadn’t really been living up to the German eats, so I figured cherry strudel was the way to finish up the trip. The weekend was a great way to spend time with Jeremy’s grandma and aunt while they are visiting from South Dakota. It was also fun to do a trip with Jeremy’s immediate family. Apart from camping trips, we haven’t really vacationed together in a large group like this. There was lot of good food to eat and games to play and the noise level definitely reflects a growing family. These are good times in the Scott clan.  This trip was kind of the lasat “big” thing of the summer and now it really feels like fall is right around the corner. With the beginning of September just a week away, it was a great to have one last hurrah of summer!


Saying Good-Bye August 22, 2013

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Saying Good-Bye to AimeeI’ve written about many good-byes on this blog. Too many for my taste. One of the hardest things about staying in Lewis County is the fact that I am the one always sending people off and wishing them well on their new ventures. It’s not an easy job. It’s one of the hardest things. Yesterday was one of those good-bye days. I knew it was coming, but that didn’t make it any easier.

I’ve known all summer that my wonderful student helper of three years, Aimee, would be leaving for college at the end of the summer. Knowing it was coming didn’t keep me from denial. Somehow I was still caught off guard by Aimee’s last night! Oh, last night… Just writing that makes me sad. The last two weeks of August, my class visits our student ministry, Fusion, to see what their transition in the fall will be like. I, however, had us sneak out early so I could surprise Aimee with a cake in University of Washington colors. I even got UW plates and napkins! It was great to celebrate Aimee and her three years of influencing young lives. It was fun go with the UW theme and I think she appreciated it. She took the plates and napkins with home her! We took one last group picture as a class and the end of a season officially happened… Insert tears here! I got my own picture with her, I walked her to the front doors and hugged her at least 3 times in 15 minutes.

When I started teaching, I was aware that kids grow up. They become teenagers and then I build relationships with them grow deeper through the crazy stuff of life and then they graduate and they decided to go to college outside of the area and then they are gone. This is the first time this has happened but I know it’s not the last. Every year this will happen. My kids, the girls I love and taught as a 11 year-olds will grow up, become adults, and move away. I can’t go with them. I can’t look out for them. I have to trust that they have the foundation they need and that God is going with them. He will never leave them alone. Oh, trust, why is it such a hard lesson to learn? Anyway, it’s been hard, but I am trusting God for all the good things this next season will bring.  I am thankful for the time that I’ve had with my girls and I wouldn’t change this journey for anything, even though it does come with it’s own set of good-byes.


Family Fun: Reunion Luau Style August 21, 2013

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Waiting for the piggie to come out!

Waiting for the piggie to come out!

This last weekend, Jeremy’s parents opened their home to my mother-in-law’s extended family for a Reid Reunion. Big tents were put up in the backyard. Games like ping pong, horseshoes and the Xbox Kinect were pulled out to entertain. There was a lot of talking, a lot of playing and a lot of eating! It was fun to see Jeremy’s siblings since it’s been May since we were all together in the same place. Of course, there was a large Reid clan family photo in matching shirts. Then we got a Scott family photo and a photo all three expecting Scott ladies. Oh, the memories were documented well.

Saturday was the big day of the reunion and the meal centered around a pig that they had buried in the ground the day before. In Hawaii, I didn’t go over to watch the pig being unearthed because I wasn’t too keen on the crowds. This was a slightly smaller crowd so the viewing was better. We all marched over to Jeremy’s uncle’s house to watch them remove the piggie from his underground oven. It was really quite the sight. They had a chain on the pig, so he could be hoisted out by a tractor (yes, this is rural Lewis County). He was then transported via tractor to the table (one house over) where he was be released from his banana leaf prison and picked apart for the main meal of the day. It was an interesting process and fascinating to watch. 

Releasing the piggie!

Releasing the piggie!

At the tail end of the Reid Reunion, Jeremy’s grandma and aunt arrived from South Dakota, so now we’re hanging with the Scott side of the family tree this week. It’s been great to catch up with them. It’s so nice that we usually get a yearly visit from them. Again, there has been lots of good food and games. Today, Jeremy will take off and golf with the crew and this weekend we have more adventures planned. You’ll have to stayed tuned for an update on that.

Overall it’s been a fun weekend/week! It’s always a treat to have the whole family together and I love getting to spend with my niece and nephew (who seem to get bigger and cuter every time I see them). It’s not often that we get to see so many family members at one time, so it’s been a blessing to be with them.  The family gatherings, hanging outside and good food are a reminder to me that summer is still here. I’ve been so focused on fall and busy with work that I haven’t just “hung” out and enjoy the summer season all that much recently. I know that September is right around the corner, but I’m going to try to slow down and just enjoy things each day at a time! And right now, that means lots of family time!



Summer Movie Marathon August 19, 2013

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IMG_2848This afternoon and evening, my lovely friend, Jessica, and I sat down to watch the first two Anne of Green Gables movies. Yes, there is a third, but I honestly don’t like it. Now that I’ve read the books, the third movie is WAY off base with the timeline of the books and let’s just say they made the movies with too big of a gap between them… The actors are so not in there in twenties even though they try to sell it as that. Anyway, enough about my dislike of the third movie. I love the Anne movies and it brings back so many memories of being a kid and watching them on VHS. I very rarely watch both together because it’s a 7+ hour venture, but today was special. Jessica requested watching them and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for a girl’s day of movie watching. Add cheese pizza, garlic bread sticks and S’more brownies and you have a dynamic combo! The S’more brownies were a first for me. We had a ton of S’more supplies around the house and I decided that I couldn’t just make “regular” brownies. You make the brownies just like you normally you would  and then you add the marshmallows and graham cracker chunks after the fact and broil them for a minute. Once you pull the hot brownies out of the oven, you add pieces of chocolate bar on the top. The chocolate bar melts a bit, but it still keeps it shape to really show off the whole S’more effect. I’. thinking that maybe S’more cookies might be next on my list of things to try. Anyway, a movie day is always better with pizza and chocolate! Perfect girl day! Love it!