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Sundaes, Birthdays and Eggciting Times! March 29, 2013

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It’s been a whirlwind kind of week! Lots to do in preparation for our giant community egg hunt tomorrow. Lucky for me, I have a sister who loves me dearly and came into help me twice this week in the office. I’m deeming her my Easter Eggstravaganza Lifesaver! Not only did she come to help, but she also brought Starbucks both times! What’s not to love about that? After some long and busy days at work, I think we’re in an amazing spot for the hunts tomorrow. Everything is ready. Now it’s just time to hide the eggs and have some fun!

Sundae Sunday!

Sundae Sunday!

This last weekend was a special one for our Children’s Ministry. We’ve been in the middle of an offering challenge in the month of March. The kids were given the goal to raise 30lbs of change and they did it in record time! The reward for this challenge was ice cream sundaes. Since they reached their goal early, they got their reward early as well. It was fun to see the kids all excited about giving and the ice cream! Turns out we had just enough ice cream to go around for our kids, but not for our leaders. Since I couldn’t leave the leaders hanging, I ran over to McDonald’s and picked up 7 hot fudge sundaes. Let me tell you, that felt weird to order. I had the strong urge to explain that they weren’t all for me. I don’t really think the McDonald’s employees cared. With their goal met, we have given the kids a new challenge. The goal is to reach 50lbs by the end of the month and they are 6lbs away right now. It’s totally doable, but we’ll see if the Easter weekend throws them off of their game. If they can reach this new goal, we’ll have doughnuts next weekend for them. This BGMC experience has been a sweet deal! I’m so proud of our giving kiddos!

Jeremy's Birthday Cake!

Jeremy’s Birthday Cake!

In the midst of the children’s ministry mania, my hubby had his birthday. I will admit that we didn’t do a great job of celebrating just him. His actual birthday kind of got taken over by the egg hunt. We did go out to dinner at Olive Garden and get Blizzards for dessert at Dairy Queen. We celebrated with food. The great thing is that the day before his birthday, we spent most of the day with his family celebrating. At least one day was focused truly on him. Jeremy got to choose the meal of meatloaf and mashed potatoes. We had Funfetti cake for dessert and then we played sports on the Kinect. We ended the family time with a dance party. Good times and fun memories! I’m so blessed by hubby and the wonderful man that he is. He is so stable and good and calm and steady. He really is the rock in my crazy life. I’m grateful for each year I get to celebrate with him. He is truly worth making a big deal about!

That’s the update for this week! I’ll keep you posted on how the 2 giant egg hunts with 70,000 candy-filled eggs goes. The weather looks like it’s going to be sunny and warm. I’ll be honest – that is all God! What are the odds that we would get such a nice day at the end of March?!?! The answer is God’s grace and goodness! Amen! I can’t wait share the highlights from our Easter weekend! I have a feeling it’s going to be a BIG weekend all the way around!


Multiply: Disciples Making Disciples by Francis Chan March 24, 2013

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I’m happy to say that I finished Multiply this weekend! It sadly took me longer to read than I had expected. Part of the reason is I am reading multiple books at a time right now and I’m learning that I don’t do that well. I like to process one thing at a time. My brain gets overwhelmed by topic hopping. Lesson learned.

Multiply is a great book for anyone who considers themselves a Christ Follower or might be curious about what the Bible is about. This book is written in a very different style from Chan’s other books. It’s very basic and simple. It’s completely user friendly. The beginning starts off with why disciples should make disciples – practically how does that look.

The book then moves into what I would call a brief commentary of the Biblical narrative. This is very sound teaching on what is in the Bible. Nothing too controversial – the book is very non-denominational. Just the basics are presented and I like that. This section of the book is a resource to those who are actively discipling and a lesson for those who being discipled. Chan gives you what to go over and then all the details you need to confidently study God’s word together.

As a Bible college student, I didn’t feel like it was anything new that I didn’t know. However, that doesn’t diminish the power of God’s Word and purpose of the church in reaching out. It was a good reminder for me and a book that I could see myself recommending to those who want to go deeper in their understanding of the Bible and God’s word.  It’s not meant to replace the Bible for study, but it should spur you on in your desire to know God more and to help others know God more. Overall, an easy and moving read. You can’t get over the basics how ever simple they might be. God is good and he is plan. Will we be a part of it?

Now that this book is off my to-read list let me share with you a few more books I’m really looking forward to starting or finishing in the next few months:

  • One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp – Yes, this is my 4th time reading the book, but I’m doing it alongside my Growth Group study and it’s been water to my soul, just like every other time I’ve read it.
  • Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain – I’m so excited for this read! I’ve heard really good things about this book. I love anything that validates me an introvert and inspires me to be the way I was created to be.
  • Bread & Wine by Shauna Niequist –  I’ve become a huge fan of Shauna this last year and her newest book will be released in April! I can’t wait! Seriously, I will be pre-ordering this soon!
  • The Synergist by Les McKeown – We just took his work assessment test our staff leadership meeting. Now we’ll be reading his book to dig deeper into the concepts.
  • Prototype by Jonathan Martin – I love listening to Jonathan’s podcasts and I’m super excited for his first book! It will be released at the beginning of May, but I’ve heard good things from those who have received an advance copy!

I’m so excited to pour through all these books and learn from these authors! So much good stuff to read!


March Madness! March 23, 2013

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I apologize. I feel like my blog is getting a bit neglected right now. March has been so busy and so full that when I have down time I’ve spent all my energy and I really have nothing left to write about. I don’t like that feeling, but it happens from time to time. It’s just life. Busy, crazy life.

Lego Trophies!

Lego Trophies!

Here are a few highlights from the past couple of weeks. My hubby had Pinewood Derby races last weekend that went super well. Jeremy is creative and he made his own trophies for the kids out of Legos. They were a big hit!

We had a big day of meetings as a team at work to talk about our personalities and leadership. It’s always interesting to see how everyone around the table falls when it comes to personality assessments. We’re all different and it’s insightful to know where someone else is coming from. It’s also empowering to know who you are and how you’re wired.

The title of this blog doesn’t just have to do with my busy month, it also reference the fact that I got pulled into doing a NCAA bracket again this year. While I would say my choices are an improvement over last year… the team I picked to win this year is already out. This really shouldn’t shock anyone considering I don’t watch college basketball. This is what happens when you pick at random!

This week kicked off celebrating my hubby’s upcoming birthday. We had dinner with my parents and sister to honor the birthday boy. We had pizza and pie and my dad did our taxes in the middle of it all. Exciting stuff, I know! I’m praising the Lord that we don’t owe anything and my parent’s sent us home with a ton of leftovers – pretty good night in my opinion. We have more birthday festivities tomorrow with Jeremy’s family and then Monday (the actual birthday), Jeremy and I have plan to go out to dinner to celebrate. It’s nice in this busy season at work to take time and focus on how awesome my hubby is! He is worth celebrating!

Of course with a major event coming up in the next week, I decided to take on a major spring cleaning project around the house. Makes sense, right? Okay, timing might not be my thing. I spent Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of this week going through our closets and purging. Part of the process was reorganizing our closets and getting better storage solutions to contain and organize our stuff. This lead Jeremy and I on a trip to The Container Store because Walmart and Home Depot didn’t have the right sized storage containers. As always, The Container Store didn’t disappoint and I was able to finish up all my reorganizing last night! It feels so good!

This leads to me today! Where… I… FINALLY… decided… to… REST! Praise the Lord! I had left over pie for breakfast and jumped into watching Les Mis – a random purchase from the day before. It’s been nice to be a bit low-key today. Eventually I’ll have to get ready for church this evening, but right now I’m trying to forget that I’m a responsible adult. It’s kind of  hard because my mind keeps going over when I’m going to print the programs for Easter Eggstravaganza and how many I should make and what colors I should use and will we have enough paper. Then there are  lanyards to update and wait! Isn’t today supposed to be a day off? Well, sort of… oh my! I might be going a bit crazy. This too shall pass, right?

So that’s the update for me! It’s been a full month of meetings and family and big events and pie and basketball (that I don’t really watch, but Jeremy shares the updates) and car races and taxes and birthdays and all those other normal day to day commitments! No wonder they call it March Madness!


The Bunnies Are Back! March 20, 2013

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I couldn’t help it… When I saw the Bunny Mallows back in stock at our local Walmart, I had to pick up a bag! I had so much fun making mini-cupcakes last year with these fun marshmallows on top. Of course, I couldn’t do the exact same thing as last year, so after a trip around the seasonal section, I came home with cute polka-dot and green cupcake cups and some fun sprinkles! For a flavor change, I went with lemon cake mix and strawberry frosting. I really like the pink color of the frosting and was hoping for a Strawberry Lemonade flavor combination! Here are some photos from the project, as well as a glimpse into the bunnies from 2012.

2012 Bunnies

2012 Bunnies

The Supplies

The Supplies

2013 Bunnies!

2013 Bunnies!

A Bunch of Bunnies!

A Bunch of Bunnies!




St. Patrick’s Day and Other Random Holidays! March 17, 2013

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For the most part, I’m a sucker for holidays – any holiday! I love wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day and yes, I am a pincher! If I don’t see green on you, beware! Last night as we were getting ready for bed I reminded my hubby of his need for green. Of course, this sent him into a rant about how much he doesn’t like St. Patrick’s Day. He informed me it was a made up holiday and then I gave him the history of St. Patrick and why he is a good guy to remember. Jeremy responded that no one knows the story of St. Patrick and that is not the reason they celebrate. I agree – very few people celebrate the missionary who wasn’t Irish, but witnessed to the Irish people. I just learned on Wikipedia that we celebrate March 17th because it was the day of his death, so even I learned a new fact today.

Growing up I enjoyed the school parties and crafts and goodies that surrounded the holidays. My mom was very sweet and would often give my sister and I small gifts on days like Valentine’s Day or St. Patrick’s Day. I always look forward to these days. The traditions can make even a senseless holiday seem fun. As an adult, I will admit that Jeremy and I don’t spend a lot of money on Valentine’s Day – mainly because it’s right after Christmas and in-between both our birthdays. If we got presents on Valentine’s Day it would be four months in a row of gift giving which can be a little hard on the budget. I have no problem spending Valentine’s Day with my sweetie and appreciating our relationship. It doesn’t have to be expense.

St. Patrick’s Day is an easy holiday in my book as well – just wear green and don’t get pinched! Not a lot of big drama or planning or spending. Back in the day when we were first married Jeremy and I made Easter baskets for each other and then it went the way of Valentine’s Day. It didn’t make a lot of sense to keep the endless gift giving going. However, chocolate bunnies are still a tradition without the basket.

I will admit that Earth Day and Arbor Day don’t get much attention from me.  President’s Day, Labor Day and Memorial Day are always appreciated for their long weekends. Columbus Day… doesn’t really rank high, not that I don’t appreciate what Columbus did. Veteran’s Day I don’t get off, but I do normally start my Christmas shopping that weekend so it kind of redeems the day, plus I really do appreciate what Veteran’s Day stands for. I’m sure there are probably some random holidays that I’m missing.

It wouldn’t be a holiday blog without a shout to the two best food holidays – Thanksgiving and Christmas! Those are high up on the list, but I think they are for most people. We also can’t forget Independence Day –  Jeremy was sharing last night that the 4th of July is totally validated because it gives you a reason to blow things up. I like it for the summer BBQs.

Oh! And you can’t forget the holidays that aren’t really holidays – like Pi(e) Day which we just celebrated this last week or Red Cup Day in November. If there aren’t enough random holidays, it’s fun to add some made up holidays into the mix!

As you can see, I love holidays. Good food. Long weekends. Seeing family. Remembering loved ones or important historical moments. It’s all good. So my philosophy is wear green on St. Patrick’s Day and have fun with it. Why not?

How do you celebrate some of the more random holidays? Any made up holidays that you enjoy?


Oh Easter Eggs… March 15, 2013

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Ready to fill!

Ready to fill!

It seems like Easter Eggs are a never ending topic of conversation right now. With Easter right around the corner, everyone wants to know how the filling of 70,000 candy filled eggs is going. I’m happy to report that it’s going well. We only have a couple bags left and they should hopefully disappear this weekend! I know I’m planning on grabbing one for my Growth Group on Monday.

70,000 eggs seems like a lot… because, well, it is a lot. The great thing about filling eggs is how easy it is. Everyone can chip in and make a big task manageable and fun. My mom called me this afternoon to tell me that she would be filling eggs while watching a movie. This inspired me since I’d recently purchased more candy and I had a small bag of eggs sitting around the house. I decided to fill some myself. It doesn’t take too long to fill a bag of eggs. It can be incredibly social depending on how you fill the eggs. My Growth Group has done it together twice. My Wednesday night class filled eggs together this week. It’s just a fun activity to do with a group because it’s not too challenging so you can chat and laugh while you do it. It hardly seems like work.

Yes, please!

Yes, please!

I will admit that filling eggs is probably my favorite part of Easter Eggstravaganza. Set me down with a bag of candy and a bag of eggs and I’ll go to town on the them. It’s not complicated and it’s not overwhelming. Seeing 70,000 at one time is a little overwhelming, but we don’t expect one person or one group to fill them all. We do them together as a church community and it always gets done. I love contributing in this way.

By the time Easter rolls around, I will be ready to move on past eggs and egg related conversations. However, it’s not all about the eggs. We have volunteers to coordinate, prizes to purchase, a petting zoo to set up and a pony rides to get in place. Don’t forget inflatable bounce houses and face painting. It’s great to see the community get involved as well – Applebees will be doing our face painting as well as giving out coupons. McDonald’s donated close to 1000 free dessert tickets that we’ll hand out as the first kids arrive. Even OSMI, donated some youth passes. The prizes and donations keep coming in this week and I’m excited to share these goodies with our community.

Just two weeks away from the big day. Until then, I will probably have many conversations revolving around eggs. I guess I can keep my sanity given it’s only a season. One that will quickly be here and gone.

Join us!

Join us!


Me again! March 13, 2013

I couldn’t help but laugh yesterday when we got invited out to dinner. Of course, I wanted to see family while they were in town, but that would put my “plans with other people streak” up to 9 social days in row. I’m not sure that is a record, but it’s been a crazy week and a half. Anything but routine. However, that leads me to today. Wednesday. Yes, I’ll have class tonight, but today I feel like myself again and that my life has somewhat gone back to normal.

When I get super busy I notice that I don’t read and write as much. In fact, the last few weeks I really haven’t the desire to pick up a book. Strange, I know. I’ve learned that I only have so much energy and when I choose to invest it being social a lot of the things that feed my introverted soul get push to the wayside.  It’s been a great day for me to journal. I miss my times with a pen in hand or spent at the keyboard (like right now). I also gave a couple hours to reading. Surprisingly, I went from having no books I’m interested in to a pile sitting on the window sill next to me. This feels normal! This feels like the Amy I know so well.

I also had time to make a class snack. I’ve been going a bit retro in my class snacks.  Last week it was no-bake cookies from my 1963 church cook book and today it was Rice Krispie Treats. Out of the blue, they sounded so good! I can’t remember the last time I’ve made them! My favorite part of the process would be cleaning up the bowl with a spoon after it’s all said and done! I can’t let those small krispies covered in marshmallow go to waste, now can I? I’ll do my best not diving into the pan before I have a chance to share them with the girls!

I don’t want people to get me wrong. I’ve had a delightful time socializing over the last week. On Sunday I had a tasty dinner and dessert with my parents and sister. You can’t beat the combo of Chipotle and Menchies! They are a match made in heaven. Monday I met with a children’s pastor from down south. The great thing is we are around the same age and in the same line of work. Living in rural Lewis County means my interaction with other female ministers is limited to non-existent. I really enjoyed getting to know her and I do believe we will meet again in the future. After one coffee date it was off to another, I met with my mentor, Vicki, since I was in her neck of the woods. It was great to catch up since I hadn’t seen her a while. I love my times with her because she encourages me so much. No matter what she is cheering me on and telling me that I can do it. It’s nice to have someone believe in you even if you are unsure of yourself. Like I mentioned at the beginning, yesterday was dinner with Jeremy’s brother while he was over on this side of the mountains. It was a great meal and I’m always glad for an opportunity to see out of town family members.

Today is a short break. A calm to be me and do what I do best. Tomorrow I have a breakfast meeting with another children’s pastor. It’s blind date week for me since I haven’t met either of these children’s pastors before. As valuable as networking can be, I’m always a little on edge when meeting someone for the first time. I have my own insecurities I  have to deal with. Tomorrow night is our local AG business meeting. The nice part is that it will take place at one of my favorite Chinese restaurants! General Tso’s Chicken here I come! So as you can see, even a busy schedule has its perks.  I have a feeling that March will continue at this pace with a Pinewood Derby this weekend and our giant Easter Eggstravaganaza quickly approaching. I’m thankful though for quiet days where I can read and write and make childhood treats for my girls. These days are the ones that hold me together. I finally feel like me again! Here’s hoping the feeling sticks around!